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Danny Firth

Lost my phone

1/9/13 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
As most of ya know am Danny Firth, Firth, or if ya Ben im Dazzle from drunken nights in Portugal.

Born in Sheffield, bred in Skipton!

Enjoy gettin wrecked, cruising about nd gettin high!

Had a Peugeot 206 which was my pride and joy for the 5 Months i had it and the 2 hours i drove it lol but deserves a mension coz it was my baby. It was 1.4 in moonstone silver with a private number plate... But R.I.P!

Leave a comment and ill get back to ya xxx

or just get straight to the point and ask me for ma number :P
The Other Half Of Me


Life aint easy, without ma cheezy!!

Baseline, Niche, Hip Hop and Rap
Friday, Next Friday, and the Friday After Next, The Wash wi Snoop, Me Myself and Irene. Crank and keeping with the classics Scarface, Goodfellas, Saving Private Ryan and We Were Soldiers
I bought a scooter to avoid walking that shows my dedication to excercise...Fuck that .. unless sex counts?! ... Who knows you decide
You decide
Scared Of
Buses - Alot bigger then me on a scooter
Walls - Ever since it took my baby!!
Happiest When
Pretty happy when im High but with you just puts that smile on my face ;)
Currently serving my engineering apprenticeship at college in nelson which is full time monday to friday. Blaaaag
dfirth_91@hotmail.com feel free to add me

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  • 18th Holiday!

    Reply with a holiday destination where you and I should celebrate my 18th

    13th til the 19th of April ur all invited ;)

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  • Brooke Pressman
    Brooke Pressman

    heyyy whats up to throw a thick veil over the nucleus of truth c

    8/23/11 via Mobile
  • Annabela Mcmeans

    You have to check this out http://tinyurl.com/3zpm6gj

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • G-STar Raw
    G-STar Raw

    hello chick how are you ull after text me coz i dnt have ya number eny more xx love ya

  • L Y L P
    L Y L P

    hey my lil minchkin we really do need to have acatch up sesh when i pass im going to come to yours and bring a georges sweet n sours chicken chinese thats if your still into chinky winkys lol hows family hows lil harry i bet hes really big and grown up now bless him saw jayne at christmas she came into my aunties shop in ilkley and i was working there i asked how you where and said i need to come up and say hi to everyone hope you have a fantastic holiday for your birthday if i dont speak to yuou before lots o love deee xxxxx

  • I WEll Would
    luv I WEll Would

    hey you! get well soon chesty head :D ly x

  • Becky

    ooo fukin hell lol. u shud cum ova sumtym ive drunk drove once n neva doin it agen wa well bad lol xx

  • Katee
    luv Katee

    Sozz Stunn !! :)

  • Becky

    lol. must be a becky fing lol. yh still hang round ilkley not burley tho lol n sumtimes go out in2 leeds. wot dya do wiv ursen>? wb xxx

  • Becky

    yh got a ford ka its well cute. u still livin in silsden??? wbxxx

  • Becky

    heyaz i no fukin hell lol!!! i aint bin doin mch im at college now doin fashion n design n i pasd ma drivin test bowt 2 weeks ago lol dats bowt it rly. howa u??? wot u bin up2?? wb xxx

  • Katee

    Bummer :( go and make sum plans then chick. And no im not anymore, havnt been for a couple of weeks now. Loveyou Xx

    1/29/09 via Mobile
  • Katee
    luv Katee

    Good, Im good thanks (: i know you've lost your phone lol you told me on msn whats the number your using atm? gutted lol, im not doin reet much either .. friday nite not doin anything saturday meetin Josh n watchin him play abit ov footie then goin to bradford for my mates Bday meal and then going bowling rather pissed, and then all sleeping at hers and gettin even more drunk and then nothin on sunday :/ LoveYou Xx Loveeeeee :D

  • Katee
    luv Katee

    Heyahhhh Babess How are you ?? What you been on wi ? wt you doin at the weekend? LoveYou XXXXXXXx Give Danny Firth your luv for today. "Luv isn't easy, but bebo is"

  • L Y L P
    luv L Y L P

    hello chicken, tried calling then saw your message that you have lost your phone tut tut yea sat nights off woop woop. went burnley on sat night didnt return until 6am sunday morning lol pics are on here lol well gurd night. off round skipton next sat saw if your about i might see you?? went to aagrah on tuesday with people from work never going out with them again they were sooooo embarrasing had noooo table manners or anything i felt a right idiot"!!!! were yuou in a done up like gun silver clio on tuesday night i waved but didnt know whether it was you lol anyway ill keep calling until u find your phone lol oh i was taking to ryan on tuesday night in wetherspoons bless him lol scribble back smoochies hugs aswell xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • L Y L P
    luv L Y L P

    yea chick you?? went burnley on saturday night didnt get back until 6am sumday morning had thee hours sleep then was up riding then working at 4:30 lol im like a walking zombie hahaha how about you scribble back smooochies lva xxx