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Chris Kelly

This is the death of Bebo...O how the mighty have falen :(

7/22/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 29, Luv 98
  • from The wild wild west! Yo!
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: March 2006
  • Last active: 12/13/11
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Well hello there young lady/big lad! Big Chris here, I am a chilled out wee fella who has a thirst for the auld amber nectar, a passion for power dancing and a cheeky charm that is either loved or hated by most :D Yes, that is right, still talking shite and torturing ppl to make ends meet and yes i probably should grow up and get a big ppls job, but sure i enjoy drinking tea too much haha. If ye feel like droppin me a wee line u can send a self addressed envelope to Chris Kelly, Botanic Inn, Malone Road, Belfast yee haa! :D
Add me on msn: rocky_balbo@hotmail.com
Im quite passionate about all sorts of shite music depending on wat mood im in. Music taste can vary from Lionel Richie to Killswitch Engage and back to hardcore dance music...This is all on the short drive to work lol
Im a big kid at heart, love all the cheesy classics, Rocky, Commando and all of my own home movies ;) haha only jokin
Well i did an extra four sit ups last week so does that count as a sport?
Scared Of
I aint afraid of no man, woman or beast...Until the lights go out then i fone the Ghostbusters :D
Happiest When
Power dancing in the Bat, chowing down on pizza, throwing dumbells around the gym in effort to gain attention etc etc...
I love...
-My magic 8 ball watch (cuz im crap at making descisions)
-My mummy (she feeds me)
-Myself (Noone else does)
-The gym (It lets me vent my frustrations pro-actively)
-People who make me laugh (i like to laugh)

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Big Steve Raving the bit out

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  • Vicki Owen
    Vicki Owen

    I racked in $666 in 3 days doing simple things online! All thanks to - http://x.co/KTGt friends help friends!

  • Matthew Doherty
    Matthew Doherty

    Bebo is offically dead

    7/22/09 via Mobile
  • Raul Joseph Devlin
    Raul Joseph Devlin

    Bebo wank before bed, haha

  • luv Sean McDonald

    haha maybe not, over in france now with the bird man pretty good just went to my first french wedding and managed to stay clear of any bother,lol was great craci, hows u? any work?

  • Helz Belz
    Helz Belz

    That video jus sums u 2 up to the absolute pepsi, gluuuuuuuuuuuebegs!haha luv it!;)

  • Raul Joseph Devlin
    luv Raul Joseph Devlin

    Video is excellent man!!!

  • Suzi Chan

    Cnt believe u mr kelly. The nite we decide to go and ur not going to ur second hme. Tut tut. Lol xx

    6/14/09 via Mobile
  • Suzi Chan

    U for the bot 2nite? Mite be headn there for mates bday.xx

    6/13/09 via Mobile
  • Emma

    Im hopin for tips tonight- first 7 buttons open on my shirt maybe :L ha as IF! Cant believe you boys aint tellin my nothin about the trip- ill get it outa yas someday! Missin Lisney aye but lying in is GOOOOOOOD... and im just sittin gettin excited about America so thats good too :L

  • Suzi Chan

    Did u av a gud time away?xx

    6/11/09 via Mobile
  • Emma

    NOOOO bebo been banned in your work... gutted!! Here tho straight to the point! MAGALUF?! and i am officially a barmaid (kinda) :)

  • Nikki Orr
    Nikki Orr

    aww mean:( wow that sounds like a sexual getup youll be attacked by every woman if you wear that :L xx

  • Emma

    well dude, you werent much chat last night!! LOSER! Was ragin... here tho- tell steve to take me to frankie and bennies for lunch- i have loadsa craic for him but he wants to go the gay gym... EUGHHH go on tell him to come out with me for lunch! you can come too if you fancy?!

  • Nikki Orr
    luv Nikki Orr

    hey mr so have you bought your speedos for shagaluf?:L you know id say you owe me luv by now.lolx

  • Marie.
    luv Marie.

    hey hav been hiding in strange places where freeky people go lol will be bk in the bot soon for a wee visit lol hows it standing????? here have sum red

  • Marie.

    well hows things with ya?

  • Emma

    Ive seen your air guitar- it looks like your playing air trombone! (you look like a fool) (ps what does type r mean?) Steve told me what a PHH is- he has one now IN WORK!- standing beside the lisney sign thinkin dirty thoughts! (about me) :D Who can blame him wit such a vixen present! anyway hows your day? when you say max i say ol MAX OL MAX OL

  • Emma

    my excuse for grazed knees- ONE WORD ANSWER - Amsterdam.... dont go there- people say its mad and they dont mean O yeah hahaha yeah its mad... they mean aghhhhhh AMSTERDAM NOOOOOO ITS MAAAAAAD :( i did however enjoy myself i have no account of the event however i woke up the next day and took some photographic proof! (ps u cant play air guitar)

  • Emma

    Chris Kelly, Ill have you know there are plenty of legitimate ways in which a lady can graze her knees!! (ya granny lover!)

  • Helz Belz
    luv Helz Belz

    no chris!ignore the albino chattin to ye below!im not havin u losin those sheniqua cheeks, get ur munch on!x