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Sorcha Burns

Bebo is shiiiiit lately!

11/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Sligo
  • I am Single
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About Me

Always do what you are afraid to do..
Me, Myself, and I
Roll on Summer 10'..!

Welcome to my Life - Do come in:D
"Mi Vida Loca"


Life Is About Trusting Our Feelings And Taking Chances, Losing And Finding Happiness, Appreciating The Memories And Learning From The Past.

Someone should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it... Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.
The Other Half Of Me


Ive got the picture;)

[6th Year]
Uuugh fooking hate the Leaving cert.....Live for the weekends:D
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  • Our Deepest Fear

    Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate . Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure . It is our light, not our darkness,that most frightens us. We ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually who are you not to be? You are a child of God .Your playing small doesent serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won`t feel insecure around you .We are all meant to shine like chirldren do .We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us .It is not just in some of us;It is in everyone! And as we let our own light shine,we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same . As we are liberated from our own fear our presence automatically liberates others.
    -Nelson Mandela
    1994 South Africa

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  • Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything's different.

    It's sad when people you know
    become people you knew,
    When you can walk right past someone
    like they were never a big part of
    your life.
    How you used to be able
    to talk for hours and now you can
    barely even look at them.
    It's sad how times change....

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  • What A Girl Wants A Guy To Do =]

    -Give Her One Of Your T-shirts
    - Leave Her Cute Texts
    - Kiss Her In Front Of Your Friends
    - Tell Her She Looks Beautiful
    - Look In To Her Eyes When You Talk To Her
    - Just Walk Around With Her
    - Forgive Her For Her Mistakes
    - Look At Her Like Shes The Only Girl You See
    - Tickle Her Whenever She Says Stop
    - Hold Her Hand When Youre Around Your Friends
    - When She Starts Swearing At You, Tell Her You Love Her
    - Let Her Fall Asleep In Your Arms
    - Get Her Mad, Then Kiss Her
    - Tease Her And Let Her Tease you Back
    - Watch Her favourite Movie With Her
    - Kiss Her Forehead
    - Give Her The World
    - Let Her Wear Your Clothes
    - Ring Her At Random Times Just To Show You Care
    - When Shes Sad, Hang Out With Her
    - Let Her Know Shes Important
    - Let Her Take All The Photos She Wants Of You
    - Kiss Her In The Pouring Rain
    - When You Fall In Love With Her, Tell Her

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  • Hugh Jass
    luv Hugh Jass

    bring back the bebossssssssssss

  • Hugh Jass 4/30/11
  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass

    2 points!

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    Dominic Hufsky

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  • Daniel Flannery
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    get a life

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  • 2/16/10
  • 'Brónagh

    Latifah Shaniqua Latoya Laquisha La'Kisha La'Tanya (La' Tawwwwwnyuh) Rohandra Bon'Quisha Sha'Tanya Toprameneehsa La'Quishria Bonifa Shataniana Levondia Bufanaquishria La'Quishraniqua Barbeesha Mo'Nique Abduiniana Fo'Landra Kisha Bon'Qui'Qui V'Lanta'la'mana'ma'nisha Sha'nay'nay Tay Tay Da'Quonde La'Trice Deedra Tramicia De'Lanice Ka'Likatifrianiqua Sha'Londria Sha'Quonda Elephantisha La'Quaysha Guuuuuullllll Qua'Lifriaqui'Sha'Niquia Cornbreesha Congragulashayla Barakisha Obamaniqua Kooladria Spongebobeeshia Clitorisandrea Fa'Nay'Nay Comptonia Harlemisha Beethovenice Watermelondrea Cellularphoniqua Unidastazovamerikaliqua Alejandrisha King'Kong'Quisha Fri'Chickenisha Colla'Greeniqua Grapedrankisha Africanishaniqua Que'Shayda La'Taniana'Bo'Vanashrianiqualiquan  ice COURTNEY!

  • luv Noelle East

    Ah that must have been deadli:D Yea had a good chrstmas, recked now thou:L Yeaa my cuzn heard that the mercy aint opening till monday but i dono:L Xx

  • Noelle East

    Heya, Hows you keepin?:D Havn a good christmas? Did you get your report back yeat,,im screwd wen i get myn back lol xx

  • Enya.N

    happy christmas robin:D emm i wil b seein u 2mro no doubt! x

  • 'Brónagh

    Merry Christmas Sox

  • . Niall T
    . Niall T

    im sure he will :P ya,, did bita last min shopn taday so it all kul :D wat da planz 4 boxin day out on da lush ya !!!?? x

  • . Niall T
    luv . Niall T

    merry christmas sorcha :DD ,, all set 4 da big day :P x

  • Brian Cunningham
    luv Brian Cunningham

    mint ;) , 600 here i come :D .... ah no, only started today had pass irish and pass french which both went ok i suppose, passed them anyways hopefully, pass maths tomorrow then have the 4 honours subjects from then on which will be a bitch, plenty of time for cramming yet :L .... how are yours going? :D Xx

  • Alannah Feeney
    luv Alannah Feeney

    test going good yes ? :D x

  • Enya.N

    Jus 4 days!:)

    12/15/09 via Mobile
  • 'Brónagh
    luv 'Brónagh

    Ah it was piss easy, I love pass :L . How did you find it? yeah I know well, dreadin Geog x

  • . Niall T
    luv . Niall T

    bita luv 4 ya miss Burns !!! :DD

  • 'Brónagh

    http://www.bebo.com/c/photos/view?TU... its dermot "mr mcgovern" o;leary

  • luv David Parke

    Story rory! X

    12/6/09 via Mobile