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Please Speak to Chiu - She's Bored out of her skull... And please visit http://www.bebo.com/Mahora-Academy - Thanx Muchly ^^ xoxox

6/29/07 | me too! | Reply

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Chiu Loves you all !! - Pyuun ^^
Me, Myself, and I
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I'm Chiu-Tan, The Number One Idol on the Internet - Adored by Hackers Everywhere.

Please speak to Chiu - It'll make Chiu very happy ^^ Pyuun !!

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Chiu Chiu
If anyone would want to make a new Skin for Chiu - Then I'd Gladly accept it ^^
Check out my skins ... I will take requests - just nothing tooo complicated please - Chiu's a little slow :P

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  • luv Kian Mikierr

    hey chiu-san how have u been havent talked 2 u in a while

  • Lingo

    I see Chiu is your favourite character. Guess who mine is. Sakurazaki-san! she likes Konoka-san I think....... Oh no's! Im being obsessive about Anime characters again....

  • Negi Springfield
    Negi Springfield

    "Good day Chiu"

  • Itoshiki Nozomu
    Itoshiki Nozomu

    Amazing page, keep it up, and nice skins

  • Rai' N

    There good, I guess I could have a go xD Im not good at sizing things though

  • Rai' N

    Did you make it off photoshop?

  • Rai' N

    thanks ^.^ *uses* xD

  • Rai' N

    I like it it is cute n__n Its just the hearts on the bottom

  • Rai' N

    ganbatte [good luck]

  • Rai' N

    ok xD thanks

  • Rai' N

    -_- The picture said you were kinda online -_-

  • Rai' N

    Chiu >.< I was wondering if you could make me a Chachamaru profile Please >.<

  • Rai' N

    he he not all the cards appearances have been confirmed

  • Luna Sohma
    luv Luna Sohma

    no no, dont worry Chiu-sama, im honored that you would make a skin for me arigato gusaimas, Ayase Yue

  • Rai' N

    xD xD, i get a little carried away sometimes, I bought teh pactio o' Chisame

  • luv Rai' N

    Hey Chiu!!! Ive declared myself Chisames NO.1 FAN!! and refuse to take any crap from someone who says anything else!!!! CHIU IS AWESOME!!

  • Luna Sohma
    Luna Sohma

    chiu-san! still workin on a yue-skin?