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i love you, forever.

9/13/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • i love you babes.

    danielle bertrude every.
    i love you so much babe, dont ever forget how much i loved you and love you now. you were the bestest friend i ever had and thank you so much for being there for me. we're not as close but i never forget our memories, and i'll never forget our friendship thats stayed strong for these past 11 years ! nothing can ever break us apart i truly dont ever want it to your the best strawb, i love you like a sister, (L) xx

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  • 22/7/09 1.46 am- 2.16am.

    really, im just your usual brown-haired blue-eyed jls crazy teenager,or to some people your bitchy,mouthy year eight brighton hiller. life is abit shit atm, especially family and boys(N) Love the fit boys and my best friends. would like a boyfriend, not desperate. that's all dudes, lump it or hump it.

    'enjoy life for as long as you can' ' live life to the max'. they say, but there's always slight problems holding you back. Friends, family, school +& love. Friends are not a problem , i love them to pieces. yehh, ave had arguments, but present is the present and the future is the future, cant change the past though. i honestly do not think i could cope without them, especially shannen-ellen mayes+ farrah-billie rimell . family are also important part in my life, there have been fun,good happy times + really hard times, + i mean seriously hard. yeah; me and my parents have arguments but who dont,? it's part of life. i hate being angry though , its a horrible feeling just like being lonely. i do have my badd days, and mum + dad i really am sorry for everything i've done, i'm really sorry for everything. i just need some space+i need to ave a life other than arguing with you both. school. school, well as long as my friends are happy i'm happy. love. i truely do want someone to love+ someone who loves me back for who i am. I knoe i aint perfect but , tbh , who is? atm, i just want someone to talk to and that will listen to me. Practically a boy who wont care what i do, loves me for who i am +& shows that he loves me as much as i love him. And for the relationship not to last a day, a week, a month, to last for however long you can make it last. All im asking for is to be told someone honestly, truely, seriously, loves me. Is that too much to ask? (L)

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  • Bestest Friends x

    OLiViA OLiViA! We have known eachother for very long but we didnt actully realise it :L i Love you and i always will! Dont ever change for any one you dont need to you are perfect the way you are! We both are so alike hehe. We like both get stressed the same ways! Lol! We kinda new eachother then didnt then did again! i Hope we stay friends FOREVER !!!
    Love Your Dear Friend , Always, Lauraa Siddals x x x x

    dear my lovely little sister libbz x
    i love you soo soo much and nothing could ever change that babes x
    we are the bestest friends ever even though we just like meet in year 7 well we didnt we met when we were like little young ones hehe'x
    ohh and who cares about the STUPID little fights we have had, there in the past looool x
    your the bestest friend any one could ever wish for sexbomb; and you know it hehe x never change; ill tell you that now olivia x your great the way you are! x and yeah im like your big sister aren't i babeeey? eyyy x
    just remmeber i will always stick up for you cos thats what big sisters do for there youngs ones (: x ++ EXCUSE ME !!! there is a show it's called billie + libbys loser show ( p.s just made that up hehe ) . i do love you lots olivia beth chambers; Big Hugs + Kisses love Billie xxxx
    bestest friends (yn) x
    libbie, don't worry about it, it's finee. + yes im willing to make an efforrt to be bestfriends again! i really wana be close to you again + i have missed our amazing memoriess together. & i love our sleepovers, going to town together, - seeing MR SAY! + trying to follow him with out making itt descrite or however u spell it LMAO! our stripy socks..OH YES RECORDING in the cinemaa, aha can;t forget that now can we! anyway yes our arguements well we haven't had many recentlyy, well not proper one's when we have falling out or anything. butt yeah thats how we become closer, strange isn't it?! butt yeaah i promise never to get mad at you again babe, cos i can never loose you, you mean the world to me bub! + i mean that. i do love you libb,libbzlib,olivia,lbbie,etc..;] + babe if we were never friends i dont no what i'd actually do with out youu cos' i would have nothing to doo! seriously, i allwayss spend time with youu, andd thats a very good thing! (:
    your my little sister + i will always be here for you babe. i will always love you, care for you, stick uup for you. + yes this past year nearly 2, you have always been there for me like a true bestfriend, that made me smile(: + i never want you to not be my best friend cos other wise i would never have a smile on my face like i do now! so yeah basically babe, i love you so much, bestbestbestbestbestfriends, forever+&always,xx

    olivia baby; your gunna make me cry aha, but ina good way;
    since this past year iv got'a known you better and tbh; your fucking amazing babeee; beautiful funny and always there when i need somebody to talk too and i just wanna let you know im always guna be here for you no matter what happens; im here; anything you wanna talk about i promise. i know sometimes i find it hard to tell you things but thats just mee; cos' really i trust you with my life nd i love you lots n lots miss chambers;
    no worries; that was just year 7 old times that were just us being us girls
    best friends alwaaayss baby;

    thanku for being here, uve been here the whole time ive been upset, ur a true friend to me and trust irl always be here for yu, +im trying to forget about youkno what, i'm just sick of boys , aaahhhh all this and other shit is just making everything 10 times harder, dunno what to do lol but u've been here thru all the time that ive been upset, and im suprised u aint fucked off yet haha , well iloveu loads oliviachambers[;, a bestone forever(yn)

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  • A'H

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  • Bethaany.
    luv Bethaany.

    olivia, fuck no's :L xxx

  • Vickstar'
    luv Vickstar'

    imm a retaaard ! ok yes i spose i am a bit on the retarded side but shh :L x so howw are youuu '? loveeeayouu x

  • Hannah
    luv Hannah

    omgg you have it on yours too :L haa im a retardd? :L :L loveyou, xx

  • Mills.

    i lovvee olivia chambers :) :P xxx i would give you a love but i already gave it all away ly any way

  • Vickstar'

    ha , thanks for putting on the video :S:S:L loveyou loaads libbstaaaar ' BessstFriendds (:

  • Dannieeashby

    i loovee you maka-packyyy:) x

  • Dannieeashby

    i never!:O , well i certanely am not!!! haaha:L , bless us. i love you gayyygirll!:) x

  • Dannieeashby

    nooo i fucking never!:O ? what you on pianoplayer:L ! yeahhh i will abit later, tonicha's on it atmm. iloooveuuu!:D

  • Dannieeashby

    oi oi its a flute!;) good goood! aaannnooo maaan!:O yeahh do it babes.(Y) loveeeuuu! xx

  • Dannieeashby

    oi piano player! you okaaay ma'deaaarrr? libbie i do miss you, fucking twat!:O (N) i looooove youu.

  • Hannah

    heeeeeey, youu okaay? loveyou, xx