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Facebooks failzz, i can feel the withdrawl symptoms coming on :L

9/23/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

I tell her wear suspenders and some PVC
& then ill film it all up on my JVC

The Other Half Of Me


7H3 L4RG5 FL3370 F7WZ ^_^

Wantae a wee chat, dini no git wide though right ?
tie-the-rope-ill-kick-the-chair@hotmail.co.uk :3
Im nice tae most folk promise :D

You’re not related to Oli Sykes, Nikki Sixx or Edward Cullen. No one is bringing you the horizon. I highly doubt you wear prada. You aren’t and never will be the sickest kid. You did not wrestleabearonce. I can guarantee your not a scary kid, scaring kids. You never killed the prom queen. I don’t want to PANIC! At your disco. You don’t eat airplanes. Last time I checked dinosaurs were extinct. What are you gonna do if i shout never ? No one asked you alexandria. Chelsea wipe that smile of your face. The bullet is not for your valentine. Alexis your not on fire. Lizzy your not thin. August does not burn red. This is not a day to remember. You din't haste the day. It's no the story of the year. You are not the ocean.Your sevenfold was not avenged..You did not bleed from within. Amy can't fly. Your job isn't for a cowboy. and alice is not in wonderland !
          Nina...like a bass       so i'll give up on this, i'll give up on you         says:
*n'awww (L):)
*that's so going on my bebo.
*and tbh, i already know this guy isn't gonna be good enough for you, but if he makes you happy then i'm happy. but if he hurts you i'll break him.

A lav mai big sister wae aww mai wee heart, and ill do the exact same for her (L) Cause nae cunt messes wae ma family sound ? Good fucking wrong her and ill break every bone in yer body. :)

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  • I Appreciate Your Judgement It Proves I Can't Trust A Word You Say

    "Part 1: The Birth of You:
    Were you a planned baby?: Nupp

    Were you the first?: Yeee

    Who was present at your birth?: Uhh mai auntie kim

    Were your parents married when you were born? Yeee

    What is your birthdate? 2nd of november

    Part 2: The Family
    How would you describe your family?: Close to some but not to other parts

    Are your parents married? Yee

    If you have siblings are you oldest, middle, or youngest? OIdest

    Which parent do you get along with best?: Depends

    Do you have step parents?: Nupp

    Part 3: The Friends

    Do you have a best friend? Moar than one

    Do you share the same interests? With some of them

    Which friend can you tell anything to? Mikl ^.^

    Part 4: Your Personality
    How high/low is your self esteem?: It's high when it matters

    Are you an extrovert or an introvert?: huh

    Are you happy?: Yee i guess

    If you were someone else would you like yourself? Heavyyy

    Part 5: Appearance
    Are you comforable with the way you look?: have to be a suppose

    Do you have any piercings besides your ears?: yeee ^.^

    What make-up do you wear?: Uhh foundation and mascara and some eyeliner

    Part 6: The Past
    Were you a strange child?: I was always in thought and i could easily content myself

    What did you use to love that you no longer do?: the telletubbies ?

    Do you have the same friends?: Some of them

    Part 7: The Future
    Are you scared of growing old? I dont want to but im not scared

    Do you want to get married?: maybe

    Part 8: The Outdoors
    Do you prefer indoors or outdoors?: depends on the weather

    What is your favorite season?: winter

    Do you like walking in the rain? sumtimess

    Part 9: Food
    Are you a vegetarian?: nupp

    What is your favorite fruit?: alot

    What food makes you want to gag? a few hings

    What is your favorite dessert?: fudge cake or banofe pie

    What is your favorite restaurant?: idkkkk

    Are you a fussy eater? nupp

    Part 10: Relationships and Love

    Are you single or taken? single

    Do you believe in love at first sight? Natt :L

    0 Comments 152 weeks

  • Cant you see the sarcasm in the verses i spit ?

    What is forever?
    A load of pish, cause nothing lasts forever

    Have you read any good books this summer?
    Noezz i like never read in summer i like reading in winter though, buht ave read loads of mai maws magazines does that count ?

    Would you be okay if you were sober for a month ?
    Lol naww, id be depressed

    Do like twitter,myspace,or bebo the best?
    Bebo, see am fucking loyal

    Do you like too set things on fire?

    Whats the last song you heard?
    Scars- Papa roach

    Do you listen too the radio ?
    In thu car and sometimes in the kitchen.

    Dont you hate when people are constantly gossiping?
    Depends tbh sometimes it's well gid :L

    If you were too have a baby girl right now, what would you name her?

    If you were to have a baby boy right now, what would you name him?

    Did you pay any attention 2 Michael Jackson when he was actually breathing?

    Whats on your mind?
    That mai maw should hurry the fuck up

    Does anyone call you baby?
    Yeahh and he's like the only person who i dont find it patronizing fae

    Have you ever wore a bandana?
    Usually like every day

    Would you get in trouble if a Parent raided your room right now?

    Have you ever been on a date, but was thinking about someone else?
    Errr like mai pals aye ?

    How do you feel about the world in general right now?
    Our world is a mess. Basically everyone only looks out for number one nao days

    If you were president, what would be the 1st thing you would wanna change?
    I dunno cause like it would cause more hate that isnt needed probably theres always gonnae be folk who dont agree.

    Have you ever had too get stitches?, why?
    Ehh a think so once when a split mai head open.

    Do you have a big bed or a small bed?

    Do you find the face or body more attractive in your preferred gender?
    Faceee .

    Do you stick with the facts or create imaginative ideas in your head?
    Like if someone tells me something about a place ill imagine it in mai head then it turns out it's fuck all like i thought :L

    Do you go along with fads?
    Talking about son ?

    Do you prefer fair or dark hair?
    I couldnt care less tbh.

    Have you ever faked something (signature, orgasm}?
    Lol the punishment exercises and being ill many a time tae get aff school.

    Do you fall in love easy or does it take time?
    You dont fall in love at this age okay ?

    Do you like Fall Out Boy?
    I fucken hate them so much it's basically undescribable

    Do you trust your family completely?

    Are your family supportive of your actions or more judgemental?
    Depends on what ave done.

    Have you ever lived on a farm?

    How often do you eat fastfood?
    Probably alot :L

    Are you a fast or slow runner?
    Smoking kills so does obesity.

    Favourites -

    Jam flavour?
    Strawberry :D

    Smiley on instant messenger?
    Emm a dont really have wan

    Colour of eyes?
    Bloo pleasee

    KFC chicken ?

    Movie Quote?
    "in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find someone who loves you for exactly what you are. good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you. the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass." Junooo :D

    Weather type?

    Book Genre?

    Flavour of Soup?
    Chicken noodle or mai nonny's

    Flower in your garden?
    ahah theres a laugh i dont have flowers in mai garden cause it's like hardly a garden :L

    Back to the other stuff.

    Do you have a fax machine?

    What's your biggest fear?
    Moths, spiders, Burnt toast etc

    What emotion do you catch yourself feeling most?
    It dependsss

    Do you like Family Feuds?
    Omg yess ! wtaf why ask that :L ?

    Do you prefer fiction or fact in books/films? Why?
    It depends i like old facts in books cause a like history and i like some books cause there just like wuttt

    Do you call them films, movies, flicks or something else?
    Filmmm or video :L am still a 90's kiddo at heart

    What flavour can you not stand, in ic

    0 Comments 156 weeks

  • Not Even Salt Could Make Your Hands Taste Good

    ""has anyone ever said something that brought tears to your eyes?

    Do you like the town you are living in?
    Better than some places eh ?

    The person you fell hardest for died today, how would you feel?
    Pretty shit even thought i act like a hate um

    Can you honestly say that at this point in time you're happy with the way things are?
    Emm uhu a think so

    Has anyone of the opposite sex said they love you in the last week?
    Yeahh ha

    What are your plans for tonight?

    Are you excited about anything?

    Whose hoodie or jacket of the opposite sex did you last wear ?
    Emm keelans or dustehss a cannae mindd

    Is there someone that you would kiss right now if they wanted to?
    Eh uhu

    How's your life lately?
    It's cool thankyou yours ?

    Do you regret anything you did lately?

    Is there anyone you miss?
    pretty badly

    Have you thrown up in the past month?

    What person makes you cry more than anyone else?
    Uhh just someone

    Do you cross your legs when you sit?
    depends where a um

    When's the last time you full out cried?
    last month

    Are you thinking about anyone?
    No particulary

    Have you kissed the last person you texted?

    Are you wearing any clothes that don't belong to you?

    Do you like to sleep?
    more than anyhin maytee

    What are you looking forward to in the next 5 days?
    nuhin really :L

    Are you a mummys child or a daddys child?
    Daddy's girl :)

    What could you eat any day of the week & never get tired of?

    Let me guess, your last incoming call was from the opposite sex?
    Keelan yeshhh

    Would you kiss anyone you have texts from in your phone?

    When is the last time you attended a church service?
    2nd year

    Have you ever turned to drinking or smoking to solve a problem?

    Have you seen someone recently you used to talk to, but dont anymore?

    Are you on any type of drugs?
    No no :L

    Do you believe in second chances?
    Yeahrrr but a dont usually forgive

    Have you ever fallen asleep in an opposite sex's bed?

    Who was the last person to lay in bed with you ?

    what do you do when your bored ?
    eat dance about or watch tv

    What does your 9th text in your inbox say?
    It's cool me&you always bab ? xxx

    Could life get any better ?

    Would you ever try being a vegetarian?
    fuck offf

    Is there anyone you know that deserves to get slapped?
    Emm nope, it's nice tae be nice aye ?

    Would you date an 18 year old at the age you are now?

    Did the last person who hurt you, ever apologize?
    Emm yea a think he did a just dont give a fuck about him much anymore, life goes on eh ?

    Your last awkward moment?
    emmm last week

    0 Comments 158 weeks

close What Cigarette Brand Are You?

What Cigarette Brand Are You?

Marlboro Lights

You have style! And take great pride and time over your looks. You like nothing better than hanging out with mates and listening to some new local unsigned music. You are also health aware, with Marlboro Lights being the lowest in Tar and Nicotine!

close 69 things About Me

69 Things About Me

Height: 4ft 11
Weight: I dunno like 7st ?
Birthday: 2nd Novemeber :3
Town you were born in: Markham
Single or Committed: It's abit complicated :L
Favorite band: I haz a few tbh umm ill go wae Thin lizzy atm
Favorite sports team: Liverpool FC (L)
Favorite drink: Strawberry&Cream Sidekick && Coca Cola =D
Favorite getaway: Whatt ?
Favorite pasttime: dependss
Favorite reality show: Wife Swap USA
Best thing to ever happen to you: Dunno maii lifes no done yit
Your hair color : Browny reddy blondey :3
Pepsi or Coke: COKE BITCH
Do you kiss on the first date: Ayet
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Favorite restaurant: KFC ?
Favorite movies: Horror
Love or money: Loveee
Blondes or Brunettes: A prefer maii hair blonde
Your ambition: To go tae Uni
Ever bungee jumped: No but a wantae
Ever swam in the ocean: Ayee
Ever been in love: A loved him but i wasnt in love with him
Ever broken someones heart: Idk if i have am sorry ?
Had your heart broken: Nopee
Broke a bone: Ayee
Favorite TV show character: FAT BOY fae Eastenders
Cats or Dogs: Catssss
Pizza or Burger: Depends what kind of burger
Your first crush: Emm a dunno
Ever lied to your parents: All the timezzz
Worst fear: B3iiNG PUR3 70K3 D00N BY D4 5345iiD3 CR3W
Your weakness: I care to much
Any tattoos: Nao
Favorite subject in school: Historyyy or it used to be :L
Kisses or hugs: Both please
Done anything you regret: A dont live wae regrets
Passive or aggressive: Me ? Agressive about some things
Morning or Evening: Evening
Summer or Winter: Both
Ever won a sports medal: Ayeee
Ever been out of your country: Yup
Your dream vacation: I've been on mine thankyouu
Best gift you have received: Emm dunno ? Maii Kitty
Favorite Actor: Idrc
Favorite Actress: ^^
Best compliment someone gave you: a cant remember what they said but it was probs liam or Connor
Do you hate anyone: Oh ayeee
Hip-hop or Rock: Rockk
Favorite perfume: Ghost or DKNY
Ever been fined by a traffic cop: No.. not yet ?
Country you: Africa but like only for the 11th of july 2010 please
Ever been to a drive-in-movie: Ayee ! was shite couldni see fuck all
Ever lied to teachers in school: All the actuall time
Craziest thing you: Theres been a few
Your craziest dream in life: Where shannon was like the sun and she was raging about someone and like she started throwing fire bombs at us all then i woke up :L
Ever dyed your hair: All the effing time
City you live in: GL45G0W
Favorite day of the week: Fridayyy
Favorite childhood memory: Theres a few
Do you swear a lot: Maii mouths like a sewer mate
Ever puked at a party: Not at a parttyyy
Ever danced all night long: No i hate dancing unless it's mocking some cunt
Have a crush on anyone: It's bigger a guess ?
Your best buddy these days: Theres actually a few so AHAHAHA
Are you a health freak: Ayet heavy
Vehicle you drive: Noneeee DICK

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    How are you?

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    Hello there you RealBeauty (; We need more photos for these albums: * Fansigns * BeautifulGuys * BeautifulBodies - Guys * BeautifulBodies - Girls * BeautifulMakeup * BeautifulPiercings * BeautifulTattoos * BeautifulHair * BeautifulNerds * BeautifulCouples If you have any photos for these albums Please get them up (: Only one photo per album, Please leave your link under your photo Once it is up (: Thankyou RealBeauty

  • Escape-Hannahs-Fate

    Haha What? They Sent You Out Because You Was Trying To Do Something Good? Your School Dont Sound That Great Then Haha! Am Just Watching Shrek In Pain :( Wuu2? Xxx

    1/20/11 via Mobile
  • PoppyPatricide .
    luv PoppyPatricide .

    iloveyoualsobby xoxoxo.

    1/19/11 via Mobile
  • Escape-Hannahs-Fate

    Heyy babs. Yeah i bet my sisters doing her exams atm to and there driving her mad so glad mine where over and done with years ago! But good luck with them darling. Am still pretty ill Tbh Hunni. i Have A Abces in my mouth and My face has swollen up! in agony atm but my meds are helping lol. Been up2 much? apart from exams? xxx

    1/19/11 via Mobile
  • Escape-Hannahs-Fate

    Hello Hunni how are you? xxx

    1/19/11 via Mobile
  • Devil

    Add me hun

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  • PoppyPatricide .
    luv PoppyPatricide .

    imiss youu tooo bethyyy .^ ! ♥.

  • 12/7/10 via Mobile
  • Tayler
    luv Tayler

    Hey babeh ;) i havnt been on here in LONG! and im glad you've make the move to facebook :P i read the comment you put on my thing like ages ago that just said 3 years, and i thought, its pretty much bean like 4 years! probably more and i know we dont even talk that much anymore but always know BEFANEH ;) ill always love you Forever and Always My Wee sister <3

  • PoppyPatricide .
    luv PoppyPatricide .

    were youu not liek .. This isnt poppyz voice or number o.o ?! :L laaaaav youu bethy <3 xoxoxo.

    10/27/10 via Mobile
  • StrictSceneModeling.

    NEW SSM! [ StrictSceneModeling ] try it. apply. xo

  • Amy-Jayne

    I just pulled $818 in five days at home on the computer! Made it with - http://bit.ly/9LSLpQ You will thank me!

  • PoppyPatricide .
    luv PoppyPatricide .

    guess what ?! ilovemeyouuu tooooo ^.^ ! ♥.

  • Raven Dread

    Comment my dp maybe?

    10/21/10 via Mobile
  • David

    Awryt were you from hunni x w.b x

    10/13/10 via Mobile
  • Carly.
    luv Carly.

    aaaah ^.^ <3. i love you too caaayootie :3! <33 even though ye jump up on toilet seats, and try too look over xD ! , and laugh at me when i smash my head aff toilet roll holders :')! <3 xoxoxo.

  • Barre
    luv Barre

    Hey Bethany :) The-girl-i-havent-spoken-to-in-ages. How are you? Well you have to be okay or else grr! *give cookie* :)

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    Gawjus Groupies

    Aw tanQ ur pic was added on 11-10-10 You have some gawjus friends but they have private profiles Help us become the biggest pic group on Bebo. Why not ask them to add the moderator then leave a comment with their picture & name at www.bebo.com/gawjusgroupies

  • Alana Louise Margaret Dunion.
    luv Alana Louise Margaret Dunion.

    Here, I adore you. Pure climbing on toilets & getting wide with people in Kfc. Pure "CAN YOUS NO PEE PROPERLY. THURS PISS AW OOR THE SEATS!" ^o^. Wednesday :']<3. Lovelovelove :3. oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.