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|Nobody Said It Was Easy

12/23/09 | me too! | Reply

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I Am SuperMan
Me, Myself, and I

    Min- - - - - - - - - - -●Max
Break Even-The Scripts
I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing,
Just prayed to a god that I don't believe in,
'Coz I got time while she got freedom,
'Coz when a heart breaks no it don't break even.

Her best days will be some of my worst,
She finally met a man that's gonna put her first,
While I'm wide awake, she's no trouble sleeping,
'Coz when a heart breaks no it don't break even, even no.

What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you
What am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up and you're ok
I'm falling to pieces
I'm falling to pieces

They say bad things happen for a reason
But no wise words gonna stop the bleeding
'Coz she's moved on while I'm still grieving
And when a heart breaks no it don't break even, even no.

What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you
What am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up and you're ok
I'm falling to pieces, yeah
I'm falling to pieces, yeah
I'm falling to pieces, (One still in love while the other o
Stay WithMe Bright Eyes-Something With Numbers
If you were the melody, then I would be the song;
Together we would make everybody sing along,
Whistling and a singing through the hall and through the streets
Everybody`s dancing and there moving to the beat.

Baby, don't go now
Don`t go now
Don`t go now
`Cause i need you right here.
I`ll give away anything and everything for this.

If I was a shadow, then you would be the sun,
Together we would always because you the only one.

If I was a poem then you would be the pain,
Together we would need each other like a rose needs rain.
Don`t go now
Don`t go now
Don`t go now
`Cause i need you right here
I`ll give away anything and everything for this.

Stay with me bright eyes, stay with me darling,
And never go,
I`ll never get over you.

Stay with me bright eyes, stay with me darling,
and never go,
I`ll never get over you.

If I was the magic, then you would be the trick;
Together we will challenge what everybody thinks

If I was the villain then I would stil
The Man Who Can't Be Moved
Not Been Good Enough, No Music Or Ps2 and No Contact From My Bestest Friends!!
Happiest When
Playn PS2, listn 2 musik, eatn food.... sleepn.... talking....or being a retard <all the time>
The Best Friends
Annie, Tom, Stewie, Rhys and Oscar

Life is love
We are either in love,

Dreaming of love,
Recovering from love,

wishing for it

or reflecting on it

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  • Brayden And Annie (Aye Buddy)

    OK everyone. Meet my future dog Sir Tacksalot(meow). Some day we will live in an appartment in Melbourne with our little patch of grass out on the balcony (hmm wonder how long its going to take to weed?). We will also have our very own radio station ''KMS''. Every day we will have a one our tribute (on the electric ucalalie) to I'm Your's (Jason Mraz style). And if that fails, I will live off all his money (which he earnt from being Oh so very famous) and we will travel the world =]. But seriously. He is an aswesome friend and we have alot of fun behind his bin (oh u people have dirty minds!) pulling out many many things! Smokin. LOL. But he is very naughty and sometimes I have to get my handcuffs (YAY! actually got a pair now) and whip out. Whoop whoop! we went on a ferris wheel! Ok one more thing. Think starfish. Think starfish. LOL. He's my favouritest hobo of all time.

    Ok Everyone. Meet my future owner Annie<Meow>.Some day we will live in an appartment in melbourne with our 1m x 1m of grassout on the balcony which i shall use as an emergency toilet n Annie shall mow <nude> lol<hmmm wonder how long it will take to weed.?
    We will also have our own radio shar "KMS:The Show of The Missing Kilos"The show were we try to find ur lost kilos and every day we shall have a tribute<on electric ucalalie>to Jason Miraz's -I'm Yours.
    If that fails she shall live of me n my riches from been oh so very famous and i shall treat her like my Queen,going over the world.
    Seriously tho She is my No1 friend n I wish to spend my life with her n her "Balls Of Steel" which Btw annie i will see!! You just wait!!!
    She has loads of fun behind my Bin<Yer,you have sick minds n You Love It>and her bush,Freddy,is not dead,yet.
    Sometimes I'm to naughty n she comes over n uses the handcuffs 2 pin me 2 the bed lol <We all wish lol><Btw we have handcuffs so now we need a whip>
    We went on the Zipper n the Cha Cha n The Feris Wheel<Thats the scariest>lol
    And Finally Guys Think Starfish Not Whale lol

    " So What Do You Think Of The Girls?"
    "Hawes,Amanda Hawes do pull your pants up"
    "Oh,Ok.Emily Snotty Cow Do Remember To Stretch now "

    "Oh,Geoffrey not there,please"

    He's a Womaniser!
    She's A Maniniser!

    Oh Annie you blew....................... my mind!

    oh no there is porridge on the wall

    Written buy bestest buddies, aye buddy?
    Brayden & Annie
    <Emily>(Lol Anie needs a name tag)

    "Tweet tweet!"

    2 Comments 249 weeks

  • My friends and other good people or people I love.

    Hey this is my way of telling you how awsome my friends are if ur not here say something and i shall change it.

    Ok 1st we have

    1.Kizz=Girlfriend/Future wife lol child parenting partner
    My thoughts on:
    Kizz you mean the world to me I thank God for showing us forgiveness Love you lots we've been through thinck and thin easy and hard times but we pull through as you say"If you can handle me at my worst,then you deserve me at my best"
    I shall put my all in to all as I sed I'm ready to commit.

    2.Oscar=Physciatrist/Old enemy/Best buddy
    My thoughts on:
    Oscar your always there when I want to talk to some one an I need a trust worthy person you rock you are truly awesome.

    3.Rhys= Good Mate
    My thoughts on:
    Rhys you're funny as me and you have a joke for many things you always put a smile on my face if there wasn't one there already.

    4.Stuart=Good mate
    My thoughts on:
    Stuart you're one of those mates like Oscar that I can talk with and also have a laugh with you're a good friend.

    5.Annie=8 lol/Good m8 /Aye Buddy
    My thoughts on:
    Annie wow lol blow my mind just thinking about it lol like Rhys many jokes for many things rude and unhumourous to others.Pity we didn't work out but we ended good one of the easiest break-ups and that keeps u as a good friends. Also like Stuart I can talk to you about most things.Your family rock lol yes i beat her at Singstar.

    6.Emily= lol The Ex!!
    My thoughts on:
    Emily another person who is tough in the mind you're an alright friend we have done some highly wrong things and they wont happen again. No Sugar for you!!

    7.Tom=Bestest Buddy Ever!!!!
    My thoughts on:
    Tom how is the rod lol another one with jokes for many things I so miss good old"Henschke"times.

    Please complain if you didn't like it so I can change the blog

    5 Comments 277 weeks

  • ME

    *~ 100 Things Bout Me ~*~

    2.♥-Nicknames..Harry Crumpet / B-Jay
    3.♥-Birthday.. 2nd August
    4.♥-Was born in.. Sydney
    5.♥-Zodiac sign..Leo
    6.♥-Male or Female.. male
    7.♥-Grade.. 7
    8.♥-School..Mt Austin High School
    11.♥-Msn screen name..... HaRrY_lUrVeS_cRuMpN_dOoRs<BrAyDeN>

    *♥* ~ Appearance~ *♥*
    12.♥-Hair colour..brown
    13.♥-Hair length..short spiky
    14.♥-Eye colour..brown

    17.♥-Braces?.. no way
    18.♥-Glasses?.. no
    19.♥-Piercingz.. nope
    20.♥-Tatooz: no
    21.♥- Righty or lefty.. righty

    ~♥ my first ~♥

    22.♥- First besties...Honor
    23.♥-First award..In yr 1
    24.♥-First sport.. soccer
    25.♥-First pet.. A fish n a dog
    26.♥-First holiday overseas. 2006?
    27.♥-First concert.. ... hoolie doolies wen i ws 2
    28.♥-First love.. Honor

    x*x*x* ~Favourites ~ x*x*x*

    29.♥-Movies.. good ones
    30.♥-Tv programs..grey anatomy,lost,house,family guy, american dad
    31.♥-Colours.. red,flames
    32 ♥-Rapper... soldja boi
    33.♥-Bandz...FALL OUT BOY, mika, jet ,micheal buble
    35.♥-Place.. da beach
    37.♥-Sport..dancin ,singn ,actn,soccer,afl, nrl
    39.♥-Thing.. bein wif ma FrIeNdS
    40.♥-Shop.. EB games
    41.♥-Time of th yr.. mi bday's
    42.♥-Animal.. dogs n fish
    43.♥-Book.. HP
    44.♥-Magazine.. NONE
    45.♥-Shoes... sandals

    xxx ~Currently~ xxx

    46.♥-Feeling. crushed
    47.♥-Single or taken..taken sorry ladies:l
    48.♥-Have a crush.. yes
    49.♥-Eatin.. lollies
    51.♥-Typin to on msn..heapz of pplz
    53.♥-Listinin to...radio
    54.♥-Thinkin bout.. kizz
    55.♥-Wantin.. a good life
    56.♥-Watchin.. the puta screen
    57.♥-Wearing.. jeans n striped shirt<green n black>

    ♥~*Your future*~♥

    58.♥-Want kids..yeah
    59.♥-Want to get married.. yeah
    60.♥-Career in mind?.. yes
    61.♥-Live in.. a house
    62.♥-Car.. Subaru WRX Impreza STI wif flames up da sides

    *** Opposite sex ***

    63.♥-Hair colour.. brown
    64.♥-Hair length.. shortish
    65.♥-Eye colour... brown
    66.♥-Measurements.. meduim
    67.♥-Cute or sexy?.. both
    68.♥-Lips or eyes?.. both
    69.♥-Hugs or kisses.. both
    70.♥-Shorter or taller?.. medium
    71.♥-Easygoin or serious.. both
    72.♥-Romantic or Spontanious.. both
    73.♥-chubby or skinny.. in btween
    74.♥-Sensitive or LOUD.. both
    75.♥-hook-up or relationship.. either
    76.♥-Sweet or caring.. both
    77.♥-Trouble maker or no?..im a trouble maker so mi dnt care

    xx~*Have you ever*~xx

    78.♥-Kissed a stranger.. maybe
    79.♥-Had alcohol?.. yes
    80.♥-smoked?.. no way
    81.♥-Ran away from home.. ya
    82.♥-Broked a bone?.. kinda
    83.♥-Got an x-ray.. yes
    84.♥-Layed On The Road..yep
    85.♥-Broken someone's heart.. probs
    86.♥-Broken up wid sumone?.. yes sorry 2 that person u no hoo u r
    87.♥-Cried coz sum1 died?.. yes
    88.♥-Cried at skl.. yes

    x*x*x*~ do u belive in? x*x*x*

    90.♥-Miracles.. ya
    91.♥-Love at first site.. YES
    92.♥-Ghosts..yeh they are livin in mi closet
    93.♥-Aliens..yeh they fly in aeroplanes
    94.♥-Soul m8z.. course
    97.♥-Angels..yeahh coz ma best mates are ily guyz
    98.♥-Kiss on 1st date?.. maybe

    hey sumfin new

    put a werd for every letter of the alphabet describing ur thoughts on me.


    7 Comments 280 weeks

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