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Casey Round Dj Kc

oh my daze that pakis smoking purple haze he is of to get blazed and the gizz in your mayonaise

5/26/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 23, Luv 111
  • from brid / driff
  • I am Down for Whatever
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  • Member since: February 2007
  • Last active: 3/14/10
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
This is KC luvin my m8s

MOUSEY best m8 ever ure like a brother to me! ,FOSTER are a fukin legend m8 ,OLI ure like a younger bruva always lukin afta ya but still luv ya ,DAZ n JJ never see you 2 appart but ure both brill, BANANAMAN ure a great m8 think ure ace, KELLY luv u loads think ure great ure like i best m8 that i can kiss, NOODLE u r my bruva wot can i say, KT luv ya gal we have fun together in the pub toilets lol, TASH god you make me laff u ace, MEGAN think ur ace aswel, IAN funnyest guy on earth miss you loads now ure in london, GRIFF u took me in when i needed it thanks alot m8, NAT luv ya, ure like my spongebob cute n dangerous lol, LAURA at least you can say up drinkin with me after every1 else kos, BIGLDY u crazy ass mother fucker, TIM ure great m8, PRINCESS POOFY thanks for the offer its appreciated, SIM wer do i start lol, SARAH n JASON dont see much of u 2 but i think ure both ace, ADAM n JOJO u 2 r great together.
The Other Half Of Me


My Boyfriend, love him so much

more m8s
GARY ure a lovable dumbass, DALE u r off ure rocker but wudnt have you n e ova way, AMBER dont c u much n e more but still think ure great, WYLIE dont c you much n e more miss old times, STEVE same goes to you as wylie, CHAPPERS known you 4 years now m8, BETH missed you since you moved away, DANI M miss our flour fights lol, GINA luv ya and known you ages n are great i can trust you with n e thing n ure a mint laff dont change for no 1, SAM u live miles away gud luck wiv army, MELONHEAD good luck in afgan fightin a war, SI D ure a crazy pothead but mint, CHRISSY LEE number 1 mc for all around so tuch the ground and bow down, TIFF remeber the good old days with you, FLANGE ure mint, VICKY stop running me over, STIGGY R.I.P gona miss you 4eva and always.
kidulthood, ace ventura when nature calls, ali g, pink panther, signs, tokoyo drift but you cant beat a classic film like grease tho can ya
Rugby, football and sex thats a sport right?
Scared Of
horses dunno y but i am.
Happiest When
driving, drinking but not at same time lol. wit me m8s
drum n bass mainly n y.m.p, club dunny, pendulum, akala, tinie tempah, dizzie rascal, lehtal bizzle, roll deep, the streetz, faithless, dj dumbo n of corse dj kc n dj mousey but i like all music except sreaming into a microphone it does my head in.
happy times
going round ian the legends on friday nites i really miss doing that we used to have a rite laugh look at my video for proof

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