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A little journey

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About Me

A sheep bred to serve, bred to die
Me, Myself, and I
Not much to say exept READ
Dont review unless youve read it, if you want to advertise use the comment boxes please.

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    Sheep are bred to serve US_ fair? What for? Is it so vital for us to have our lamb chops every so often? It’s not necessary; we really don’t need it- so why breed it? When it causes so much suffering. Sheep are thought of as stupid, dumb and meaningless, not many people like them…generally thought of as pests. Yes they do wander along the roadside, walk in front of cars; yet to point out> these animals don’t drive a car and don’t know what the hell they are! Probably more intelligent than us you know!! After all us humans are pretty dumb…

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    Jimmie Oliver

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  • Lil Bow Peep

    baaa baa lack sheeps you'll end up on my table...... sick sick people..

  • Dale

    check out my sheep skin then :D :D :D

  • Michelle M
    Michelle M

    what a touching story im sure deep down thats what we all wish to be like, bigger hearts! but when it comes down to it everyone has too look after number one and if eating meat is going to keep me alive, i say bring on the food. its a lovely dream of you to have though. well written non professional story, thanks for the read. p.s. im a butcher by trade

  • David

    Yer wot she said | | V

  • Jake Nicholson 4/12/07
  • Ruaridh.

    very Good :) Hehe its funny and thought provoking

  • Henry

    I cba to read about sheep, do something usefull with your life.

  • LoquaciousMmm.

    i'm a vegetarian and after reading ur poem am glad of it. It was fantastic and was made up of so many different layers and there were so many different ways of approaching it. Keep up the good work. !!