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Steve Morris

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  • Male, Luv 17
  • from Where I Lay my Head is Home....I say!!
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  • Last active: 12/7/11
  • www.bebo.com/TheoriginalSTIFFY
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Me, Myself, and I
Hey there..

I'm Steve, aka: Stiffy from Splinter Effekt.

Dont forget to checkout bebo bands for SPLINTER EFFEKT

█████████████████ 100%
If Your A Proud Auzzie Then Stick
This On You Bebo And Show Your Pride

----///-\\\----Put This
---|||---|||---On Your
---|||---|||---Bebo If
---|||---|||---You Know
-----\\///-----Who Died
------///\-----Of or is
----///--\\\---from cancer.
Well, how much room is there? here goes... Splinter Effekt, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Guns N Roses, Kid Rock, AC/DC, Godsmack, Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, 30 Seconds to Mars, Blink 182, Bloodhound Gang, Theory of a Dead Man, Metallica, Shinedown, Hinder, Puddle o Mudd, Motorhead, Staind, Bullet For My Valentine, Bonjovi, John Butler Trio, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Bush, Coal Chamber, Def Leppard, Dire Straits, Homebrew, The Eagles, Eminem (for vocal ability), Evanescence, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Fear Factory, Metallica, Green Day, Incubus, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Matchbox 20, Have I mentioned Metallica, Offspring, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, P.O.D., Pearl Jam, Van Halen, Powderfinger, Rammstein, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sepultura, Slipknot, Silverchair, Stonesour, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Pink, Hole, Children of Bodom, Avenged Sevenfold, Billy Talent, Deep Purple, Everclear, Everlast, Nickelback, Good Charlotte, Hoobastank and My Chemical Romance (Kitz!)
Some Kind Of Monster, Disturbed M.O.L., Gone in 60 seconds, The Fast and The Furious (1 only, the rest are shit), Human Traffic, The Saw Movies, Traffic, Rock Star, The Crusty Demons movies, Talledega Nights, The Anchorman, Seven, Wolf Creek, E.T., Gremlins, American History X, Darkness Falls.
Screaming ma lungs out. Simple.
Scared Of
 ...Ex Girlfriends......
Happiest When
i'm on stage, i can't explain the feeling, start a band and find out for yourself, 'MUSIC FOR LIFE'
A Few Pet Hates
Small town people's attitudes, I am me, I'll live however I want. Thankyou. I also hate messy people, people who expect something for nothing (work for it, like the rest of us!) And people who type like dis on dare msn n stuff, SPEAK ENGLISH! TYPE ENGLISH!!
Favourite Sayings/Morals/Values
'Such is Life', 'People in Glass Houses, shouldn't throw stones', 'How would you like it?',
and my very own......."MUSIC FOR LIFE"
The Other Half Of Me
Miss Nyssa

Miss Nyssa

my favourite lil ride on dishwasher.......he he he

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  • Bassist Jokes (stolen from josh, cheers bud!)


    What are the three most difficult years in a bass player's life?
    Second grade.


    Did you hear about the bass player that threw the drummer out of the band?
    Seems the drummer de-tuned one of the strings, and wouldn't tell him which one.


    Why don't bass players play hide and seek?
    Because no one will look for them.


    A double bass player arrived a few minutes late for the first rehearsal of the local choral society's annual performance of Handel's Messiah. He picked up his instrument and bow, and turned his attention to the conductor. The conductor asked, "Would you like a moment to tune?'"
    The bass player replied with some surprise, ``Why? Isn't it the same as last year?''


    Why don't bass players ever catch a cold?
    Even a virus has some pride.


    A scientific expedition disembarks from its plane at the final outpost of civilization in the deepest Amazon rain forest. They immediately notice the ceaseless thrumming of native drums. As they venture further into the bush, the drums never stop, day or night, for weeks.
    The lead scientist asks one of the natives about this, and the native's only reply is "Drums good. Drums never stop. Very bad if drums stop."

    The drumming continues, night and day, until one night, six weeks into the trip, when the jungle is suddenly silent. Immediately the natives run screaming from their huts, covering their ears. The scientists grab one boy and demand "What is it? The drums have stopped!"

    The terror-stricken youth replies "Yes! Drums stop! Very bad!"

    The scientists ask "Why? Why? What will happen?"

    Wide-eyed, the boy responds, " . . . BASS SOLO!!!"

    0 Comments 319 weeks


    --------------------- ..-----/
    --------------------- ||||||
    ---------*--------*------------*-------- *
    --------*-------*----------------*------ -*
    -------*------*--------------------*---- --*
    ------*-----*------------------------*-- ---*
    -----*---*------------------------------ *---*
    ----*-*--------------------------------- ---*-*

    0 Comments 319 weeks

  • Play Stiffs Stress Relief: Lesson #214

    1. Find yourself a comfortable chair accompanying an extremely loud sound system (Ipod's, Gigabeats, I rivers and shit will not suffice! must be 1000watts plus)

    2. Buy a copy of 'Disturbed's 'Down With Sickness'

    3. Play 'Down With Sickness' through extremely loud sound system at full volume (This lets neighbours know that they should.... 'go out for a little while' cause your in one of your...'moods'

    (refer to step 1 to remind yourself)

    4. Insert full bottle (26 oz should do) of Old No7 into throat of angry person, (yourself obviously) & (Old No7 is Jack Daniels for those of you who live on lolly water & shit)

    5. Cough, Splutter and try to regurgitate that chewy you ate in year 3 (yes it is still there, only Angella Gossow from 'Arch Enemy' and 'David Draiman' from 'Disturbed' have been known to remove it!)

    6. Scream this song the whole way through.. C'mon scream I said!

    7. Make it sound like Him!! C'mon!!

    8. Sing the last verse with him.. in key..in time...

    9. Remain standing for 1 minute without massive dizziness.. (and taste of pure Jack daniels and Bial)

    10. If successful, send recorded evidence to steve_b_morris@yahoo.com.au cause I dont believe you!!


    4 Comments 320 weeks

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    Katrina Briggs

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  • luv Danielle Morris

    Loved the party.... can't wait til mum's she sed i could get pissed....yay.. see ya later on.. ill have a drink with you but not in ma uniform...lol....

  • McTi.M-Ma.Y

    Hey cuz.. You havent had a comment in 5 weeks so i figured i'd send one.. how are you anyways?

  • JT

    bullshit about the street fair isn't it did you even get a reason why we were cancelled?

  • Zoe Poey
    luv Zoe Poey

    hey Steve Yer u were a little bit but it was very funny hehe :D never seen ya like that before..... oh yer im not to bad either how are u???? Yer life is pretty much the same being engaged nothing has changed, just have a pretty ring on one finger lol. Anyway thanks for being my second comment :) Talk to ya soon Zoe

  • Miss Nyssa
    luv Miss Nyssa

    ha ha thanks for the love, not so much the comment, wait arent you ment to be WORKING!!! at WORK!!! i'll tell les on you!!! ha ha here have some of my love, its better than anyone elses!!! love is non refundable unless it doesnt do what its supposed to or it was described differently to what it looks like. we can give you a store credit for an equal value, please do not ask for a refund as rejection may cause embarassment.

  • Kenna Ymir

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  • Maura Vincent

    hello Lyre Im new to your area and dont really know anyone. I have pics on msn messenger, hit me back on jane23white@live.com

    7/18/08 via Mobile
  • JT-Reliving-Last-Summer

    no worries man i know how it is haha. well we were gonna do it ey but our lead singer is overseas, that and my bass is fucked so we're gonna hold off til the rock in the park concert later this year. but yeh man i'll be there to watch youse play if i can, depends, what time's it on?

  • JT-Reliving-Last-Summer

    hey bud hows it goin wats been happenin? You all set for battle of the bands?

  • .Ross Morris.
    .Ross Morris.

    I remember as it were a meal ago Said tommy the cat as he reeled back to clear whatever foreign matter May have nestled its way into his mighty throat. many a fat alley rat Had met its demise while staring point blank down the cavernous barrel Of this awesome prowling machine. truly a wonder of nature this urban Predator. tommy the cat had many a story to tell, but it was a rare Occasion such as this that he did. She came slidin down the alleyway like butter drippin off a hot Biscuit. the aroma, the mean scent, was enough to arouse suspicion in Even the oldest of tigers that hung around the hot spot in those Days. the sight was beyond belief. many a head snapped for double, Even triple, takes as this vivacious feline made her her way into the Delta of the alleyway where the most virile of the young tabbys were Known to hang out. they hung in droves. such a multitude of Masculinity could only be found in one place... and that was Omalleys alley. the air was thick with cat calls (no pun intended) But not even a muscle in her neck did twitch as she sauntered up into The heart of the alley. she knew what she wanted. she was lookin For that stud bull, the he cat. and that was me. tommy the cat is my Name and I say unto thee... Say baby do you wanna lay down by me

  • Ufemiester

    Yeah if i can get up there i will be gunna run a fuckery to probably as per usuall haha

  • Ufemiester

    whats happenin stiffler

  • Joe

    hey man wots happenin, hope u had a sweet birthday, didn't do anything i wouldn't do n all that sorta shit. haha. no. over here is 07504351129. n like i said dunno bout all the prefixs n shit. anyways will b in touch. catch ya

  • The Madest Of MadDogs
    The Madest Of MadDogs

    Happy birthaday Stiffler! Seya tonite to get CRUNK

  • Gaby Di Salvo
    Gaby Di Salvo

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZ!!! Hope you have had a great day. Love ya. From all of us x x x x x

  • Caitlin

    Happi Birthday to you!!! happi birthday to you!!! Happi birthday to stiffy!!!! Happi birthday To YOU!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! HIP HIP ----- HORAY!!! 29 JUST FOR YOU!!!!

  • Caitlin

    HEy hey!!! whats going on!!!!!!!!!! i;m bored!!!!!!! so i thought i'd have a chat!!!!!!!! dodododdododod............ LUV CAITLIN

  • Sherrie

    well heya there Stiffy Long time no see. well well well........ hmmmm dunno what to say but...hi from sherrie n rikki ciao