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ahaaha. what a joke.

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katie malia livingstone
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Mel .

Mel .

♥ melly moo cow

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  • READ :D

    10 to 1
    TEN things you wish you could say to TEN different people right now:
    10: your a bitch for not coming
    9: i love you but i hate you
    8: your my bestfriend , i love you
    7: i love your style
    6: i wana talk to you
    5: your a fkn babe
    4: id tap you.
    3: sooo hard
    2: right now
    1: oooh baby

    NINE things about yourself:
    9: im a bitch
    8: im a bogan
    7: i love my friends
    6: i love the beach
    5: im loud
    4: my laugh is very loud
    3: i hate mayonaise
    2: i have a cat called arthur
    1: i am generous

    EIGHT ways to win your heart:
    8: if you are happy
    7: make me smile
    6: honesty
    5: beautiful personality
    4: knows how to have fun
    3: says cute and meanigful things
    2: funny
    1: staying truuue !

    SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:
    7: friends
    6: people
    5: food
    4: what would i look like if i was a boy
    3: who would cry at my funeral
    2: how things could have been different
    1: ricky

    SIX things you do before you fall asleep:
    6: go through my phone
    5: think about the day
    4: think about people
    3: put pjs on
    2: talk to ricky :)
    1: listen to music

    FIVE people who mean a lot at the moment:
    5: steph
    4: alesha
    3: ramese
    2: taylam
    1: quinn
    1: liana
    1: ricky

    FOUR things you see right now:
    4: camera
    3: phone
    2: pen
    1: fan

    THREE songs that you listen to often:
    3: you used to hold me - calvin harris
    2: as long as you wait for me - passion
    1: far away - nickelback

    TWO things you want to do before you die:
    1: live my life to the extreme to outrageous stuff
    2: tell people what i love about them

    ONE confession:
    1: you complete me :)

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  • B1 (:

    yoo misses B1, standes for bogan one if anyone is wondering not b1 from tht kids show:L far kt your a funny one telling off some nerd to put the aircon on the stupid dopey kunt :L and u always gettin sent out of science for nothing lmao and some fat guy telling you tht u have a cold heart hahahahah far ur the best seriously i cant tell you how great you are told u i would write tht laterz B1 love from B2 - anthony

    0 Comments 209 weeks

  • my friends.

    are cooooool.

    3 Comments 263 weeks

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Stephy .

she knowss everything.
god didnt make us sisters because he knew our parents couldnt handle us as sisters , you my girl are the most beautiful person inside and out
the bestest girl ive ever met in my whole life. everyone has that person that you can be yourself around and not care what anyone else thinks , we even talk to eachother on the toilet we have the funnest times together and laugh at nothing. well she laughs at me when i think somethings funny and she dosnt haa, your always the first person to be here when something bad happens and you know i am the same with you , you are more than my bestfriend you are my family i trust you with my life.

my brootherrr,
one of a kind - soo immature lol jokes thats what he calls me
he is one funny kidd he knows everything about me and i know everything about him,he even reminds me when my favourite tv show is on you make me laugh all the time you say some of the funniest shit ive evr heard and you are always there for me wen i need to have a sook. even though it seems like we just have fun together its more than that i care about this boy like hes my brother! you the bloody besst nongaa hahaa. i could sit there and txt this boy for deadset the rest of my life, we blab on for hours about nothing.if you were to die before me i would kill myself i cant even live without you no word of a lie i need you too much haha i love you taylam livinghalls, best brother out.

quinn latifaa
my bestiee , who would be there to guide me in the right way if it wasnt for quinn ? haha you can be the biggest ass but we both know it - we love eachother and if you ever left me i would cry ! your the besst ahaha your a freakin funny boy, always doing stupid shit together ganging up on people and sneaking outta classes together. you also know everything about me i know you can keep a secret your deadset one of the coolest people ive ever met you hektik dudee i can talk to you for hours and never get bored even though you ask the stupidest questions ive ever heard in my life ! we have the funniest times together i would be lost without you maan ! hahaa love you quinn bill morgan or should i say quinny bill


i absolutely adore him ♥ he is always there to put a smile on my face and make me feel better , i truuust you with my everything ,
your always there to save me my suuperman, haaha your really cool to talk to and have a good conversstion with , i know that you will always be there if i need a shoulder to lean on you always teaching me new stuff haha you know everything i sweear your a smart cookie haha thanks for giving good hugs aswell . your a fully pimpnn geee haha love yu ramesee mr solo dolo

this chat bittchh ive been laughing with heer since 07,
i love you heaaps i know you would neever dog mee , for example when i was off my faace and you were there the whole time making me laugh when i was crying haha i love you so much words cant even explain !
me and you laugh and laugh until we are in stitches. you make me so happy your such a good friend to me and yu already know that we tell eachother how much we love eachother everyday but whatever i fucking love you til the day i die. i can trust you with everything and know you wouldnt fuck it up you are one of the awesomest people i know never ever change ! chatty yal slut bitccch hahaa love you so much sisteer duno who would entertain me if yu didnt hahaa


matthew david peter badby.
bestfriends since year 4 , we are practically brother and sisterr . you make me happier and your always dooing the randomest shit i fkn love you man ! you are fucking halariouss you are such a dooshbag i love you because you dont give a shit about what other people think. your so easily pursuaded into things hahaa youve always been there for me and thanks heaps for being there , your so fun to be with i love you mattyy badbrown

my beeest bitcch , my life wouldnt be the same without heer !
you and me are such troublemakers. haha your my partner in crime but that why i love you , were always having mad times together going on outings and making the ebst fun out of it all. your always there to whinge to and we are such bitches together but whatevrrr hahaa boags pride were the biggest bogans in ctown haaaha , love you so much baby never change !


my sister hamissh ,
we have been thorugh everything together , the goot the bad and the fucking bullshit but we are always going to be here for eachother no matter what. you piss me off hardout sometimes but at the end of the day your my sister and i wouldnt wna chnage you for anyone in the world, your the best person to talk to about everything and also fucking halaroius . if you were to dissappear one day i might as well dissappear too i love you heaps bitcchtits

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  • Aleshaa.
    luv Aleshaa.

    i love you ! <3

  • Ricky.
    luv Ricky.

    heres some love !

  • Jud


  • Taylam Halls
    luv Taylam Halls

    oath a facebook is the shizz;) <3

  • Taylam Halls
    Taylam Halls

    oi broo i havewnt been on this for like frigan years bahahaha latah:)

  • Brookie .
    Brookie .

    heey; where you been? haha x

  • Aleshaa.
    luv Aleshaa.


  • -S.L.N-

    hayee nothing much ae wbu ? x

  • Aleshaa.

    bahaha ,your gay to ! seeming as yu sent me a comment off bebo yu use it too ! aha loveyoubaaby! x

  • Jud
    luv Jud

    iloveyu ,

  • Aleshaa.
    luv Aleshaa.


  • luv Tjsiu

    aaaw thats goood :) im goodthankyou , too long uhh huh ! ohh does he wow :) he thinks youre the best ? :L he thinks im the best though :( lol thanks :) have one back ily x

  • Tjsiu

    KAITE ! how are you misss ? its beeen sometime ay, :O How do you know Quin ? small world hey. well catch up x

  • Kid De
    luv Kid De

    :L aww i would say this chick kt had a better arse ;) I love it, aww i miss you to :(

  • Taylam Halls
    luv Taylam Halls

    ohhh ohk mee too hahaha nufiinn holidays is shit :( and i doint wanna go back to skool

  • Ricky.
    luv Ricky.

    hay baby heres someeee loveeee i love you loads :D :D

  • Sharonbaby.
    luv Sharonbaby.

    katiee! i miss youu:L "happy new year" Ox. lovee!

  • luv Ana

    i looooveeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuu :D

  • ' Dee CoCo
    ' Dee CoCo

    heyo gorgeous :) . im jus tlkinq to quinny ae wbu ! :* and yes i am actualy :D haha are you ?! :) lahv u Ox

  • Aleshaa.
    luv Aleshaa.

    aw mis yu to baby ! chill friday ? mwa x