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8/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Blog Entry: Rafa Benitez: Should he stay or should he go?

    Johnny D by Johnny D
    This extract is taken from my Blog on www.liverpoolsdel.blogspot.com

    Blog Entry: Rafa Benitez: Should he stay or should he go?

    ...Fitting this should be my 100th entry on my Blog about Liverpool as i want to debate about what every Liverpool fan has been debating for the last four or five years: Should Rafa Benitez be sacked? In this entry we will go through what will happen if he stays and what will happen if he is sacked in the summer...

    As usual any and all replies welcome,



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  • Rafa Benitez and the final argument...

    Johnny D by Johnny D
    This extract is taken from my Blog on www.liverpoolsdel.blogspot.com

    I ask that you forward this on to every Liverpool fan you know... I would recommend printing this entry to read at your leisure.

    Rafa Benitez and the final argument...

    This season so far has been the most trying of times in recent memory for all associated with Liverpool Football Club. The media have gone all out in their united efforts to prink their venom (and most of the time it is with inaccurate details/lies) and done their utmost to get Rafa Benitez fired! It hasn’t worked so far. The question that is being asked by most is how Rafa is being given the time by the majority of the fans and more importantly by the owners? The answer is not a short one. There is no quick sentence to sum it up. I entitled this Blog Entry: “Rafa Benitez and the final argument” because i will make this my last stand on the issue. I invite everyone to read it and especially those who are against Rafa and the current regime...

    First, we will address the current squad and in doing so the injuries, personnel, etc.

    Secondly, we will address Rafa and some of his mistakes since he has taken over...And we will also address some issues that were made look like mistakes when they were not.

    Thirdly, here is the official list of transfers since Rafa has taken over. This list is not the garbage made up by The Sun Newspaper and other rags but it is the actual official list!!!

    In my fourth point i would like to make some observations about Rafa and his transfer dealings.

    For my fifth point i would like to remind people of where we were when Rafa took over.

    My sixth point will be a summary. This Blog Entry is by far and away my longest entry but i decided to get every stat and fact together to make my final argument in defence of Rafa.

    If you are a true Liverpool fan then you will be more than happy to read this...If not, start asking yourself why?



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  • Rafa Benitez...

    Johnny D by Johnny D
    After Last nights match the pressure on Rafa will no doubt grow...I could go and slate certain fans and the media alike but i responded to a poster on TeamTalk earlier about Rafa and i think yee should have a read...

    "People have asked why Rafa is still here after all the crap he has had to endure off just about everyone. I can understand how you might be disillusioned. The media have wanted his blood from day one. They never let up against him. It makes me sick this hate campaign they have against him. Then you have the owners who undermine him and refuse to properly financially back him. Then you have short sighted, sick people such as Daniel on here, spreading their venomous garbage about him.

    I sometimes wonder why he sticks around too...

    Yesterday on sky sports Guillem Balague said Rafa was offered a four year deal at the start of the summer by Real Madrid to become their manager!!! And he was going to be paid 6million euro a year!!! And Madrid are his team, yet he refused!!!The reason why Rafa has stayed is because Liverpool is now his main love. He feels at home with us and our club. He believes in Liverpool, our beliefs and our traditions.

    It no longer is a club he manages but a club he loves. Liverpool Football Club has become part of who he is as a person.

    Like Houiller said recently in that Lyon were a team he managed and hoped to do well but Liverpool was deep in his heart. Managers realise what it is to be part of this Club and what an honour it is. Rafa is a man of honour and he gave us his word he would not walk and i expect him to keep it.

    I think the major reason he stays is because he knows the core of the Liverpool fan base is numbered in the millions and we as football educated fans know what he has to endure and we love him more for standing by us. It is why we stand by him now in this difficult time he is having. We know what he has done for us and where he has brought us too. We know that this season’ form was the regular before he arrived!

    We know it is only a matter of time before we are back to the form of last season.

    We know a quality manger when we have one, and we know when we have a manager who believes in Liverpool football club the way we do!!!

    When, not if, but when we win the league in the very near future and Rafa is holding the title...i can’t wait to look so called Liverpool fans in the eyes and remind them how they slated him today! YNWA Rafa!!!"

    My faith in Rafa is not blind. The man is not without his faults, who of us is? Those who are willing to throw the first stone/stones are not seeing the bigger picture! I believe in Rafa Benitez as a man and as a manager...why so much? Because he is one of the greatest managers in the world, and he believes in Liverpool Football Club...

    History will remember Rafa Benitez as one of our greatest ever managers!!! Mark my words!

    I also posted my Blog on www.liverpoolsdel.blogspot.com on last nights game.

    I urge those who have not read my Blog entitled “One step back to go two steps forward” to do so on http://liverpoolsdel.blogspot.com/20...



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