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Katherine And Baby TylerLucas

in 8 weeks my wee baby will be 1 xxx

Jun 20 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • from Kirkcaldy
  • I am Engaged
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  • www.bebo.com/Katherine_Aiton_Babe
Michael Francis Tutton Always <3 <3
Me, Myself, and I
KatherineDorothyGraceAiton <3
Heyaaa :D
Im Kathiee
Im 19
Engaged to Michael Tutton
Tyler-Lucas Aiton , Born 13\08\12 @ 3.15am Weighing 6lbz 9oz ... Best day of my life xxx
Love You's Millions <3 <3
From Kirkcaldy
Own Wee Place With Michael <3 xx
Live is Amazinnnnnggg :D x
Miss You Millions Grandad Pete Been 2 Years Already <3 xxxxxx
Peter Davidson - 26/9/44 - 16/3/10
Love and miss you always Grandad <3 xxx
The Other Half Of Me
Michael T

Michael T

Mines Fiancee&#39; Love You Lots .. And Our Baby &lt;3 xx

Peter Davidson &lt;3 x
R.I.P Grandad .. 26/9/44 -16/3/10
I Love And Miss You So Much . I Cant Believe Yor Actually Gone . Id Give Anything To See You Again . Hear Your Jokes Ect , R.I.P .. Ill See You At The Crossroads . With The Rest Of The Family .. I Love You Lots xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Michael Francis Tutton &lt;3
My Other Half ... I Love You So Much , You Mean Everything To Me ... Been Together A Year Now And We Have Gained Soo Much ... Your Gunna Be A Wonderful Daddy To Our Wee Boy <3 xxx
Too Kat Fae Lauz
kat your amzing lassie dinny ken wot i widd do whe out yi btw:L
your ma bestiest ever like top ha yoo ma hoe bitch :L
we have really ged banters like
and i can make you laf anytime i wwant ti
haha i, m evil:L
youve been there aww ma life and i love you for it
love ya
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Lady Gaga Born This Way

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1. Your full name?
Katherine Dorothy Grace Aiton

2. Where do you live?

3. Age?

4. When's your birthday
17 February

5. Mobile number?
Haha ! Gotta Work For That

6. Msn address?

7. Do you have bebo, facebook, myspace, other similiar site?

8. Do you have a bf/gf?
Nahh Love Being Single

9. What's their name?

10. Do you have a crush?

11. What's their name?
No Sayin !

12. Who's your best friend?
Ive gt 3 Haha Canny Pick Between Them

13. Who do you hate most?
Myself At Times

14. Who do you miss?
Grandad Pete

15. Who do you wish you knew better?

16. Which celebrity would you like to meet?
Robert Pattinson , Coz Hes A Babee

17. Who do you admire?
Myself Lol

18. Where would you like to live?
Where I Am The Noo

19. Where would you like to go on holiday?
Kentucky Babyy

20. How many times have you moved house?
Twice That I Can Mind Of

21. What's your favourite colour?

22. What's your favourite film?

23. What's your favourite band?

24. What's your favourite song?
All Out Of Love Or Shes Back

25. What's your favourite subject?

26. What's your favourite age to be?
Fuck Nose

27. Have you ever kissed someone?

28. Have you ever hugged a stranger?

29. Have you ever kissed a stranger?

30. Have you ever been drunk?
Obvcourse .

31. How many times have you been seriosly drunk?
Dont Think I Have Been Seriously Drunk

32. Have you ever smoked?
Yeah Once

33. Does anyone in your family smoke?

34. Have you ever taken illegal drugs?

35. Have you ever walked into a lampost?
Oh Yeah

36. Have you ever been ran over?

37. Have you ever cried in school?

38. Have you ever put someone in hospital?

39. Have you ever got in a strangers car?

40. Have you ever been kicked out of school?

41. Have you ever ran away from home?

42. Have you ever skipped school or classes?
Oh Aye Loadsa Times

43. Have you ever self harmed?

44. Would you ever kill someone?
Ayee , Nah Am Jokin Haha

45. Would you ever have a one night stand?

46. Would you ever kill an animal?

47. Would you ever self harm?

48. Would you ever cheat on your bf/gf?

49. Would you ever steal?

50. Would you ever go bungee jumping?
Have Done

51. Would you ever sky dive?
Ohh God No

52. If you could change back time would you?

53. What would you change?

54. If you could go out with anyone who would it be?
Fuck Nose

55. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
My Height Haha

56. If you could make someone disappear who would it be?
Ma Brer Graham Haha !

57. Do you think your amazing?

58. Do you think your good looking?

59. What do you like best about yourself?
Hair And My Eyes :)

60. Do you believe in yourself?

61. Do you believe in life forms on other planets?

62. Do you believe ghosts

63. Do you believe God?

64. Do you believe you make a difference to someones life?
Depends Really

65. Do you believe that you make a difference to the world?

66. Do you believe in miracles?

67. Do you believe you have a purpose in life?
No Sure Yet

68. What do you think your purpose is?

69. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I Used To . Not Anymore

70. Do you believe heaven and hell?

71. Do you want to be married?
Yeah One Day

72. Do you want children?

73. How many children do you want?
maybe 3

74. Do you want a car?

75. What car do you want?
Sumin That Works Haha

76. Do you want to speak a different language?

77. Do you want to restart your life?

78. What is your dream job?

79. What is your dream car?
Proffesional Hairdresser . Ill Get There One Day

80. What is your dream girl/boy?
A Guy That Doesnt Fuck Me Aboot

81. What is your weirdest dream?
My Mother Wantin To Kill Everybody Haha !

82. What is your scareiest nightmare?

83. If you had 3 wishes what would they be (not more wishes or unlimited money etc)?

84. Who do you trust more than anyone?

85. Do you get on with your parents?

86. Do you get on with your siblings?

87. Do you live life for the moment or for the future?

88. Do you love life or hate life?
Bit Of Both

89. What moment would you wish you could go back to?

90. What is a random piece of information that nobody knows about you?

91. What do you take for granted most?

92. What could you not live without?
Family & Friends

93. What stereotype are you? (chav, goth, emo)
A Mental Katherine

94. Who do you want to read this?
No Botheres

95. Do people know you well or do you hide your real self?
I Show My Real Self To People If I Like Them

96. Describe yourself?
A Crazy Whacky Person Haha

97. Write your own question and answer it

98. Who most matters to you?

99. If i made another one of these would you do it?

100. Is this a good quiz apart from being so long?
Wasny Bad

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  • 'Liam.

    hey hows you ? x

    Jun 3 via Mobile
  • Kristin-Lee
    luv Kristin-Lee

    heyy am gd ta wbu xx

    Jun 3 via Mobile
  • Kristin-Lee
    luv Kristin-Lee

    gdgd chic aye am gd getting there lol am in the new house now so just getting things done up lol aww thts gd xx

    May 1
  • Kristin-Lee
    luv Kristin-Lee

    heyy chick
    howa u
    what ye been upto
    howz the wee man dain
    here's a wee love

    wb soonish


    Apr 11
  • luv Louise Morris

    hiya hen me and ma three kids are doing fine hen my two daughters are away staying at there dad for the week hen so i am missing them but apart from tht i am getting there hen here is sum luv bk hen

    Mar 31 via Mobile
  • luv Louise Morris

    hiya hen thts k tht it took u so long to write bk hen and how are u doing anyway here is sum luv bk hen x x x

    Mar 31 via Mobile
  • luv Louise Morris

    Hiya hen I am doing fine apart from having morning sickness all the time isn't good hen but I am getting there here is sum luv bk fir u hen x x

    Mar 20 via Mobile
  • Craiggyyboyy

    Howa u pal xxxx

    Mar 15 via Mobile
  • Kristin-Lee
    luv Kristin-Lee

    an ex fea a few years pooor telling me lies lol xx

    Mar 15 via Mobile
  • Kristin-Lee
    luv Kristin-Lee

    Oftt fuck tht am 1 up lol but jst hate the fact ur exs ex burd is lieing when u have jst worked dates out

    Mar 13 via Mobile
  • Kristin-Lee
    luv Kristin-Lee

    awrite were u moving to xx

    Mar 13 via Mobile
  • Kristin-Lee
    luv Kristin-Lee

    gdgd ayee am gd ta am jst lookin for a hoose and gonna be doing things to have a baby as a want to be a single mum do ma gay pal is step in and gonna help me way tht xx

    Mar 12 via Mobile
  • Craiggyyboyy
    luv Craiggyyboyy

    Am good u xxxx

    Mar 10 via Mobile
  • Craiggyyboyy

    Hows u pal xxx

    Mar 9 via Mobile
  • Louise Morris

    Aww thts nice then well it was a really big shock when I found out I was 23 weeks pregnant like but now I have got used to the idea tht I am having my fourth child and the father of this one is craig but he doesn't want nothing to do wi it so I aint fussed wat he does as I have mange to bring three of my kids up on my own so this one will be the same x x x

    Mar 9 via Mobile
  • Louise Morris

    Aww thts nice:) well my oldest daughter is 12yrs old an my youngest daughter is 10yrs old and my wee boy is 6yrs old so they know how to keep me on my toes and now I am having another wee boy on the 5th of july so I am looking forward to it and tht braw tht u are keeping well to x x

    Mar 9 via Mobile
  • luv Louise Morris

    I am doing fine just been keeping busy with my three kids and now I have got one on the way as I am 23weeks pregnant so I am looking forward to this wee one when its born how are u doing here is sum love bk fir u

    Mar 9 via Mobile
  • Louise Morris

    thankyou for adding me x x

    Mar 9 via Mobile
  • Kristin-Lee
    luv Kristin-Lee

    Hey howa u xx

    Mar 5
  • Craiggyyboyy
    luv Craiggyyboyy

    hows u pal av naw spoke 2 u in ages xxx

    1/15/13 via Mobile