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Easily Confuzzled

im so so in love with him

9/12/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 242
  • from ๑۩۞۩๑ Destination unknown ۩۞۩๑
  • I am Married
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x I'm in Love with my baby boy CHRIS x (L)
Me, Myself, and I
(`*•.¸(`*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´ )
♥«´¨`•.* H *.•´¨`»♥
(`*•.¸(`*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´ )

{lives at~~~~~~~~ High wycombe}
{educated at~~~~ Left School (YAY!)}
{stands at~~~~~~ 5"4}
{crys out of~~~~~ Blue eyes}
{fussing about~~ Stupid Lil Things}
{lived for~~~~~~~ 20 years}
{Status~~~~~~~ Taken}
The Other Half Of Me
Barbie Ox

Barbie Ox

BMLF x SIS 4LF x wudnt change u for da world babes

X - Jess a.k.a DOLLY - X
This girl is my super shining star when ever i need some one to talk to she is always there for me, when i needa shoulder to cry on shes there no matter wht time of day it may be, i wouldn't change her for any thing in the world i love her just the way she is, she has been a GREAT mate since the first day i met her and will be for the rest of tym, just remember if u ever need someone to talk to im here im only a phone call or a text away doesnt matter about the time of day or night just give me a buzz im here for u till the very end x BMLF and eternity x i love this girl to pieces and well i dnt ever want to lose her x x love u loads babe x x this girl always knows hoe 2 cheer me up x if any one is to hurt her u best WATCH
X - Kez a.k.a Lil Sis - x
(trust me) x she is always dere 4 me no matter wht x peeps go thro me first to get to her x SO JUST TRY ME I DARE YOU x
X - Chris (My Baby) - X
I LOVE this boy to piece's x e means eveyrthing to me x i never want to lose him x never in the world x your everything to me baby x your my life x
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    .x. My big bruv = David
    .x. My lil bruv = Frank
    .x. My boyfriend = ?
    .x. My hottie = Nay Nay
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    .x. My close friend = Lizzie, jess,
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  • Kieran Dockerty
    Kieran Dockerty

    I just netted $931 in 5 days in my spare time! I love this site - http://x.co/KTKy Remember who hooked you up!

  • Barbie Ox
    luv Barbie Ox

    Hey sexii :D yea ino yu are nd im reli glad yu are nd ahppy :) ye it is nd i cant wait :) are yu redii for mi family lol :P anyways take care babe x x wb x loveu x bmfl x sis 4lyf x forever nd always x ilywamh xxxxxx

  • Barbie Ox
    luv Barbie Ox

    Hey..x gdgd x iim not to good atm :( not alot relii, just been at home liisteniin to people liien to meee!! iits okaii dont worry bout iit x anyways.... take care x x wb x loveyu x bmfl x siis 4lyf!!

  • Barbie Ox
    Barbie Ox

    elo elo...x NO! iim not okaii not alot relii, fuk all to dooo iits fiine dont worry bout iit anyways take care bbz x scriibble bak x iiloveyu xx bmfl x siis 4lyf x

  • Barbie Ox
    luv Barbie Ox

    hey babe x] yu okaii? wubu2? i ent left yu a comment in ages :( anyways.... take care x x wb x loveyu x bmfl x sis 4lyf x

  • James Troubla
    James Troubla

    yh i mean him an u ok add me on msn its jameseprice@live.co.uk

  • Barbie Ox
    Barbie Ox

    oh ryt babe x dont worry once its doneit will all be fine :D aww thanks babe x anyways take care x x wb x loveyu x bmfl x sis 4lyf x forever nd always x xxxx

  • luv Scott C

    soz i can 't remember but if ya tell me then i will lol anyways u k wuu2 heres ma last love bt i want it bk plz lol

  • luv Scott C

    i think i wont lol hav love bk lol

  • Barbie Ox
    Barbie Ox

    oh ryt x Thanks alot babe x ye ino but yu dnt meet up wit me, but yu do wit everyone else :( x wb x love yu x no love today yu dnt give me any lool :L not reli im all outta love lool :L x wb x xxx

  • Barbie Ox
    luv Barbie Ox

    hey babe.x why culd yu be betta hun?? ye ino how that feels glad mine are all over but all mi stupid!! exams :( they are alryt atm i guess.x i ent got one until the 1st june now nd they finish on 10th june. yu gunna come leavers still?x im not gettin limo nw coz goin away the nex day but i myt be gettin a proper nice car from rickys work yu can come in that ye? just seems lyk ur reli off wit me wen yu tex nd that also i NEVER!! seem yu :( ANYMORE!! why is it like this?? anyways take care babe x x wb x Loveyu x Bmfl x Sis 4Lyf x Forever Nd Always x xxxxxxx

  • Barbie Ox
    luv Barbie Ox

    hey babe x yu alryt? wat yu been at? i ent left yu a comment in ages :( lool :L im reli confussed atm hun :( listen... Are we ok?? anyways take care babe x x wb x Loveyu x Bmfl x Sis 4lyf x Forever Nd Always x xxxxxxxx

  • Nick
    luv Nick

    yea im gd thnx X nt alot jammin X :D :D lovee Yu Tu X Tap Bk Soon Yeaa

  • Simply BLakey D Xx
    Simply BLakey D Xx

    dats kool gawjus i got ur text init just anit got no credit yet ;) im orn 02 gawjus wot network u orn hurry up n cum up ere gawjus ;) love you xxxx

  • Simply BLakey D Xx
    Simply BLakey D Xx

    eres ma number 07542460318

  • Nick
    luv Nick

    Hayley !!!!! Lng Time No Talk Lol .. yu okay ?? ..x wubu2 ?? ...x Lovee Yu ! .x

  • Simply BLakey D Xx
    luv Simply BLakey D Xx

    cushdy yerrr i now i did bbe but i neva got round to getting it lol soo irl give u ma number tomoz xxxxx love you xxxxx

  • Simply BLakey D Xx
    Simply BLakey D Xx

    coz dats wen i get ma fone lol love you gawjus xxx