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2/17/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Definitely I hustle blad, definitely I grind.
Me, Myself, and I
Anyone with drug problems, anyone who feels pressured to do drugs, or anyone who is unsure of what they're getting themselves into- Talk To Frank is a great place to get to know what's going on.

Well.. I reckon it was pretty good for a laugh.
(But no seriously, gives you prices and stuff - and tells you the likelyness that you'd die. Don't do Skag. It's too expensive.)

Anyways, I write purely for my own enjoyment. My work has gotten a bit cheerfull-er but with alot of effort, I will upload new stuff soon as I can, but the annoying thing is it will only let me upload like.. 25 things, so some 'things' will have like 2 or 3 poems in it. Yet I am contemplating removing the old stuff, and filling in with the new.

But hay we'll see how that goes..

Read. Enjoy. Review.

Love it or hate it; I'd still like to know. But don't swear your head off at me if you find something offensive, you came on my page, don't fucking blame me.

Keep it real, motherlickers.

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  • You don't take Heroin (Heroin Takes You)

    Remember how we used to get stoned?
    And every time you'd pass the bong.
    We'd all be like, 'What are best mates for?'
    But, are we even best mates anymore?
    It was just fun, to smoke some weed.
    But now it's pills that you really need.
    And maybe coke, 8 lines to a night
    And I bet you wonder,
    'Will I die tonight?'
    And why now, why not never?
    You promised you'd be here forever.
    But they're taking you away.
    From me, from reality, every day.
    I have to withstand your constant eyes.
    And lack of sleep, this pill is your prize,
    At the end of the day, 'cuz I know too,
    Just how much these things mean to you.
    They mean more to you, than years of love,
    And care and support, the pushes and shoves.
    Don't hide your face, or look at the floor,
    'Cuz I know what you did the night before.
    And I know it; you'll do it again and again,
    I guess things will never be the same.
    And I guess that we're not best mates anymore,
    I just hope for what it's worth, that this is not who you are.

    0 Comments 278 weeks

  • All the Other Boys (Break this Ice)

    But all the other boys have muscles
    Why am I the only one
    But the other boys have girlfriends
    Why am I alone
    But the other boys have cocks,
    Way bigger than mine
    And the other boys have bed times
    But they're not at 9:00
    They can do and go wherever
    Why can't I be like them?
    Why am I the different one?
    I wanna be the same
    I wanna quit this fuckin' life
    It's all a fucking game
    i wanna be the other boy
    I wanna fit in nice
    I wanna start myself again
    I wanan break this ice.

    0 Comments 278 weeks

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  • Miss Julie Anne Green
    Miss Julie Anne Green

    hey heyy x your poems are really good! xx

  • G L A M OUr
    G L A M OUr

    goood stuff :D

  • Lyndal Phillips
    Lyndal Phillips

    hey, highly enjoyed reading your writing! i have so me in my blog but not as good as yours. ne ways keep up the great work! lynee xo

  • Lez Bourhill
    Lez Bourhill

    That's some great writing, i really enjoyed reading them.

  • Bee

    these are amazingi wish i could right like you my poems tend not to really make scence or have meaning

  • NatalieDanielle

    they are good i liked them!:P :D :P keep up the good work:D :P :D

  • Edward Cullen

    !!! love it !!!

  • Charlee

    Maria! You're creations are amaziiing. See, i'm a fan now. =D I love youuu! x