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Mark 'Chopper' Read

Never Plead Guilty

10/26/07 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Never Plead Guilty!!!
Me, Myself, and I


Chopper Read
AKA Mark Brandon Read

Born: 17-Nov-1954
Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Criminal, Author

Nationality: Australia
Executive summary: Earless Australian killer, author

Former inmate of Tasmania's Risdon prison.

Wife: Mary-Ann Hodge (m. 1995, d. 2001)
Son: Charlie
Wife: Margaret Casser (m. 19-Jan-2003)
Son: Roy Brandon Read


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  • Mark 'Chopper' Read dying!

    MARK "Chopper" Read has deadly hepatitis C and refuses to seek a liver transplant to save his life.

    "I am dying and I accept that," the notorious criminal said yesterday.

    "All I want now is to do the right thing and make sure my two young boys are looked after."

    But Read, who is also a bestselling author and artist, has ruled out a life-saving liver transplant, saying he does not deserve it.

    "A transplant would save me, but why would anybody give 53-year-old Chopper Read a liver over and above an 11-year-old girl with liver cancer?

    "They wouldn't – and I wouldn't ask. I need a transplant, but I don't want a transplant."

    Doctors have given Read two to five years to live. Recently they told him he would die in 20 months if he did not stop drinking.

    Read believes he contracted hepatitis C while using shared razor blades in prison.

    "The diagnosis shocked me and I hit the bottle had," he said. "I drank and drank and drank. If I kept drinking, I would've been dead quicker."

    Read has two sons, Charlie, 8, and Roy, 4. He continues to paint and, on the advice of Archibald Prize winner Adam Cullen, is putting his art work in storage.

    "I am told my paintings will be worth $10,000 to $20,000 after my death. I'm working hard, and putting half away for Roy, and the other half for Charlie."

    The criminal cult figure says he does not fear death. "I am not frightened of dying," he said.

    "But I want to get a few things done before I die. Most of all, I need to look after my sons."

    Charlie lives in Tasmania and Roy in Melbourne with Read. "Fatherhood changed me," Read said.

    "I reckon I became a human being at 45, when I saw my first boy born from a caesarean section. That's the moment I joined the human race.

    "Then, when I was 50 and I saw my second boy born, I became a fully paid-up member of the human race. I have no regrets, but those moments told me what I should have been – a good human being."

    Read strives to tell his boys to be good, productive people. "I don't want them to grow up doing the same things I did," he said.

    He says he has no desire to learn more about hepatitis C. He sees a doctor twice a week and is taking medication.

    "I do what I'm told and try to live a clean life. But this is killing my liver and killing me. I will die."

    Read blames it all on jail-issue razor blades. "They didn't even have a name for hep-C back then. It was either non hep-A or non hep-B," he says.

    "Prisoners who had never used needles in their life ended up getting hep-C. They made us use the same razor and watch us shave in front of the mirror."

    But he has no regrets about his violent and colourful life.

    "Regret is like saying if you had time over again, would you change anything?" he said. "Nah – I would run over the same a***holes if I had my time over."

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  • Chopper's thoughtful "quotes"

    Thoughtful "Quotes"

    Since my first book, creating riddles and fables has been my favourite past-time. I thought it would be a bit of a novelty to add a page, that contains some of my favourite quotes and then some of my more serious ones. Some you might like, some you might hate, personally I do both.

    From the Pedestrian Council of Australia anti-drink driving advertisement, in which I featured:

    When I was in prison I got slashed down the face, my ears cut off, I had a claw hammer put through my brain just here, cut throat razors here and here, butchers knife there, icepick there, ice pick up the back there. . .

    I know most of you out there hate my guts, I'm not a very popular person, but you drink and you drive you're the same as me, you're a murdering maggot just the same as I am.

    Excerpt from "Chopper", Mushroom Pictures:

    You've probably read all the newspaper stories about me, and you've heard the word on the street about me, and you've probably got a picture in your head of what Chopper Read's like and we're sitting here at this bar all very nice and cosy and I'm a bit of a let down to you.

    Excerpt from interview with John Collis, Adam Cullen and your good self on Channel 7's Sunday Sunrise.

    I'm not suggesting that if your local butcher is of annoyance to you that you stab him in the head 21 times, it's just a story with a moral.

    Mark "Chopper" Read: They don't mind if you get honest work with the Cabramatta City Council cleaning out the toilets, that's good, that's rehabilitation. But they don't like the idea of you getting too far up the ladder, you know.

    Interview with Patrick Carlyon from The Bulletin, 29 May 2002

    "Once you pick up pen and paper, you can take people on a journey anywhere," he says. "The trouble is they come back later on and ask: 'Is that true?' I say: 'Who gives a shit?'" MBR

    "Once I've got a camera in front of me I should be locked up in a cupboard," he says. "I lie my head off. I could be the minister for propaganda for the Nazi Party or the Communist Party with equal fervour. The reason I'm on telly and sound like I have so much conviction is because I have no convictions about anything at all. I believe I could have done well in politics."

    "I haven't shot anybody since 1992, and even then I didn't do it,"

    Henry Lawson had class. When he hit his wife, he used an umbrella.

    He ponders Melbourne's underworld. Two angry girl scouts with tennis rackets could bust it open

    Interview on ABC radio Wednesday, January 15, 2003 in relation to the so called Chopper Read rule.

    You know um, writing books is not much different from the world I was previously associated with.I mean its as full of, its got as many scallywags in the publishing world as there was in my previous field of endeavour.

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