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Gabi Tilbury

WAYYY! grad weekend = )

5/20/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
huvny updateed this in a whilleee = )
(that's cos facebook's better ;])
i'm gabi tilbury = ) on the right <-
18! wayyy (h5)
april 20th
live in canada, celebrated ma 2 year canniversary on thi 9th of april
i love kirsten jamieson
& lorna farquhar
& all my friendums! i missss youuu's.. i wanna come visit = )
well.. have fun (y) .. & add me on facebook = P
The Other Half Of Me


she has to come back to get her socks

Gabi.. U REally Are My Best Friend :) And Have Had That Position Filled For A while .. Just Cos Your On the Other side Of The World Dusnt Change that :) You Should Visit .. I Wanna Sing To You ;) ♥ xxxxxxxxxx

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  • blog entry #27 & a half

    1. Grab Your Phone.

    2. What is the 3rd picture of in your phone?

    3. What's your ringtone?

    4. Who's the 1st person that comes up under M?

    5. Who's the last person you called?

    6. Who was your last missed call from?

    7. Who's the 1st person who comes up under C?

    8. Who's your speed dial number 2?
    the mackays ?

    9. What does 3rd text in ur inbox say?
    stop taunting meeee

    10. Who was your last received call from?

    12. What does your 2nd sentbox text say?
    or what ;)

    13. How many messages are currently in your inbox?
    i dare you to count them

    14. What is the wallpaper?
    me and kirstjob was faintpant on oor faces

    15. Who's speed dial number 1?

    16. Who is the 5th message from in your inbox?
    wit ya doin

    17. Who's the 1st person who comes up under B?

    18. How many bars of signal do you currently have?

    19. What network are you on?

    20. Name every person you have text messages from inbox?
    nah ..

    22. What does your 6th text message in your inbox say?
    you bored ?

    23. Who is the first person in your contacts?

    24. Who is the last name in your contacts?

    25. What does the bottom text in your inbox say?
    cuz gab I know youve missed her soo much <3

    0 Comments 208 weeks

  • blog entry #27

    40 little secrets
    be honest no matter what...

    one: who are your last 4 texts from?
    1- erik
    2- erik
    3- erik
    4- erik

    two: Where was your default picture taken?
    in kirstens bedroom ?

    three:are you single?
    far from it

    four: whats your current favourite color?

    five: does your crush like you back?
    no i crushed him :(

    six: what is your current mood?
    randy ?

    seven: when is your birthday?
    national pot smoking day mate

    eight: what color shirt are you wearing?
    i'm not ;)

    nine: if you were going on a reality TV show, which one would it be?
    america's nixt top model even tho am in canida.

    ten: are you imagining anyone naked right now?
    me .. ko kirsten

    eleven: did you ever sneak into an R rated movie?
    a few. erik always looks creepy tho so they kick us out.

    twelve: ever nearly died?

    thirteen: something you do a lot?
    breathe !

    fourteen: how old will you be in 12 months?
    17 & 16 months ;)

    fifteen: do you want to see somebody right now?

    sixteen: how many piercings...
    well. if yii count ma fud .. 10

    eighteen: who would you do anything for?

    nineteen: who is your hero?
    enrique iglesias

    twenty-one: american Pie or Superbad?
    supper - bid

    twenty-two: what's your biggest fear?
    needles & peni

    twenty-three: where is your ex?
    probably paragliding aff sum cliff

    twenty-four: would you ever take one of your ex's back?
    not currently

    twenty-five: what are you going to do tonight?
    shagg kirsten

    twenty-six: what was the first thing you said this morning?
    HIYAAAA to clarke

    twenty-seven: speak any other language?

    twenty-eight: whats your favourite smell?
    fcuk for him .. ITS NUMMY

    twenty-nine: do you like to sleep naked?
    not in the slightest

    thirty: have you ever been kissed in the rain?
    & snow & shyte

    thirty-one: do you like rain?
    on occasion

    thirty-two: what are you thinking about right now?
    sex and peni .. & sandy-v

    thirty-three: what should you be doing right now?
    probably something creative. liek shaggin kirsten

    thirty-four: whats your favourite memory?

    thirty-five: what are you listening to?
    EVERYDAY (8) - hsm

    thirty-seven: who was the last person you yelled at?

    thirty-eight: who is your best friend?

    thirty-nine: who is the last person you said i love you to?

    forty: who is the last person that made you smile?

    0 Comments 208 weeks

  • my journey♥

    And as the wise rub-rabbit once said: “Life’s a struggle .. Right from the very beginning.”

    One year. One whole year! It’s heartbreaking but exciting. I hate it but love it. I wish it hadn’t happened but I’m glad it did. I’m ready to move on but I’m forever nostalgic. I miss everyone but I’m thankful for the new people I’ve met.

    Canada: My very own love-hate relationship.

    One of the most life changing things you can ever do is move country, but moving to the other side of the world?! That’s a challenge in itself. It’s changed me in many ways (for the better, I think) and it’s opened me up to a whole new outlook on life. I look forward to a lot more things that I never used to look forward to. Like meeting new people for example. I used to be insanely worried about what people might think of me. Now, not so much. I’m happy to be meeting new friendly faces. It’s exciting.

    So, about two months before we moved here my mum made a deal with me. We agreed that the day I tell her that she’s done the right thing by moving us here, is the day she’ll treat me to dinner in the Calgary Tower. Maybe I’m just being stubborn, but to this day I still haven’t set foot in the Calgary Tower. I want to go. Badly.

    April 3rd 2008. That night, before I left to go to England, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through. I remember it so clearly. At least 20 of us gathered in my conservatory. That is one of my most favourite photos ever because let’s face it, that’s never going to happen again, is it? My goodness I’ve never ever cried as much as I did that night. Every single person was in tears I think. I even broke my invincible man! Not to mention my dear sister having to come to my house in crutches! Got ran over by a car going to buy me a card! Silly cookie :P , I love you. I love all you guys. You made my life worth living through my rough times in Irvine. I am eternally grateful for that, and for all of you. Thank you for being there for me. I miss you all terribly.

    There are plenty of other things I miss from the UK. To name them all would be silly and a waste of time, but a few things include proper chocolate, the British sense of humour, the many accents you hear daily just walking down the street, Chris Moyles and Scott Mills’s radio shows and Scottish 20 pound notes. But the thing that gets to me daily? My family and friends. I miss them intensely with each passing day, and hope that I will see them all soon.
    I remember my first week in Canada. I so badly wanted to hate it, but I didn’t. I wanted to tell my parents what a horrible, life ruining decision they had made although they hadn’t. All I wanted was to just go home, but I couldn’t.


    What is home? A place you know well? Where you live? Or is it just another funny word you find in the English dictionary? I can’t remember when or where I saw it, but one day, just hanging on a little sign above a cooker somewhere were the words: ‘Home is where your story begins’. It was on that day that I decided Canada could never be my home. Who was I kidding? It was just where I lived now, no biggie. I wasn’t born there, I didn’t even know anyone there. I was an immigrant. Canada was just a word, a name. It meant almost nothing to me.

    And then school started. I was dreading it. It was a Wednesday, the 16th of April to be exact. I remember because my birthday was on the Sunday. I was hoping to make friends, maybe have a birthday party, but I knew I was pushing my luck just thinking about it. I hated that feeling, walking through the snake pit. I’d asked for a ‘buddy’. Someone to help me. Past experiences at British schools had taught me that you couldn’t make it through high school on your own. I had that same attitude, even in Canada. Sitting in Dr Lupart’s office, I was shaking. Scared stiff. It was about 8:10 in the morning, and school wouldn’t start for another 5 minutes.

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  • Lorna

    I love youuuu so much :D . xxxxxxx

  • luv Linda

    congratulations mine daughter hope you have a grreat weekend. we miss you. xxx

  • Kirstenn.
    luv Kirstenn.

    i know! im so excited for you :) hope you have a great weekend have a drink on me :) im sure youl look absolutely stunning in your dress :D im going to stay with jibby sunday night so monday ? thanks babe i love you ♥♥xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kellie.
    luv Kellie.

    i love u babe, miss u :( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kara

    happy birthday babe :D xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ian
    luv Ian

    Happy birthday!

    4/20/10 via Mobile
  • Lorna

    Miss you loadssssss Gabi :( and i miss you using bebo tooo :P ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kirstenn.
    luv Kirstenn.

    I Love You :D

  • Kirstenn.
    luv Kirstenn.

    you'll always be my thunder (8) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kirstenn.
    luv Kirstenn.

    Look At My DP!!!! :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlyxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kirstenn.
    luv Kirstenn.

    LoveYou MoreBaby :) ImSo Silly andI Bet You can guess why:( make Me Wise Up eh ?I Need A Good slap :P I wanna go toa canadianParty Again! and talk in my crappy canadian accent and forget how to speak normal! i miss garret :( and going rafting with sam nd that :O and daddy almost killing us:O andpaintingg Ohh Man Tak eme BAckkkkkkk :L ♥xcxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Steph Russell 2/14/10
  • Kirstenn. 2/13/10
  • Kirstenn.
    luv Kirstenn.


  • Kirstenn.
    luv Kirstenn.


  • Kirstenn.
    luv Kirstenn.


  • Kirstenn.
    luv Kirstenn.


  • Kirstenn.
    luv Kirstenn.


  • Kirstenn.
    luv Kirstenn.


  • Kirstenn.
    luv Kirstenn.

    you ♥