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Bridie Pattimore; I Love You!<3

1/6/13 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 323
  • from Newport
  • I am In a Relationship
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"Im on the wings of a dream, so far beyond reality"(8)
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  • Samantha Louise
    luv Samantha Louise

    Yuuuurrrrrr Onnnnneeee Biggg Gayyyy Yuu Knoww Thaaa :P Onlyy jokin Babe. Thought I Would Send Yuu Thee Lovageee :) x xx Lovvveee Yuuu Millions <3

  • Samantha Louise
    luv Samantha Louise

    Hiyaaaa Babe Yuu Okiaaa? Yeahh I am Coming Sunday Haha :P See Yu Tomorrow I Finish Schhol At 2 :P Wa Time We Meeting ? Loves Yu Xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Taz
    luv Taz

    hey x

  • Rebekah Dale
    Rebekah Dale

    hellooooooooooo x

  • Naomii Babes
    luv Naomii Babes

    Heya babe(: x

    9/17/09 via Mobile
  • Taz
    luv Taz

    helloooooo xx

  • Mickeys Girl
    Mickeys Girl

    hey hoe ' :) youu ok ? charity-louise xx

  • Taz
    luv Taz

    i love you x

  • Taz
    luv Taz

    duude <3

  • Katierice

    Whos this ?:) xx

  • Taz
    luv Taz


  • Taz
    luv Taz

    Love returned.

  • Leigh-Ann'
    luv Leigh-Ann'

    LOVE! [; xxxx.

  • Leigh-Ann'
    luv Leigh-Ann'

    Morning Love :) Cos i am a nugget an shudnt be up this early! Cant sleep pmsl :L xxxx

  • Leigh-Ann'
    luv Leigh-Ann'

    Thanks Babesss :) Oo and think someone needs some new pics :P :L Love Backk :D xxxx.

  • Leigh-Ann'
    luv Leigh-Ann'

    Love Returned :D xxxx.