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8/18/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 20, Luv 207
  • from Darlington
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 5,321
  • Member since: March 2007
  • Last active: Mar 13
  • www.bebo.com/ilona___x
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About Me

яιιp яυвч .♥.
Me, Myself, and I

:¨•.•¨:»iıOиα b
`•. .,:¨•.•¨:»ıOvεs
  ...`•..,»cOrч w


  -✂- - - - - - - - -
The Other Half Of Me


Loves <3

The worthy
Sharna.. Kirsty.. Laura.. Conna.. Robyn.. Lewis L.. Brandon.. Danielle.. Cowlam.. Joe.. Matty.. Georgina.. Danny L.. Danny A.. Ellie.. Stephh.. Becca.. Tasha.. Natalie.. Chantelle.. James L.. and any uther party crew woop lmaoo top ravers well mabes exept chantel little white star warrior! :o 2 bad hhaa
Wot I do
Well well I not a boring person and I like 2 meet new peopler unless there backstabbers cunts or any1 who dont intent to have respect.. as is probly reasonable. I like to go out smokeing and drinking drown my sorrows lmaoo not that i have any but yano sounds good dont it haha.. well i live in darlo and i like art so hopefuly ill get sum talent and move out ov this shitole!! wooooooooooo
Happiest When
Stoned and drunk , partaaayyyy , raving and out wiv friends .. usual shit
Mates <3
Love all my mates well sum ov em are a bit shit yano how it is fukin BACKSTABBERS . 2 faced people need a backhander.. twice.. lmaooo :D dont need any bulshiters in my life so why bover wiv em? and th mates i do have are ofit
adicted 2 bassline, ministry ov sound, anyfink bouncaaayyy and upliftenting lol proper good bouncy songs H.T.I.D. woooooop and subwoofer lol proper bassy vibrate floor its mint, and strobe lights

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  • Bestч's.

    She's thee bestum, alwaчs there when yOu need her and alwaчs helping mee with prOblems. She can alwaчs tell when sOmething's wrOng and I dOn't care what it is I can alwaчs spread the crack with this lass I have nOthing tO hide. When we're Out On a night just us I can act hOwever the fuck I want and sO can she :] I've knOwn her since чear 7 and since then she's been an impOrtant persOn, even after all Our fall-Outs Over fuck all lOol. Anчwaч чeah a dOn't want tO cream чa arse tOo much but Or well lOol There's nO batman withOut a rObin haha inabit xxx

    This lass is One in a milliOn. Alwaчs happч and hчper, and alwaчs knOws when sOmeOne's upset abOut sOmething. PrObablч One Of mч lOudest mates and she's alwaчs Out sO am never usuallч On me bill haha. Anчwaч tO cut it shOrt she's One Of me bestч's and life wOuld be dull withOut her. LOve чOuu xx

    Well what can I saч abOut Amч haha. She's alwaчs happч and she's a verч gOod mate. Fun tO be with and there's never a dull mOment, especiallч in like чear 8 and 9 when we used tO knOck abOut with eachOther like, all the time lOol. Have sOme mint memOries with this lass and can't wait fOr mOre because theч're bOund tO be gOod haha. Mint mate xx

    Havn't knOwn this girl lOng but she's great. NOt afraid tO just be herself, which I think is rare. I think we have the same OpiniOn On mOst things and might I saч her fashiOn sense is just great haha. HOpe we get t'knOw eachOther mOre and can't wait till we next gO tO tOwn cOz tbh nObOdч else I knOw spends as much time in a shOp as me haha. Cannч lass, see чa sOon xx

    0 Comments 214 weeks

  • мε, мчsεʟғ + ιʟөиα

    шεʟʟ мε иαмεs ιʟөиα, α ʟινε ιи ∂αяʟө и∂ ιτs αвsөʟυτʟч sнιτε τвн, вυτ ʟιғεs α вιτcн :P ԍөτ ʟөα∂sα мιиτ мατεs αи∂ τвн шιτнөυτ εм, ʟιғε шөυʟ∂иτ вε шөяτн ʟινιиԍ - чαs иө нυ чα αяε :)) мөsτ өғ мε ∂өsн ԍөεs τөшαя∂s ғαԍs, sшεετs + мακευp ʟөʟ. αм αʟшαчs υp ғөя α ʟαғғ и∂ ʟөνε ανιи α ∂яιиκ өи α иιτε 8) sιиԍʟε ατм вυτ ι ʟөνε ιτ, иөυτ вεττεя τнαи ανιи иөвө∂ч τө cөиτяөʟ нөш чα яөʟʟ + нατε чα мατεs :P ғяεε∂өмм!! шөө :D ιғ чα шαииα иө αичτнιи εʟεs мε α∂∂ч ιs xX.ilona@hotmail.co.uk τӨө∂ʟε ∂υυ∂ε ;)

    0 Comments 215 weeks

close .

Relationship Prefrence
Would you rather have a fun fling or a lasting relationship? :
What was your longest relationship? :
2 Month-ish.
What is your favorite personality trait? :
Funny, Cheeky lol.
What is the most romantic thing a significant other could do? :
Just love me.
When you are dating someone, what is the most important thing to you? :
They don't mind if i can't go out all the time.
Do you like pet names (ex: baby, sweetheart...)? :
Not really.
What is your ideal night out with a significant other? :
Out on a session with loadsa mates.
What is your ideal night in with a significant other? :
"Watch a film" ;).
Would you be able to tell someone you love them, even if you didn't feel it? :
Do you like relationships that invovle serious commitments? :
Depends on the person.
If you ever got engaged, how would you want it to happen? :
Nothing cheesy lol.
If you were engaged, would you want a wedding as soon as possible? :
Do you like to talk about the future when in a serious relationship? :
Yeah, so there's something to aim for.
Do you prefer a sensitive open relationship or a strong silent type? :
When in a relationship do you have to have contact with your partner on a daily basis? :
Do you like public displays of affection? :
Is there anything you won't tolerate while in a relationship? :
Them saying they like someone else.
What is one thing that you value most in a relationship? :
Would you ever be able to handle a long-distance situation? :
Do you believe in moving in together before engagement or marriage? :
Relationship Prefence.....

close About Me

[x] Name: Ilona
[x] Birthplace: Landunn :P
[x] Current Location: Darlooo
[x] Eye Color: Bluey Greeen :P
[x] Hair Color: Blondeish
[x] Righty or Lefty: Lefty ;]
[x] Zodiac Sign: Dog A Fink :P
-----------------YOU PREFER------------------
[x] Pepsi or coke: Pepsiiiiii :D
[x] McDonalds or Burger King: Good Old Maccy D's ;]
[x] Single or group dates: You wot ?
[x] Adidas or Nike: Nike For Sneaks N Adidas For Trackies :)
[x] Chocolate or vanilla: Erm bothh ? :P
[x] Cappuccino or coffee: Cappucinoo (Y) ;]
-----------------DO YOU------------------
[x] Smoke: Mabyy :P Lol ii ;]
[x] Take a shower: No Baths Are More Nicer :P
[x] Have a crush(es): Mabyy .. ;]
[x] Who are they: Pfttt Fuck Off :P
[x] Do you think you have been in love?: Yehh (:
[x] Want to go to HIGHER college: Erm ?
[x] Like high school: Is that where im at now ? ehhh :S wats high school :S
[x] Want to get married: Ayee (:
[x] Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: Wtfff ?? This quiz make no sense :P
[x] Believe in yourself: Try to :P
[x] Get motion sickness: Nooope:P Exept on helter skelter it tickals :P
[x] Think you are a health freak: Sometimes :P butb i eat aload of shite aswell ill probably die next week :P
[x] Get along with your parents: Who does :P Nahh Me Dad Offit n me mam oright
[x] Play an instrument: Do decks count ? lol
-----------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
[x] Flown on a plane: Yeh It toppa :P
[x] Missed school because it was raining?: i wish :|
[x] Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: obviouslyy :P
[x] Cried during a Movie?: Mabieee 8-) :P
[x] Ever thought an animated character was hot?: Hu the fuk dya fink i am :| orr myy godddd :L :P
[x] Had an imaginary friend: Hehe No :P
[x] Had crush on a teacher?: :|
[x] Been caught "doing something": Welllllllllll...:P
[x] Been called a tease: ii :P
[x] Been in a fight: obv :P
[x] Shoplifted: Definately not................:P
-----------------NUMBER OF-----------------
[x] Number of BOYfriends / GIRLfriends you have had: Id be hear all dayy :P
[x] Number of people I could trust with my life: Not many ...
[x] Number of CDs that I own: None
[x] Number of tattoos: None, dont like em
[x] Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: Once :D a fink :P
[x] Number of things in my past that I regret: Alot of things
---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN--------------
[x] Yourself: I Try 2 Sometimes
[x] Your friends: Some Of Them
[x] Santa Claus: Yus :D
[x] Tooth Fairy: Hu doesnt :L
[x] Destiny/Fate: Yeh
[x] Angels: Hmmmm
[x] Ghosts: Sometimes
[x] UFO s: Sometimes
[x] God: Yeh Hes Me Bezzle :P
--------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
[x] Do you ever wish you had another name?: Sometimes :P Seen tha state ov it :L
[x] Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: Yepp
[x] Do you like anyone?: Yepp
[x] Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: Charmaine :P she even looks abit lyk me haha :P see wot i mean about fate ;)
[x] Who have you known the longest of your friends?: Connor w and charmaine c
[x] Are you close to any family member?: me grandad
[x] Who do you hang around the most?: Charmaine on a night but 'the crew' at skool, ya no hu ya r ;) :P
[x] When have you cried the most: Wen mii grandad died and loadsa other stuff
[x] Whats the best feeling in the world?: wellllllll ;)
[x] Worst Feeling?: The tickles on a roller coaster or summitt :P :L lol and sum1 not lovin u bakk :/
---------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
[x] Cried: Nearly lol :P how bad am i :P
[x] Worn jeans: yep
[x] Met someone: yeass
[x] Drove a car: hehe i wish ;)
[x] Talked on the phone: a carnt its broke :P
-----------------OPPOSITE SEX------------------
[x] Best eye color: Blue or green
[x] Best hair color: blonde
[x] Short or long hair: short
[x] Best height: taller then me
[x] Best weight: not thinner than me a wud hav 2 starve maself so a dont luk fat :P nah not botherd reelii :P
[x] Best first date location: anywhere with loadsa mates , fags nd drink, then am sorted ;)

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close About your boyfriend/girlfriend

1. Whatt is there name?
Cory West

2. How old are they?

3. How did you too meet?
School, about year 1 or 2 ish?

4. Are they the most important person in your life?
Honestly yes, aside my dad and brother

5. What was the date you too started seeing each other?
Hmm 7th February-ishh.

6. How much do you love him/her?
Too much.

7. Do your  parents and friends know about them?
Sort of..

8. If so,, what do the think of him/her?
Let's not go into that..

9. Can you see yourself lasting a lifetime with them?
Yeah. I would love that.

10. How often do you see them?
Every day

11. When was the last time you spoke to them on the phone? (00/00/00)

12. Do they say they love youu even when you dont say it 1st?
Yeah <3

13. Have you ever been anywhere with them you didnt want to go, but when cas you wanted to spend time with them?
Yepp. (:

14. How often do you to argue?
A healthy amount.

15. Do you feel like you want to cry when you miss your baby?
I do.

16. Would you ever like to have a family with them one day?
Well, I wouldn't want to with anyone else. Suppose I'll find out

17. Boys! will you ever ask them to marry youu?( if so when and where)

18. Would you like to tell them something,, but you didnt because you are worried what they might think?
Used to, but all secrets have been revealed and things are getting back on track.

19. Have you ever been on holiday/ weekend away with them?
I've slept over but that's about it. I don't mind tho (: Hopefully going on holiday tho

20. Have you ever gave them anything?

21. Have you ever been out for a meal together?
Nooo, not my idea of fun.

22. Have you too ever been to the cinema?
We thought about it and decided not too (:

23. Have youu too been anywhere unusual or done something different with each other?(clarify where and what it was)?
Yeahh plenty. Been to a few strange places but now we usually just sit in his. It's nice (:

24. Do they go to your school?

25. Do you get jelious of them beinng around other people and wish that you were that person just cas you would be with them?
All the time. I get paranoid even though I know I don't need to..

26. Do you hate it when your friends have there boyfriend/girlfriend with them any you cant have yours at that time?
Yeah. Did.

27. Do people say you too make a perfect couple?
I don't think anyone understands our relationship enough to make that judgement, but my friends are happy for me (:

28. If your somewon special was ill what would you do?
Stay with him as long as I could to try cheer him upp. (:

29. Will you be sad if they moved?
Definately. Unless if he moved closer.

30. Would your babee travel far just to be with you for a day?
I would expect so.

31. Say something they will understand?
Ermmm... naughty noo-noo :D

32. Have youu too got a special song?( if so what is it)
No but there are plenty of songs that remind me of him <3

33. How long can you last with out txting or talking to them?
About 5 minutes then I get depressed hha

34. Do you look after/protect them?
I'd do anything I could to keep him happy (: so yeah

35. Would you tell people who are chatting up your babeey to get lost because they are yours?
Yeah. Then I'd get extremely paranoid about it and probably have a go at him.

36. Is your baby mental,hyper or just relli blond ?,,do you get scared ov them when they are or do you laff and fall inlove with them more?
He's not stupid, but I do own him sometimes :P Hyper - sometimes, then I get hyper lol. Mental- yes can be, I love it <3

37. Ever wanted to shoot yourself because of something your baby donee?( in a joking way tho)
Yeahh plenty. I over react a lot tho so I probably shouldn't feel that way, sometimes.

38. What do you realli think of your darlin?
I love him and nobody else. My perfect match and he's just overall amazing. Very funny and my best company (: Nobody could compare <3 He's my best friend, I trust him more than I trust anyone else. My strength and weakness.

39. Do they have bebo?

40. If so are they your other half?

41. What do you remember the most about your babeey?
Fun times.. awful times.. things from years ago.. I keep some texts from him so I can read through them when I'm sad and lonely.. A healthy mix of good and bad memories I suppose (:

42. Where was the place you had the most fun with them? or place that reminds you of being there with them?
Cemitary.. his house.. my house.. the riverside near Croft <3

43. When you revisite that place do you think that, you were once there with them and now your not :(?
Yeah :/ good to remember our times there tho..

44. Do you talk alot about your babee?
Too much.. if I don't see my friends they know exactly where I am.. I am obsessed

45. Now put anything you want to sayy?
I'm in love and I'm in it with you <3 Noodle face (: From illyyy xx kiss kiss

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    hi thanks for acepting me xx

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    hey thanks for the add (: im ross btw how're you? x

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    hiyaaa yhu wanna come swimming tommorow?? tap back :D x

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    Lmao I no I Was Such A sHORT Ass Lmao :D ... But Whos Laffiing Now :P

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    Cool Same Just at home bored lol x

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    No point in saying they are unique unless they look like Jeffree Star tbh Good good I'm alright You up to much? x

    8/8/09 via Mobile
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    Aww thank you :) If everyone was a sheep the world would be a boring place You ok? x

    8/8/09 via Mobile
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    Lmao u got soo owen 3000 and l8 lmao poorr ionaa nd i noo i is so awsome we where playing wif woody the blok of woof me and zak adopted lmao

  • Im Destery.
    Im Destery.

    SAME LOL. ;D xx

  • Im Destery.
    Im Destery.

    Well lol , im moving schools because i had bare loadsaa trouble there :/ ahrr samme really :/ xx

  • Im Destery.
    luv Im Destery.

    ^_^ not alot actully , im moving schools soo ive been'aa looking at schoolss reallaay & yourselff beb :) xx :)

  • Im Destery.
    Im Destery.

    im really good thankks babey :) & good good :) x


close First Last Survey


FIRST REAL BEST FRIEND: charmaiinee (:

FIRST SCHOOL: ermm corporationn road


FIRST FUNERAL: grandadss ):

FIRST PET: my dogg <3

FIRST BIG TRIP: italyy i fink

FIRST FIGHT: hannahh m year 4 i finkk



FIRST JOB: dnt avee 1 :P



LAST PERSON I HUGGED: ermm nathann

LAST CAR RIDE: in stevos brum brum woop :P

LAST TIME I CRIED?: agess agoo


LAST FOOD I ATE: 1 ov themm pizza wrap fings at school :L

LAST ITEM BOUGHT: fags fromm this ginger ladd :P

LAST SHIRT WORN: i dnt wer shirtss

LAST PHONE CALL: 3 mins agoo :P

LAST TEXT MESSAGE: bout 10 mins ago

LAST THING I TOUCHED: ermm keybord lmao

LAST FUNERAL: nannys :'(

LAST TIME AT THE MALL: err bout half n hour agooo :P

LAST TIME I WERE EXCITED FOR SOMETHING: laura wen she give me last off :P


LAST THING I DRANK: fuit shooot :P



close Common Stereotype

What Common Stereotype are you?


So, you?re the popular type then.
It may seem great but watch you don't over do it. People might start to see you as big-headed.

close 11 Layers of Me

11 Layers Of Me

Layer One: On the Outside
Full Name: Ilona Joy Bensley
Birthday: 12th April 1994
Current Location: Darlo
Eye Color: Bluee
Hair Color: Blonde
Righty or Lefty: Leftyyy
Zodiac Sign: Dog...?
Layer Two: On the Inside
Your Strengths: Can Stick Up For Myself, Good Friend (If They Don't Use Me)
Your Fears: Losing Someone Important
Your Weaknesses: Dunno
Ambition in life: Do Something I Love
Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: SMASH THE ALARM CLOCK ARGGH Lolol
Your bedtime: Dnaa
Your most missed memory: Year 7 :P
Layer Four: Pick Your Choice
Pepsi or Coke: Pepsiii
McDonald: Maccy D's
Single or Group dates: Group
Adidas or Nike: Adidas For Trackies Nike For Trainers
Lipton Tea or Nestea: Dunno
Chocolate or Vanilla: Either
Cold Coffee or Hot Coffee: Hot Hot Hot :P
Layer Five: Do You
Smoke: Yip
Have a current crush: In A Way Yeh :P
Think you: Nahh Dunno
Want to get married: Dnaa
Believe in yourself: Yiip
Think you: Can Be
Layer Six: In the Past Month
Drank alcohol: Yehh
Gone to the mall: Yeh
Eaten Sushi: Yerp
Gone skating: Hmm No
Dyed your hair: Yep
Layer Seven: Have Your Ever?
Played a stripping game: Yep Lol
Gotten beaten up: Nahh
Changed who you were to fit in: Wudnt Dare (N)
Layer Eight: Getting Old
Age you are hoping to be married: Whennever I Feel Like It
Layer Nine: Perfect Mate
Best Eye Color: Dark
Best Hair Color: Light
Short or Long Hair: In The Middle...Not Balled :P
Layer Ten: What were you doing...
1 Minute Ago: Writing This
1 Hour Ago: Seeep zzz
1 Day Ago: Sessioonnn
1 Year Ago: Ermmm Alot Of Things?
Layer Eleven: Finish the Sentence
I Love: Coffee
I Feel: Tired
I Hide: In Bushes =3
I Miss: My Old Bed :'(
I Need: A Fag Lol