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Sophie Lee

Books are the only reality. All else descends into madness.

4/23/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Um. I keep forgetting about this.
Me, Myself, and I
I am me. I don't know what to say besides that. *shrugs*
couple tunes from the cd Tera burned me - "The Freshmen" by Verve Pipe, "Meet Virginia" by Train
Pretty in Pink, Say Anything, Short Circuit, Better Off Dead, One Crazy Summer, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Martian Child
I actually haven't read anything recently . . . um . . . City of Bones, City of Ashes, Death Note, Fruits Basket, TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLE
Other Faves
writing, fencing!!!, hanging with my family, talking to friends, petting my cat, dreaming
Happiest When
with my friends, at fencing, writing a story, listening to good music, with my family, not doing homework, just plain happy
Interesting Facts About Me
I am NOT depressed, I post stories on FictionPress under the name Sophia Lee, I am a fencer (swordfighting, not borders for yards), I can actually carry a tune, I have an incredibly unique (read: poor) fashion sense
Mrs. Kragen, Susan Boyle, Hazel McCallion, Janice Wing, Megan Palmer, Tanya Huff, Hikawa Kyoko-sensei, Taylor Swift

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  • *massive flailing*

    Wow . . . I completely fail at Bebo-ness, yes? (Sorry; read serafina67 *URGENTLY REQUIRES LIFE* over the summer and was promptly addicted, lolz)

    So am still over Justin, am sorta over James . . . not sure what happened there. My most recent ex just broke my best friend's heart, so he is officially on my ASSHOLE OF THE MILLENIUM list. Grr. (BTW he is my ex b/c I broke up with him.) Somehow I ended up dating his friend, who is in my German class . . . *squees* David's such a sweetheart . . .

    ANYHOO!!! I need a blog that is not known to anyone other than like Kaitie evidently . . . when did THAT happen . . . O.o (BTW Kaitie Megan told me about your "(O).(O)" emote? lolz) so that I can flail with supermassive EMO at no one in particular. And yes you will note that my blogging style is suspiciously similar to sera's. This is not intentional. Frighteningly, this is how I think since I read that . . . o.O But oh well.

    So I have fencing tonight, evidently this weekend . . . eek . . . David and I were going to make plans! Fail. Oh well. Will make this my homepage since I know my Fictionpress url by heart now, and evidently don't know this one. Oops.

    Will talk more at you lovely peoples later! Love lots and BYES

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  • whoops

    I'm soooo sorry!!! I totally stopped checking my Bebo for like 2 months!! Gah. I'm so irresponsible . . .

    ANyhoo, no news on Justin, other than I'm more or less over him and moved on. James is such a sweetheart! I met him on YouTube, by replying to one of his comments on Rhythm of the Rain, and things evolved from there . . . : )! He's in the UK, about a year and a half older than me, and the most loving person I know!!! *sigh*

    love you all!!! (but not as much as I love James . . .)


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  • Recovery Day 4

    Well, I've learned not to go online while drugged out on painkillers. I kind of sent Justin an email telling him that I like him, then immediately sent a followup saying (more or less) "Whoops! Sorry, I'm kind of high right now, but it's all true!" Then I spent all of yesterday worrying about what he'd think, and I finally got a reply today. Being friends, but in an "odd" way is good, right?

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