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i love my grandma i doo. :)

1/29/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
rachel gittons.
fourteen • year ten • rvtc     

Bottom line is, I love my life and appreciate everyone in it.
I don’t tend to have an orange face, or stink of fags.
I spend time with people who matter and make me happy.
The Other Half Of Me
George Hainey

George Hainey

Dudeeeee :)

you know ive never met a man who's made me fell so quite secure, hes not like all them other boys there all so dumb and immature ♫ ♥

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  • Life.♥x

    well my life is just simple!
    its okay at the momant i supose, ive lost people that ive cared for and loves but ive also gained some too. i love shopping but come on who dosent. might call me werid but i choclate well let just say it knocks me sick.
    live for the weekend and hoilday which i can just sleep all the time and get a tan.
    love summer more than anything walking down beeches on hoilday with fires its the most amazing thing in the world.
    my mates mean so much, there just there when i need them we have so many laughs but so many fall outs
    my family mean more than anything like. dont know where id me without my aunite lynne ive growned so close to her over the months she understand me i can just tell her anythingg and everything she cares for me so much i love you auntie lynne
    . Grandad peter- didnt know you for long becouse you past away when i was about 4 but you still mean more than anything in the world to me. i go and see you at your grave and we just cry everyone dose you mean soo much like ive said but you realy doo.
    . Grandad hebert- this man was amazin, he used to give me a polo or two every time i saw him i miss him like crazy man. i used to cry my self to sleep when you past away. and when i go to you grave with everyone i make shore its clean just for you grandad. your the most best human i will ever miss. like when i go out with lots of makeup on i can just picture you shouting at becouse i look plastic even thou i need it :)

    Best Friends i love them so much there there for me well one girl exspectialy claire louise bridge i love this girl so much!, can tell her anything, were like to pea in a pod. we have soo many memoriess when we have a girly days out like every 2 weeks,mersery moot 2008, this moot 2009 guno bee one to remerber :) i never ever ever could fall out with his girl. i really cant remerber my life when you wasnt a part of it. i love my BUM wayy to much :) xx

    RAYand BUM best friends forever:) xx

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  • - The Best Friends Anyone Can Ask Forr Tbh ↓☆ (:

    . Jesssica Harvey
    . Abbie Cowalrd
    . Daniel Bringely
    . Georgia Arthurs
    . Claire Bridge
    . Leah Quin
    . Danielle Wilson
    . Rebecca Short

    </i>ii Lovee Youu All Soo Much ♥☆ </i>

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  • Tillie Campbell
    luv Tillie Campbell

    where was you last nite waited for ages ?????

  • Sadiiee X
    Sadiiee X


    5/29/09 via Mobile
  • luv Emmanicholls.

    loveeeeeeee (: not posted a comment on ere in a while, usee facebook moree now lol. wubu2 then? is it your holidays this week? love youuu xx

  • Jessica.'

    not long noww babeeeeey x

  • luv Emmanicholls.

    im not so good today lol :( i was locked out for overr 4 hourss today would of climbed thru the windoe if if was open aha godd andim more of ann early replier aha :) llovee backk lesboo ;) xx

  • luv Emmanicholls.

    yeeeeessss racheeeeeell ( y) dnt worry forr late replyy, andd yess you willl have to come upp andd meett my random friends aha and me miether prefer facebook if im honest aha, lovee backk babee ;) writee backk xx

  • luv Emmanicholls.

    Love for my hoe, ;) we still need to meet up, my red hair is now turnin kinda ginger aha, bad times, :( oh well ill just have to get it redone lols, the summer needs to come back thenn wee shouldd get loads of people to camp aha, that would be a good night, if we al got drunk of coursee :L mad ideas but they do happen lol, lovee youu xx

  • Shonaa
    luv Shonaa

    hello petal (: ive not left you a comment in a very long time aha. how crap is bebo now though. weekend is gonna be goood ! cant wait to get me hair cut though ! speak too you later dude xxx

  • luv Emmanicholls.

    Heyaa. :) you okaays? wubup2 this weekend? Lovee for my racheeeeeel :D xxx

  • Jessica.'
    luv Jessica.'

    august 2009 babyyyyyyy :D x

  • Jessica.'

    :L :L aha :) added yu babe x

  • Jessica.'

    best friend (Y) i bet she wont remember me :L aha i will do you;ll have to text me dude :) whats your msn abbe? x

  • Jessica.'
    luv Jessica.'

    ahah, i think im taking aaron but im not sure yet, either aaron or brooke. ooo we wont see her much then (N) aha parties FTW :D xx

  • Jessica.'

    yeah im ok :D and gooood. not much really you? Yuppp, i wasnt going go at first but i am now :D xxx

  • Jessica.'

    heyyy beautiful you ok? x

  • -Lauraa
    luv -Lauraa

    Lmaooo Hahaha Emily Speaks Too One Of There Mates Paha Nd He Sed Der Like Da Geeks Of Da Skool Lmaoooo xx Goin Meetin Im On Saturday :D x

  • -Lauraa
    luv -Lauraa

    Anoooo yeahhh es a fruit cake 1 time we was in emilys nd e made pasta paha nd fukin e went out da room soo me nd tom nd tht put bare shit init nd e fkin eats it haha sooo da otha nite e was on msn too emily nd cz she movin e goes u avin a party she says yeahh nd e turns rwnd nd goes ill make da pasta lmaoooo Omg nd once we was in hayleys nd e was fked out of his head nd e jumped up on dis fing nd hit his head nd e fkin falls too da floor den goes nd sits in dis cupboard nd den e wnts me too get in it haha a was like no chance maytee haha nd den e was runnin rwnd de ouse eatin BREAD? haha it was sooo funny den on dee way ome on the bus tom nd tht left im on the bus nd went subway lmaoooo Have Loveeee

  • -Lauraa
    luv -Lauraa

    He neva answers haha it goes onto his fkin voicemail fing lmaooo me nd emily were tlkin tu it once haha :D

  • -Lauraa
    luv -Lauraa

    Haha Okiess,, Yeahhh Were Just Da Coolest Cousins :D Haha But E Want On Last Night Lmaooo x Have loveee :)

  • -Lauraa

    Anooo Yeahhh He Was Like That Whos Dis Too Me But I Knew That He Knew Who It Was Haha Did You See His Dp Hahahahaha xxxxxxxx Tanite If Hes Online You Can Come In A Convo Wiv Me Hahahaha xxx Loveee Youuu Best Cousin hahahaha