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Sarah Jane Allen

omg bebo is sooo different from the last time i was on it ! lol

3/5/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • from ♥Portlaoise♥(d town)/ Mountrath♥ Co.Laois ♥
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06/04/2010 = Best day evaa tanks 2 da wonderful Lloyd Daniels =]
Me, Myself, and I

<<<----- Dats me Wel wats up peeps ??
The Name is Sj ;o
17 yup yup :P .. Single Pringle:DD :P :P
^^^^ - prob best way to be rite now :)
I love all my Buddies :DD der 1 in a million :* :* they mean the the world to mee :DD

Dancin Is My Life...
Its Obvious I Must Of Been
Born From A Boombox

Weel That's Me ;o Leave Me A Comment If Ya Want :D cyaa;o

Hαяяч Sтчlεs ♥
Lιαм Pαчŋε ♥
Nιαll Hσяαŋ ♥
Lσυιs Tσмlιŋsσŋ ♥
Zαчŋ Mαlιк ♥

im a HUGE OneDirection Fan...
nd nd im not obessed with them ! im a dedicated fan ! x

The Other Half Of Me
Emily Duff

Emily Duff

dis girl is just fantistic xxxx

Mee =)
Blonde Hair
Blue eyes
X Factor
Fake Nails
Fake Eyelashes
<3One Direction
<3Aiden Grimshaw

Given The Chance, Im Gonna Be SomeBody, SomeDay =)

R.I.P Peter McNulty, The Chief, The great one, The town will never the same without you. Gone but never forgotten. The Greatest Wealth in life is being Happy thats what you said and ill never forget that. Watch over us mate. Rest in Peace x , m

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The Xtra Factor 2010 - Niall Horan (The Irish Justin Bieber) X Factor Audition

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  • i no i need 2 get a life but i was bored =]

    Put your music player on shuffle.
    * Press forward for each question.
    * Use the song title as the answer to the question.
    * No cheating!

    How am I feeling today?
    Hero - Enrique Iglesias

    Will I get far in life?
    If I Were A boy - Beyonce

    How do my friends see me?
    When You Tell Me That You Love Me - Westlife

    Should I get Married?:
    Too You For Love -Michelle Williams

    Whats my best friend's theme song?
    Turn Right - Jonas Brothers

    Whats my theme song?
    You Are Not Alone - X factor Fnalists 2009

    What is the Story of my Life?
    Boy lke You - Cheryl Cole

    What is/was highschool like?:
    Rule The World - Take That

    How can I get ahead in life?
    Sweet Caroline - Puck from glee

    What is the best thing about me?
    Hoit You With The Real Thing - Westlie

    How is tomorrow going to be?
    In My Head - Jason Derulo

    What is in store for this weekend?
    Kiss n Tell - Ke$ha

    How is my life going?
    Incomplete - Backstreet boys

    What song will they play at my funeral?
    Al Night Long- Alexandra Burke

    How does the world see me?
    Ego- Saturdays

    Will I have a happy life?
    Tell Me why- Taylor Swift

    What do my friends really think of me?
    Blah Blah Blah - Ke$ha

    Do people secretly lust after me?
    Return the Favor-Keri HIlson

    How can I make myself happy?
    In Your Arms- Industry

    What will be my biggest regret?
    Dangerous- Cascada

    What should I do with my life?
    Amazing- Westlife

    What is some good advice for me?
    Love Hangover- Jason Derulo

    What is the most important thing for me?
    Dont Walk Away- Miley Cyrus

    Where will I be in 10 years?
    Halo - Beyonce

    0 Comments 170 weeks

  • =]

    These questions are rather deep and personal ,you take it?
    yeeh sur im suppose 2 be a deep person !

    Will the last person you kissed be the next person you kiss?
    :/ duno !

    Would you ever consider living with anyone on your top friends?
    ohhh god yeeeh :P :P

    Ever kept arguing even after you realised you were wrong?
    ye but i agrue 4 wat i believe :DD

    Why do you hate the person you hate the most?
    da way dey tink der so much beta dan me nd tink dey no al bout me wen dey dnt !

    When meeting someone new, are you afraid they won't like you?
    yeeh sumtimes

    Has anyone ever told you they love you and meant it?

    Have you ever liked someone older than you?
    oh god yeh whole time :DD

    Is heart break really as bad as people make out?
    sumtimes ... :/

    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    Do you regret anything that you've done in your past?
    waaaay too much :(

    Do you think you can love someone without trusting them?
    eh no... !

    Are you generally a happy person?
    yup yup :DD

    Do you hate it when people smoke around you?
    yeeh but i dnt mind it

    What is more important, family or friends?
    Both mean da world 2 mee :* :*

    Would you rather choose truth or dare while playing "truth or dare"?

    Read me the first message in your inbox?
    oh its a chan=in message ! waay too long 2 type ha

    Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
    yep mre dan 1

    How's your heart lately?
    its ok :/

    Ever tasted your own tears?
    wtf ?

    Who did you last eat take-away food with?
    me ma i tink :L

    Do you know anyone that smokes weed ?

    How has the week been ?
    em ok so fair doubt its gona be bril tho :L

    Are promises important to you?

    Are you a stuborn person?
    ohh jezz yeh

    Did anything "cute" happen in the last week?
    hahaha yeah :L

    Do you have a reason to smile right now?
    maybe :DD

    Is there anybody you wish you could spend time with right now?
    yep 1 person in particluar :P :P

    Have you ever broken someone's heart?
    hope not

    What's something you really regret saying to someone?
    not goin 2 say it n dis now

    Is there something really bad that you've done, that only YOU know about?
    no ! ha everything bad dat i ave dne every1 nos bout it :L

    Have you ever broken a really important promise?
    oh :/ i duno

    How often do you cry?
    :/ duno

    Could you go a whole year without cursing?
    jezzz fuck now

    Have you cuddled with someone you weren't dating?
    yup :DD

    0 Comments 173 weeks

  • wat wud ya do.....

    What would u do if???????????

    1. I made a move on u:
    2. I kissed you:
    3. I lived next door to you:
    4. I asked you on a date:
    5. I was hospitalized:
    6. I ran away from home:
    7. I asked u to have sex?
    8. i asked u out?


    9. Personality:
    10. Eyes:
    11. Lips:
    12. Body:


    13. Wanted to kiss me?
    14. Wanted to kill me?
    15. Broke my heart?
    16. Kept something important from me?
    17. Wanted to do me?

    ::WOULD YOU:

    18: Be my friend?
    19. Kiss me?
    20. Love me?

    1 Comment 260 weeks

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  • Emma B
    luv Emma B

    dont even ask why im on this im seriously bored and have nothin better to do so i said id come back here see all the old memories :P haha i still remember the night u set me up on this :L and all the convos we had on this ;) does were thedays hey :D anyway u need to pimp yhur profile and put somethin bout the wanted in der :L never no we could b seenin em at oxegen 2012 yet :DD ok wel im headin bye bye :L :) :P :D <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ciara Donovan .
    Ciara Donovan .

    god we really need to get lives!! what are we doing still on this yolk? :L :L :L :L :L :L :L

  • Katylouise
    luv Katylouise

    ah god poor u cuz

  • Katylouise
    luv Katylouise

    ah ul be grand ul pull threw. u always do

  • Ciara Donovan .
    luv Ciara Donovan .

    yeah hopefully:D how did you geh round your ma?:L xx

    3/12/11 via Mobile
  • Ciara Donovan .
    luv Ciara Donovan .

    ha ur grand:) oh god:( ino cant wait yaaaaaah hope im loud now ? :/ :L :L :* xx

  • Katylouise
    luv Katylouise

    well at least u gettin better

  • Clodagh Donovan
    luv Clodagh Donovan

    :P :P :P :P :P Memeber dat u wer tellin us all de celebrity gossip nd ci was lyk wherd ya hear that twitter :P :P Ah nt rele still a bit confused but will get der haha Next thursday haha keep remindin me ya no my memory :P Hope emmas baby dnt cum dat daii :P xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Katylouise
    luv Katylouise


  • Katylouise
    luv Katylouise

    Hey get beter soon. Sori avnt been in touch been busy wi exams n projects talk soon

    2/16/11 via Mobile
  • Ciara Donovan .
    luv Ciara Donovan .

    hello missus:) heard ye've been sick:( geh betterr soon:* may call over t see me if yer feelin upt it durin d mid-term:*

  • Emily Duff
    luv Emily Duff

    happy birthday babes!!!! :P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Leanne

    Lovage:D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Emma B
    luv Emma B

    yhuu r legend :P :D :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    9/24/10 via Mobile
  • luv Leanne

    Ah dats cul! am ya heared bout the band, liam dude is in it 2. its so shit tho the band! 1 the xfactor bootcamps is on dwn the road 4rm me, they recorded in august..:D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    9/17/10 via Mobile
  • Laura D
    luv Laura D

    :( ____xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Leanne

    Babe, No only a fan, bit full of shit:O :/ Im friends with his cousin;) Love u:P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Emma B
    luv Emma B

    Returnin da love ;) ;o love u 2 :* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    9/16/10 via Mobile
  • Emma B
    luv Emma B

    returned chic :P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxx

    9/14/10 via Mobile
  • luv Leanne

    Thanks babe:* Sum bk-------> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx;)