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Scott Miller

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  • Male, Luv 98
  • from Perth
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: March 2007
  • Last active: 9/4/09
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What The World Is Waiting For
Me, Myself, and I
Under the iron bridge we kissed
And although I ended up with sore lips
It just wasn't like the old days anymore
No, it wasn't like those days
Am I still ill?
Oh ... Am I still ill?
The Other Half Of Me
John Campbell

John Campbell

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  • My Friends (WARNING This Is A Novel)

    I'd like to dedicate this space to a group of people who hold a very special place in my heart. They are my friends. No I havn't just recently found myself and have decided to come out of the closet, however there have been some strange things coming out of Jakes closet recently, but thats another story. No I feel I should make the world aware about a group that has got more bullies, bitches and big heads than a swingers party at the Campbell residence. It has often been said, admittedly by Simpson when he's havering shite to that Gareth from The Office look-a-like in Orange, that the role we each play amongst the group is quite similar to the one we played as fresh faced youngsters on the football pitches of local parks, or in Campbell and Muhsin's case, in fatty's garden as there are bigga boys outside Rhynd. Yes it's true, take Sean Muhsin for example. For anyone who has ever played in the same team as him will know that there isn't a blade of grass he doesn't cover, an apsolute workhorse, gives OneTen for 90 minutes. Within the group he organises every night out, books every city, as long as its ok with Lummy, sorts out the travel lodge, and gives every player an around the clock update via phone. Never has someone been so efficient for the team since we asked Super Scoreboard Steph what the Gannochy Boys under 11's score was. Due to his superb workrate he has quite fittingly been appointed Team Captain. Well done Sean. I feel I must move on to the member that I have (unfortunately) known the longest. Yes since the ripe old age of 4 myself and David Lumsden have stood shoulder to shoulder as good friends, who ultimately bitch about each other as soon as the other's back is turned. We have seen group memeber come and go, and we have had many an eventful journey. Lummy's role on the pitch can only be best described as the midfield mystro, however he does lack pace. This can only be best described as when we had been tied up and raped in Magaluuf, and as a reward we got a free bar for 1 whole hour, as we scrapped amongst each other to get as many drinks as possible, Lummy took it upon himself to get 1 Blue WKD and asked every1 if they wanted to go 4 a dance. Another flaw can also be the sheer greed of the man. If you pass him the ball he'l only give it back if he's in trouble. However like I said he is a midfield mystro and there's no denyin if u'r on a night out with him, which is likely cause he's an apsolute slut, he's likely to put in a match winning performance. I feel I should move on to Mark Wilkie. I'm gonna cut straight to the chase with this boy, he has a fat fetish, there i've said it. Wilkie is the silky winger who you never know what you're gonna get from. He is also as reliable straight down the middle. Let it be known however, he is a big game player. Mark has shown this reliable quality on his many nights out. He is reliable in the fact that he'l drink all ur Vodca, argue over taxi money and horse you out of the travel lodge bed. However this is not an annoying feature as Wilkie is the nicest guy in the world, and is liked by the whole group, which would make it hard to say who he bonds with the most. If it came down to a split decision as to who his partner in crime was it would have to be Rushkinov. There just unseperable. Where would this team be without someone holding the line on the left side of the park. There can only be one man who fits the mould, and has his fitted trousers moulded onto him and thats Jake Dunk. Theres no one more reliable than Mr Dunk himself. He's sure of a testimonial dinner for the years of service he has put into the club, and once a strong favourite for club captain....in 1st yr. No im not gonna slag Jake here, for the plain and simple reason that he's one of my only allies in the squad. Although it does sometimes feel like the pair of us are Iraq. We fight the United States of Muhsin with apsolutly no armour and end up fighting amongst ourselves. But in reality thats only cause

    2 Comments 331 weeks

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  • Jd Duncan
    Jd Duncan

    its only a game sooo! jim davidson giving it to yah hahaha!

  • Stacey Milne
    luv Stacey Milne

    My new team mate =) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Moosh

    Activity on this page... settle. x

  • Barbie Bell
    Barbie Bell

    Where the hel have u bn al my life??????

  • Stacey Milne
    luv Stacey Milne


  • Jd Duncan
    Jd Duncan

    alright mate hows things?is the abbey a lonely place in a dark part of perth lol!

  • Helen Donaldson
    luv Helen Donaldson


  • Moosh

    GOing to book Ibiza online. End of June, 10 days, about £330 flying from Glasgow prob. Need about £160 by the start of Feb if you're in?? Love xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Stuart Motion

    your the reason pete put pen to paprer, you inspired him

  • Cora Alexander
    luv Cora Alexander

    Scotty me and Stacey miss you work is so boring :( boo!!x

    12/30/08 via Mobile
  • Kyle

    New PV Website - get signed up http://perthvillarealafc.webs.com/

  • Gary Simpson
    Gary Simpson

    Yeh well im workin till 1 so you could just piss abt the flat or go in town or suthin... Up to you bad boy. Not been in the abbey for ages, gonna be an emotional return, just as emotional as Zolas return back to chelsea last week, although i dont think anyone knows me in the abbey, apart from when heidis mum and dad are in there! Think im turnin into a bit of a soup fiend, the soup at Norwich Union was such a pv of last season, world beaters one week then torture the next! Tnite al probs just cosey up on the couch and watch tv, may even write some xmas cards, just whatever tickles my toosh... Wat about you? Abbey? Mwah xxxxxxxxxx

  • Gary Simpson
    Gary Simpson

    Awww absolutly, be naive not to ask when theres days beggin to be took! True, dunno if theres any point cumin back this wknd then cumin back agen for crimbo eve, its only 3 days, but i may change my mind depending the mood im in... Well i finish on crimbo eve at 1, bus is at haf 1 so al be back about haf 3 so im available for selection anytime after 4ish, probs need to freshen up, maybe powder my nose, you know how it is! You could fire up on tuesday nite or suhin, cheeky nite out in aberdeen? Or just save all for the abbey... Wat u thinkn? Heidi made a great pot of lentil thoop the other day, probably gonna throw a spanner in the works and say it may be the best ive tasted... :O Luff Yhoo xxxxxxxx

  • Gary Simpson
    luv Gary Simpson

    Hey Benson Ah not much really, jst the usual bitter coldness everyday, hate feelings in the mornings, all part n part of living up here a suppose! Yourself? Wats on this wknd? Still caught in 2 minds whether to come back down the road tmor, canny be botherd with all the bus journeys and shit/ still got xmas shoppin to do on sunday and i know if im out saterday, i wont shop... But it will no doubt be another classic in the pv scrapbook so al probs jst decide last minute.. Christmas eve... Abbey? Then we can decide on liquid or city when we'r in there? Was gonna txt u last nite but Girls Aloud came on telly, i was glued! 3 Weeks off, you cleary stole the holiday diary and made a few adjustments!?! Love You xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lummy

    haha good. Aye am really excited about it, gettin paid on tuesday im goin wild, shoppin in glasgow followed up by a night out who knows where, then out on christmas eve sumwhere aswel!. Glasgow has definitely been mentioned so we will get it sorted at sum point i imagine, Ill enquire about what tickets we need an stuff for aberdeen need to get the finger out cus most could be sold out!. Are u commin out on sat? wilkies even thrown his name in the hat :O xxxxxxx

  • Lummy

    holy hell 3 weeks!? thats an absolute steal. Aww the festive period is shapin up to be huge, weve got a full squad, Me yourself mooshy fatty paddy rob islam an jake will all be off for the next 2-3 weeks! so many funny nights out inbetween, New year i dont know yet liverpool was the shout but alot of boys are sayin aberdeen cus its funny and we can get sumwhere to stay, wat u thinkin? dundee this sat? xxxxxxxxxxxx p.s ill give u romper stomper back for the new year....:O