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2nd Feb - Tunnels Aberdeen and 6th Feb - Hustlers Dundee

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About Me

3 Sides To Every Story
Me, Myself, and I
Safe 2 Say are a 4 piece rock band who formed in early 2007, the band played their fist gig on the 31st of March, to a home crowd. Encouraged by good reactions all round the band have continued to write progressively better songs while still keeping to there roots.

After recording their first demo on the 8th Of January 2008 they exploded onto the gigging scene playing all over Scotland in some of the best venues around from Aberdeen to Ayr! The demo has currently sold well to fans at gigs and has had good reviews from industry experts and others.

The band has recently recorded a follow up 3 track EP "3 Sides To Every Story" that we expect will do even better than the demo. It has currently received good reviews in fuse magazine and isthismusic.com

The main aim of the band is to let as many people hear them as possible, and to keep progressing as a group.


Now sponsored by DeadRiot Clothing http://www.myspace.com/riotordieuk

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  • Angy G - Review of "3 Sides To Every Story"

    Oddly enough a quartet that I've seen live on a few occasions who've kind of impressed me yet left me feeling like I'm not yet seeing the real potential of the band. But this EP dispels all those misgivings and proves that, given a good performance over a cracking PA system, that this band has, indeed, got what it takes.

    The EP opens with “The Fall” a red hot and roaring slice of intense indie-punk, something that works so well because it manages to combine a massive sea of buzz-saw, scything riffing with guitars just going all over the place while the solid rhythmic foundations manage to propel it all along and at the same time be the glue that keeps it all together. Yet, for all the twisting and turning roar of the engines, there's a real direction, a real sense of compositional determination and a brain as well as a heart behind this surging monster of a song. The vocal are delivered with rage and angst, sung rather than shouted but sounding shouted, as the vocals splinter like rifle-fire on the occasions where the lead vocal diverts from its driving rage-fuelled purpose in life. The whole thing bursts, sizzles, erupts and lurches, but manages to keep you hooked without anything resembling a hook, musically or vocally. In a weird kind of compositional universe, it's stunning!

    They follow this up with “Little Miss Chevious” that starts where the previous one left off, then suddenly slows to just vocal and , drums and chiming guitar before roaring into gear and driving forward once more, this time vocals sparring with each other as the song twists from the heat and turns from the relief, once again splintering and raging, but so cohesive that you just remain completely captured by this hollering multi-layered track that's got more corners than a country road, more twists than a poker tournament and another solid performance on a well written and arranged slice of roaring indie-punk that you can't help but admire and enjoy.

    “Ashes For Lashes” opens with muffled sounds before the drums kick in, the duelling vocals take off, the guitars ring out and then the whole thing goes hell-for-leather into a slice of emo-punk that really hammers down and delivers the goods on a song that has so many layers and textures to it, you're gonna need several hearings just to take in all that it has to offer, as it rocks and rages to perfection, lurches and drives, twists and turns and has this incendiary sea of riffing and spiraling guitars that puts the icing on what is a solid and totally amazing cake. For this style of “thinking man's indie-punk” with as much atttitude as thought as performance, this is at the top of the tree – now let's see if we can get a live performance that reflects this!!

    Andy G - Dead Earnest

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  • Andy G - Final Review

    Up next were Safe2Say who I missed in the semi-finals. Their opening track featured the drummer laying down this thunderous backbeat as the vocals soared out, duelling and splintering all over the show. A heavy burst of distant rhythm guitar and bass work were jumping all over the place while the drums proved to be the dominant feature as the vocals - and the song - takes off in raging fashion. Theor set was a set of "splintered" punk rock with more twsists and turns than a maze, hollered dual vocals, rock solid drumming and furious guitar work being paramount, on songs that rise like a rocket and plummet back to earth with alarming regularity, only to rise once more.Theirs is a sound that rages, roars and rocks, sometimes a bit like unfocused musical rifle-fire from a blindfolded batallion al aiming at the same target, but overall, while it possibly wasn't the best set they've ever played, it burned and sizzled for sure.

    - Andy G - Dead Earnest

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  • Andy G - Reveiw of our set at The Red Battle Semi Finals

    I only caught the last two numbers, but what did become apparent from these tracks was that you have a lead singer who's really letting go, clearly with a lot to get off his chest, as it were, as he sings but belts out the lyrics in a manner to which you really take notice. Over this, the band unleash a sea of splintered rhythms and a maze of riffs that stop, start, shudder, thunder and generally flare from the PA. The way the songs are arranged, allows the band to drop back only to erupt subsequently, although the only real flaw here is that when they do explode, somehow it's with a bang rather than a sonic boom and I think the drummer just needs to hammer down harder and the bass pound mightier for these dynamics to work to perfection. The singer's got a strong sense of impassioned anger to his vocals, givingt a vibrant performance somewhere between sung and shouted. All in all, a heady band who I'll catch somewhere down the line, for sure.

    - Andy G - Dead Earnest

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  • Faulty Equipment. [RIP]
    Faulty Equipment. [RIP]

    Heyyy :) We are very excited to be part of montrose music festival again this year. We have a 20 min slot at the links hotel on saturday 30th may. From 14:10 untill half past 2. Would be great to see a few people there :) xx

  • Shawn

    Hope to see you guys down for this!

  • luv Simon Milne

    I had one of your guys demo's from the factory skatepark like 2 years ago lol you sound different did you get a new singer ?

  • The Standard
    The Standard

    everyone likes free stuff, fancy a free track from the new EP? just head over to the bands bebo now, check the blog for details and have your say on what the EP should be called! remember to leave your name and what you voted for so we can give you the free track! x

  • Steve Morris
    Steve Morris


    1/28/09 via Mobile
  • Swing Kinker (we've split up) 1/28/09
  • Neil Short
    Neil Short


  • The Trade
    The Trade

    Alright Guys In Dundee the same night, will try and come along and catch your set at Hustlers. Mon the Farfar bands Oh btw Sean you gonna manage to keep on your feet bud:D

  • Steve Morris
    Steve Morris


  • luv Lauren

    i can't! Im in glasgow till monday :( sorry! Hope u have a good gig though :) xx

    12/27/08 via Mobile
  • Lauren

    Merry Christmas Safe2Say! xxx

  • The Plough Inn
    luv The Plough Inn

    Poster for 27th :D

  • Lauren

    what date is it?? il try my best x

  • Savannah Martin

    Ye right okay, thats sounds good. If you go on the monday then you will be playing at the doghouse but im not too sure where you would be playing on the friday if you went! Here is the addy of the guy who is organising it all he can tell you further information that i dont know about!:) it is, danieldundee@hotmail.co.uk

  • Savannah Martin

    Hello! Right it is on the 7th 8th 9th 10 of november, 4 venues have been asked if bands could play there but so far only two have been confirmed, they are Fat Sams and The Dog House in Dundee. Im not sure when bands will be playing at certain places but i do know that on the monday bands will be playing at the dog house, as soon as i find out when and where other bands are playing i will get back to yoo. if yoo want to know anything else just ask. x

  • Bonnie

    Heyy, "Oxjam" (Oxfam fundraiser) are holding a 4 day mini music festival with bands on all weekend. Problem is they need bands :( Interested?? Contact http://www.bebo.com/savdfc1 and you can get details on how to get involved :D Bonnie

  • Lauren

    Hey rad, where bout is the finals? What venue? Il try my bestest to get there :-) x

    10/27/08 via Mobile
  • Dante

    My band gt 1st on our night so we might be on da sme night c u there boys

    10/19/08 via Mobile