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Romeo and Juliet: The Final Cut

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  • Mother Courage

    Hey all!

    Some of you have been asking about my theatre exam so I thought I'd post details of it on here.

    It's on this wednesday probably at around 6.30-ish. I'm not too sure of the starting time to be honest.

    There are three plays being shown; The Good Person of Szechwan, Fear and Misery in the Third Reich and Mother Courage. I don't know the order in which we will be performing them. I'm in Mother Courage :D and I would like as many of you as possible to come and see it please :D :D :D .

    It's on at the school, but please don't worry if you can't make it.

    Oh, and Lily, let us know when your show is on!! I want to come see it!! Please :D I can't do saturday, so I'd like to come and see the one on thursday...there is one on thursday, right?

    Love you all very much!!

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  • Cast List.


    Romeo - Lily Diebel
    Juliet - Amy Sherman
    Prince- Lara Reddick
    Lord Montague - Emilia Will
    Lady Montague - Linda Hunt
    Benvolio - Charlotte Lock
    Mercutio - Kerry Meakins
    Lord Capulet - Zoë Dawkins
    Lady Capulet - Helen Smart
    Tybalt - Jemima Compton
    Nurse - Harriet Collins
    Friar Lawrence - Siân Harris
    Paris - Niamh Marriott
    Sampson - Olivia Baker
    Abram - Meg Hogg
    Servant/Off-Stage Voice - Jacqueline Green
    Gregory/Messenger - Lucy Davis
    Balthasar/Gospel Singer - Nina Hewings
    Apothecary - Phillippa Betts


    Phillippa Betts
    Olivia Baker
    Nina Hewings
    Stef Goater
    Jess Maple
    Charlotte Spencer


    Vicky Jones
    Emma Perry
    Caddy Maximchuck
    Lucy Springett


    Violins - Jo hardy, Anna Carpenter
    Cello - Amy Squirrel
    Flute - Emily Paix, Emma Craig
    Double Bass - Rosie Springett
    Clarinet - Katherine Bratby, Abi Hinton
    Oboe - Rebecca Swan
    Saxophone - Meredith Will
    Trumpet - Vicky Woodcock, Judith Wolf
    Guitar - Lisa Avon, Mr. R. Cain
    Drums - Holly Mallett
    Keyboard - Ms. C. Lonnborg
    Sythesiser - Mrs. J. Horbury

    Technical Crew.

    Lighting - Andrea Sargent, Isobel Chappel
    Sound - Maddy Ilsley, Megan Clark, Bekki Goodale


    Director - Ms. S. Lancaster
    Musical Director - Ms. C. Lonnborg
    Choreography - Ms. G. Lenton, R+J Dancers
    Set Design - Mr. C. Robinson, Mr. C. Robinson's Yr 10 Art Students

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  • Emilia Will

    WHAT?!?! how could she?! seriously i hate that women sooo much....if i fail my maths GCSE its because of her ooo guess what im wearing right now? here's a clue, its blue and has writing on the back and has montague on the front and yeh its rj tshirt! wooo ok i need to actually revise xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Philly B
    Philly B


  • Totallytrisexual

    I lost my rose :( I dont even know where it is anymore :( My heart died the day it ran away from me :( :( :( xxx weird mood...

  • Philly B
    Philly B

    Heya every1!! hope y'all enjoying ur study leave... and had a good time on Friday luv u all xxxxxxx

  • Mev

    WE GOT T-SHIRTS!!!!!!!! whoopey! xxx

  • Lily Diebel
    Lily Diebel

    I've no idea what's going on with the T-shirts! It's insane! The bloody woman hasn't rung me so tht means they're not ready, but she said that they would be done in 2 weeks! ARGH I'm so sorry for the wait guys xxxxxxxxx

  • Issy C

    MY ROSE DIED! oh no oh no oh no! *hyperventilates* ummmmmm small question... y r there 2 romeo and juliet band pages? hmmmmmm? aw luv u all xxx u were brilliant xxx P.S has ne1 actualli gotten ova it yet or r u all still obssesed? ma frend (not naming names emma!) cant get da songs outta her head and its starting 2 get on ma nerves coz da show woz ova a month ago! hehe

  • Emilia Will

    yay! romeo and juliet sims!! woop woop im feeling lonely without our usual sunday gatherings.....it seems so long ago! *sob* we cannot fade away...we will live on in the sims!! haha :D xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Linda

    ok romeo and juliet have met, they had their first kiss and i staged a balcony scene it was beautiful and when romeo left the capulet ball, juliet cried bless. ok i really am a loser. *cries* i watched romeo and juliet (the baz luhrmann version) and i SOBBED oh my god, i never cried that much before. then again i am a bit all over the place at the moment. blatently xoxoxox

  • Philly B
    Philly B

    aww. U shud give all the Sims people the tshirts that Lily's getting :)

  • Linda

    ooooh may god this is how sad i am cos i am a loser and have TOOOO much free time on sims 2 there's this 'veronaville' with they 'montys' and the 'capps' and i deleted them and MADE US. cept i made the boys male versions. if you get me and we're all fit (obv) and live a mahousive houses on the opposite sides of town. and fight. romeo and juliet havn't met yet i'm working on it. lady capulet and lady monatgue have a bitch fight cheered on by benvolio, tybalt and the lords. it was hot. i miss you i have just lost any cool status i may have once held. ok. i never had any. :( xoxoxoxox

  • Mev

    aha! mine dried i think,linda, that it means..... that u'll remeber it foreva! (id make a great fortune teller) xxx

  • Totallytrisexual

    I don't actually know where mine is... the shaaaame x

  • Livi

    same! my rose ws there lookin all pretty and then wen i felt it is was all hard and crispy :( probs because i forgot to water it this is so sad :( :( :( we're all in mourning xxxxx

  • Linda

    MY ROSE HAS DRIED OUT. not died. DRIED. what does it mean? ahhhhh xoxoxox

  • Philly B
    Philly B

    MY ROSE IS DYING!! symbolic or wat? its like a modern day Beauty and the Beast scenario weep weep :(

  • Lily Diebel
    Lily Diebel

    Guys I seriously need the money by Friday My form room is F4 and if you can't find me please go and give it to Miss Langcaster. I may not be in tomorrow but please go and give it to her. Love you all xxxxxxxxxxx