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i dont think i can cope with myself atm.. everything just seems too go wrong lately </33 ;x

11/2/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I

i'll miss you :'( ;
Bestfriends , my world♥!x

☼ S I N G L E! :(

The Other Half Of Me


She Has Issues,, she thinks were married (: !! xx

lets just say it didnt work out. we had them laughs but then we had them crys. our love was all over the place. i admit it i did fuck it up, i dont blame you for leaving me, but promise is a very BIG word too use , and if your gunaa use it youve gotaa mean it, soo i wanna know why you promised me that you wanted it too last forever and would never let me go .. none of them was exactly true was it now =/ . well all i can say now is that youve moved on, its time for me too get a grip and start moving on myself.. us are never gunaa happen again, i know that for one thing. but it wont stop me loving you forever and ever more, you will always be in my heart, no matter how much you try too hurt me.. time too face the truth!
ELLIEoshaughnessy, JessChinery, ParisWynter, SophiaHowe, YannaWilliams, DanielleIsaac, EloraTimms, JennaGaffney, SammyJode, MaxCogger, DarcyShaw, JamieNorman; tell me if iv missed you out !! Lovessss Youuuuu All :D , x♥
-Hacked Biatch..
wag1 darl x hw yu doiing i cnt belive hw these larst couple of weeks have been they have been mence i will always be there 4 yu m8 no matter wot lol ur such a stunner we have bare gd times like when we waz bare pissed at jamies house lol i think i waz the first 1 to fall asleep and the time when we waz in castle park and i slapped yu and u punched me lol and left a massive mark u biatch luv ya grl x our song is gunna be peng lmao wiffey 4 lifey x :) <paris>

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  • x_oi sister_x

    pow guess what you've just been hacked
    by the best brother in the world
    just want to say baby that i love you very muchly
    and you mean the world to me
    your like my little sister you have helped me out with so so much
    and i wouldnt trade you for £1,000,000:P well come to think about that again
    hmmmm might be a tempting offer lol joke i would never seriously
    cause tbh i wouldnt know what to do without you gawjush
    i want another picture btw you know the one i want lol
    i just wish you could find someone that will not brake your heart
    and love you for who you are. well i do but thats me, and you love me so its all good
    i will write abit more when i cbf lol
    love you sis
    x x x <3

    0 Comments 222 weeks

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  • Paigee Baybees X X
    Paigee Baybees X X

    hey im deleting my bebo acccount, if you still want to hook up......add me on myspace - http://goo.gl/ck7Gl

  • Faith Sanders

    Add My MSN sexy-cam-slut@hotmail.com or visit my LIVE CAM SHOW http://hotcams.talk4fun.net/Live-Cam...

  • Faith Sanders

    Add My MSN - sexy-cam-slut@hotmail.com - or click for LIVE CAM SHOW -- http://hotcams.talk4fun.net/CamFeed.html

  • GhettoSuperstar

    Hey hun howz u 2day then nd wuu2 then tap bk x x x

    2/19/10 via Mobile
  • luv Correect

    Heyyy you alright x

  • Life Is Good
    luv Life Is Good

    haya bbz u okaii cnt wait till saturday is going to be beast lol have my love bestie gawjusssss sxxx

  • Elliee


    1/9/10 via Mobile
  • Life Is Good
    Life Is Good

    Wel its bout time i gt ma finger out and wrote u a comment! ;-) wel happy 2010 wat a good start to the year, im fucking gting freckd ot 4 the last hour a man has cme up and dwn are street saying what a load of bolix and naw he has just been arrestd oink :-) lmao, wel as u naw me and liam are bck together bt ths time its different cuse boys cme and go r friendship dnt so i wnt let any fucking boi cme in between us wel onli wen it cmes dwn to sex thas different lmao u r my best friend and i mean it ur probabli thnking she must be pissd bt i aint had a drop of it todai ( did yesterdai though apserlotli rect) ;) bt everythnk im saying naw cmes frm ma heart im startin to gt soppy naw , so al l i cn say is i love you smelly. EMMA CLUTTEN MA BEST FRIEND AND MA HERO! Xxxxxxxxxxx thnk of smelly patrick and sebastian-, xxxxxxx see i new u wuld laugh x love you besties x

    1/1/10 via Mobile
  • Liam

    thanks bbe

  • Liam

    hi babe u are fit bbe u got msn babe

  • Michael O
    Michael O

    hi emma i am one of max cogger's best matees can i have your msn ??

  • -I Use Facebook.

    Ta For Add. But Who r Yah ?. xx

  • Aaron W

    y's alex in ur top, he was callin u a slut.and emma slutten the night i finished it round aarons :S

  • Jessiica.º
    luv Jessiica.º

    Yeaa babe deffo. wouldnt mind that! =)yeaa i bet you are babe! i would be! but now i have to wait another year :L Loveyouuu bestest always! xxxxxx

  • Danielle Louise
    luv Danielle Louise

    Ahaa have fun hes so annoying and has fucked my life up to be honist :( yeah Init be fun talk soon loves darling :-) x

    10/27/09 via Mobile
  • Danielle Louise
    luv Danielle Louise

    Me and him just was not working out cuz i chose my mate and now me and her aint mates and hes writing too my bf on face book like all the time saying shit boys do my heading lol x

    10/25/09 via Mobile
  • Jessiica.º
    luv Jessiica.º

    i know babyyy your birthdays coming round really quick!!! :O Loveyouuu sweetie Bestest! xxxx

  • Marney Keeley Elysha Linsell
    Marney Keeley Elysha Linsell

    Hello Babe, You Alright ? What You Been Up Too ? Loveyou.x

  • XxSparkz
    luv XxSparkz

    just going 2 twn wid u lol and sophia and elora cnt wait its gunna be sickk x :) luvs ya grl x

  • Danielle Louise
    luv Danielle Louise

    Nothing much really split up with Adam :( did not want too but chicks come before dicks , tap back x

    10/19/09 via Mobile