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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
this band is no longer updated regularly.

Welcome sexy people :)

First off, just because this is called Punk My Hair, it doesn't mean that all the pictures are classed as 'punk'. It just means that the hairstyles here are different and a tad crazy. So stop having a go ffs!

No advertising please.
Contact me if you want your band to be advertised in my blog :)

Need a new haircut but don't know what to have?
Need some tips on dyeing your hair?
Wanna drool over some hot hairstyles?

Then look no further.
We've got all you need, guy's and girl's hairstyles.
And some tips aswell :)

And if you want your hair to be put into one of the albums, just fill out the blog.
Peace out.


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  • Photo form.

    You want your photo in one of the albums, yes?
    Okay, just fill this out babe.

    Picture you want up:


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  • straight to curly♥

    Want cool wavy locks without having to use a curler?
    Just follow these tips.

    Step 1
    Wash your hair.
    It's better to do it in the evening, you'll see why later.
    But don't do it just before you go to bed because if you don't dry it you'll catch a cold.
    And to do this you're not meant to dry it!

    Step 2
    When your hair is still wet seperate small sections of your hair and plait them.
    But don't do too many or you'll end up with afro hair!
    Secure them tightly.

    Step 3
    Haha this should be easy.
    Go to bed!
    Night night *pats*

    Step 4
    In the morning take out all the plaits and.. voila!


    >> Thanks to Samantha Griffiths for giving me the idea to do this.

    4 Comments 332 weeks

  • leopard print your extensions♥

    Step 1
    Tape the extension down on some cardboard.
    Make sure it's tight.

    Step 2
    Put hair colour into a container.
    Maybe one of those little pots you get with them.

    Step 3
    Cut up some celery and stick the end into the hair colour.

    Step 4
    Take the coloured celery bit and stamp it onto the extension.
    Keep doing that until you cover the whole extension in leopard print.

    Step 5
    Take a cotton bud and dip it into the hair colour.
    You can now fix any spots that look uneven or add dots to fill in the black areas.

    Step 6
    Wait for however long the colour is supposed to stay on.
    Look at the box for the time.

    Step 7
    Rinse in cold water and let it dry.

    Step 8
    Glue or sew on the clip so that the extension will stay in your hair.


    10 Comments 332 weeks

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  • luv Wessie Wabbit

    well its not that crazy but,, its PURPLE :D lol x pic up ? xx

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    Excessive Vanity

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    here is my pisture LOLZ :L :L :) i gust luv my hair but i changed the colour naw is all black xxx

  • luv Kiki Cloud Dropless

    luv my hair :)

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    join and enter to compete for the best outfit. x

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    Abbey Childishfears

    What about regular peoples hair? Would that not be classed as sexy? PFFT GROW THE FUCK UP MATE??! Would i be able to have a picture up if i cut my wrists?

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    hardcore Junkies

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