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4/28/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 180
  • from Botley
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 6,593
  • Member since: February 2007
  • Last active: 10/28/09
  • www.bebo.com/___Vecchione___
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Top 16 dont mean a thing, have no preference for which one is a better mate. Familys first obviously

Erik known you for 5 yrs now, your like a brother to me!
Dan boii yh boii holiday 09 m8 gna be a fukin laugh
Johny mate as well, practically family, known for a good two yrs now

alright my names Luke Vecchione a lot f people also call me Vecchione or Vecchi, i'm my own self. I ain't to fussed to be honest.
I'm at oxford and cherwell valley college at the mo doing public services to go into the Fire.

i dont care what other people think about me, if they dnt lyk it, thats their problem

I like hanging out with mates and all in all having a gd laugh.

send me a comment if you wana talk or add my hotmail addy
The Other Half Of Me
college mates!
chalrie, scott, lewis, erik, johnny, jason good mates!
Again im cool with whatever
going town, having a job, joking around with mates, risks, having a good time, relaxing, having an easy life , clubbing , biking, most of all hot sandy beaches.
people who ask for a 2nd chance, take advantage of it and make you look lyk a complete mug - remind u of anyone :@ being cheated on by people when you have done nothing but helped dem and cared. LIARS!

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  • the best pic?

    1. me messing around with the cam
    2. on the way bk from dorset on the train
    3. at the st partyy
    4. dorset
    5. me in the car


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  • do this plz!

    Tell me plzz :) 13 hours ago

    1. Whats your Name?
    2. Are we close?
    3. What do you think of me?
    4. Do you hav a crush on me?
    5. Would u kiss me?
    5. Would u fuck me?
    6. Describe me in 3 words?
    7. If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do?
    8. What was ur first impression of me?
    9. Do u still think the same?
    10. What reminds u of me?
    11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    12. How well do u know me?
    13. What do u like best about me?
    14. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?
    15. Could you ever love me?
    16. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    17.R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?
    18. if u could change one thing about me wat would it be?
    19.Anything 2 say b4 u go?

    6 Comments 316 weeks

  • fill dis in!

    Name: luke vecchione
    Birthday:.. 10th jan
    Current Location:.. ox
    Eye Color:.. greenish/blue
    Hair Color:..brown
    Height:.. 5,9
    Right Handed or Left Handed:..right
    Your Heritage:.. Dunno
    The Shoes You Wore Today:.. black shoes (work) lol
    Your Weakness:.. dunno
    Your Fears:.. duno
    Your Perfect Pizza:.. a luvly italian which my dad can make superb
    Goals You Would Like To Achieve This Year:.. alot lol
    Goals for whenever:.. sleeping lol
    Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:. "alryt m8"
    Thoughts First Waking Up:.. "iwana go bak to sleep"
    Your Best Physical Feature:.. havent got a clue
    Your Bedtime:.. varies
    Pepsi or Coke:.. coke
    MacDonalds or Burger King:.. burger king :D
    Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:.. ice teaa
    Chocolate or Vanilla:.. chocolate
    Cappuccino or Coffee:.. coffee
    Punk or Heavy rock:.. heavy rock
    Do you Smoke:.. nopee
    Do you Swear:.. everyone does it..
    Do you Sing:.. nooo lol
    Do you Shower Daily:.. yargon
    Do you want to get Married:.. yeah :)
    Do you belive in yourself:.. could be more confident with myself
    Do you get Motion Sickness:.. nope
    Do you think you are Attractive:.. havent got a clue, you lot tell me
    Are you a Health Freak:.. sometimes,
    Do you get along with your Parents:.. of corce there fam!
    Do you like Thunderstorms:.. yeahhh
    Do you play an Instrument:.. NOOOO
    In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:.. yargon
    In the past month have you Smoked:.. yarrr .. dirty habit
    In the past month have you been on Drugs:.. nope
    In the past month have you gone on a Date:.. yar
    In the past month have you gone to a Mall:.. yar
    In the past month have you eaten a whole bag of popcorn:.. yarrr .. lush! lol
    In the past month have you eaten Sushi:.. nooo lol
    In the past month have you been on Stage:.. yep
    In the past month have you been Dumped:.. yup
    have you eva been Skinny Dipping:.. nah, give it a try tho lol :P
    In the past month have you Stolen Anything:.. nope!
    Ever been Drunk:.. yar
    Ever been called a Tease:.. yar lol
    Ever been Beaten up:.. yeah lol ..
    Ever beaten someone up:.. yeah...
    Ever Shoplifted:.. chewing gum when i was about five years old ..ages ago! lol
    How do you want to Die:..an old man
    What do you want to be when you grow up:.. fire service
    What country would you most like to Visit:.. da caribean!
    What country do you want to live in when your older:.. France a nice place!
    Favourite Eye Color:.. green
    Favourite Hair Color:.. brown
    Short or Long Hair:.. long
    Height:.. tall
    Weight:.. wouldnt have a clue
    Best Clothing Style:.. different clothes for different things, mainly jeans and a top
    Drugs you have taken:.. weed but ages ago
    Number of CDs I own:.. alot
    Number of Piercings:.. eyebrow
    Number of Tattoos:.. nun, had one scarred on ma bak! Lol for a bit
    Number of things in my Past I Regret:.. being m8s with xtina (made me luk a mug)
    Number of Girls been out with :.. 10-15
    Number of gigs been to: one lol

    6 Comments 329 weeks

  • ??

    1.Go out wit me?
    2.Giv me ur numba?
    3.Kiss me?
    4.Let me kiss u?
    5.Watch a movie wit me?
    6.Let me take u out 2 dinna?
    7.Let me drive u sumwhere?
    8.Take a showa wit me?
    9.Be my gf?
    10.Hav a fling wit me?
    11.Let me buy u a drink?
    12.Take me home for the night?
    13.Wuld u let me sleep in ur bed?
    16.Hav a relationship wit me?
    18.Let me make u breakfast?
    20.Let me tickle u?
    21.Stik up 4 me if i was put down?
    22.Let me caress ur body?
    23.Play strip poker wit me?
    24.Say yes if i askd u out?
    25.Get wasted with me?
    26.Txt msg me?
    27.Greet me in public?
    28.Hang out wit me?
    29.Fuck me
    30.Get stoned wit me

    8 Comments 330 weeks

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  • Olivia

    lol....you need to add me on Facebook! Heres my profile http://goo.gl/FexO8

  • You-Only-Live-Once

    hiya im ok thanks you? i havent been upto much just work you? yeah but im not going to advertise it on here lol but yeah us lot to have to go clubbing sometime soon xx

  • Jay H
    Jay H

    safe safe heyy m8 wua long tyme no speak lmao hehe hows the wife wb

  • You-Only-Live-Once

    hiya long time no see how have you been? what you been up to? xx

  • Kerry

    Bonjour honey :D you alright? i had the best valentines day i could wish for :) your amazing and thank you for the gifts babes i love you (K) mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxx

  • Kerry
    luv Kerry

    wooo who's bithday babes :) happy birthday have a brilliant 18th love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Big Ash
    Big Ash

    Yeah mate... But i lost the invite lol!!! What time does it start??

  • Kerry
    luv Kerry

    love you honey, hope you have a good day at work. New Year :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kerry
    luv Kerry

    energy hehe! :L im still not better :( im disgusting love. it's christmas eve glad you liked your presents, i love mine :D :D :D i had a great day, christmas tomorrow, have to call and see what we got :) haha! do you think he'll do the camera, i had a really good time at center parcs :) cheers honey. love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kerry
    luv Kerry

    hey honey you're probs on your way from work :) im still ill, bad cough :( i love my presents, can't wait till xmas, get our surprises :D nursery was good, feeling ill wasn't good tho cause i didn't do my best! cheers honey im gunna knick then now hehe! :) can't wait to see you :) mwah love you loads gorgeous xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kerry
    luv Kerry

    please can you upload new pic's :) of us hehe! :) love youu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mwah

  • Kerry

    hehe thatnk you :) i did, mwah i love my present babes it's gorgeous :) like you! you alright? what you up to? hope you've had a good day, i got to get some credit lol! love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i did give you love honey, it doesn't show :( I Love You :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxx

  • Mikaella Harrold
    Mikaella Harrold

    hi luke, im doin fine, thanks! hwz bout u? yea i am cmin 2 ur party! ... dats if dats alright wif u? .... is dere ney chance dat andrew culd cme aswel plz? i will send u a private comment (e-mail) wif ma mob number in it lol mikaella!

  • Mikaella Harrold
    Mikaella Harrold

    gdgd yea fought it was u n look i was right :D it was cz it was past 9.30 in da evening n apprantly if ur out @ dat time ur an adult n i culdnt gt a child either so i had 2 gt an adult bt i was cmin frm oxford soo i had 2 gt da bus lol yea iceland is gd thanks lol hwz bout u n ur job? mikaella!

  • Kerry
    luv Kerry

    manhunt is not nice!! lol it was a gooood night honey :) thankyou hope you enjoyed it :) all my monet has gone!!! dunno where tho lol i will look after it hehe :) i know just looking forward to it. college next week :( love your hair :D love you loadsss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mwah

  • Mikaella Harrold
    Mikaella Harrold

    hey luke, hwz u? on wednesday night did u go 2 gt on da 100 bus bt den u didnt actually gt on it lol if dat mkes sense? .... @ least i fink dat it was u lol eint spoken 2 u 4 a while! mikaella

  • Kerry
    luv Kerry

    hey baby baby, we got our comp back, on my nan's at the moment it really slow! :( at this rate you'll finish manhunt by end of the week lol! you alright? can't wait till wednesday, you can tell me :) :) and friday :D got fireworks, BBQ and food :) your staying over hun :) im babysitting thursday now! at 4:45, im so tired from placement, babies are fine :) no call backs yet! :( Loveee you loadssss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mwah (K)

  • Kerry
    luv Kerry

    heyyy, thanks for a great night, had fun with everyone :) your computer will do then lol cheeky cheeky! :L mwah love you loads and loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  x (K)

  • Kerry
    luv Kerry

    Loveeeee you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx