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Princess Lou

got my nose pierced !

7/24/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from New Milton! we have the highest rate of chlamidia in the UK! and i dont have it!i beat the statistic
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  • Katie
    luv Katie

    omg louisa i swear you just copy me with thge piercings i had my nose pierced like a month ago looooool :D xxx

  • luv Sophie

    hello saturday was sooo good - thankyoou :D can't believe the photos have gone though - am doing everything to get them back :( loveeeee xxxxxx

  • Katie
    luv Katie

    Hey hey hey saturday was amazing lols thanks for lettin me come :D xxxx

  • Leanne
    luv Leanne

    hay bitch lol gunna give you my luv as just leavin da libary and cummin home c ya xxxxxxxxxx

  • Rayna Chauhan

    Hows things ?! Miss u :( x

  • Xxx Cayla Xxx
    luv Xxx Cayla Xxx

    heyyy :) was gd 2 c you the other day... sorry i didnt pop over 2day, had 2 c dad wat wiv it bein fathers day n everything let me kno if you need anything n i wil cum straight on over :) xxxxx

  • Leanne

    ello hunni hope you ok xxxx