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First time on bebo in like a year and a half, sooo buzzy! Hahaha. Yous are all weird for still using this!! :)

3/23/12 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Tok . Aucks
  • Last active: 3/30/12
  • www.bebo.com/3Kinky_xx
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  • Missy
    luv Missy

    heyy sis :) facebook add me unda (kayla sarah) like to many years but still try keep in touch + yeahh hollah netyme mummmy life and school doing algood love yu xoxox

    5/31/11 via Mobile
  • Perrin Young-Gray
    luv Perrin Young-Gray

    i've only just started coming on again :L doesknow whyy lol, yup im mostly nervous then anything. Its going real good though, Oh really and that was like ages ago lol, im pretty sure i seen you when you were back but idk might not have been :L Hardout, do you still keep in contact with jamie? xo

  • Perrin Young-Gray
    luv Perrin Young-Gray

    lol iknow it' was ashock when i found out :L but daym where the hell have you been? just popped a comment out from nowhere lol. How have you been? Where you at now? do you like still come to gissy? So need to catch up ! xo

  • - Lyssah
    - Lyssah

    Hay Biarch Hws Fngs ??

  • CAm.E
    luv CAm.E

    hey hey its cause im brown ae lol

  • Mike.
    luv Mike.

    lol hard havnt been on ths shit in ages.gota fone?heaz sum love

    3/23/11 via Mobile
  • Mike.
    luv Mike.


    3/15/11 via Mobile
  • Charles
    luv Charles

    hey hey wat yah been uptah????lol hay can yah txt me again lol i lost mah old fne bt still got tha saym numbr lol its 0273167972 cheers sexc lol

  • luv Young Focus

    what up lil cuzn whats up in the city'''

  • Charles
    luv Charles

    hey hey lol yes i agree its been far 2 long lol im doen good ay had new yearz n xmas in gizzi that place is still gay az hell lol give me a txt ahk lol 0273167972 xx

  • Line
    luv Line

    Harrrrttttt yuuuuuu sllluuuuttt hehe MWAH!

  • Bobby Montana 12/7/10
  • Line
    luv Line

    Haaart yaahh slruttyyy! :*

  • .Pearl Morrison-Ropeti
    luv .Pearl Morrison-Ropeti

    sole lol how the fuck are you? whats your cell number?

  • Cherish.
    luv Cherish.

    miss yuo lovey , hows course been ??

  • CAm.E
    luv CAm.E

    hey ish ur bebo playing uhp myn is ae i cnt say stuff lol lol still i probly wuld lol

  • CAm.E
    luv CAm.E

    Lol pole vrz hand um the pole wins lol aw guttrd i get 1. U loose urz aw i wuld bt i gata pay ma rent lol mst jst b txtn teii lol

    11/9/10 via Mobile
  • CAm.E
    luv CAm.E

    ulll be able ta hack iht ur awsome :DD and diz wensday illl get 1 ma paydae lol 021 so send us ur numba

  • CAm.E
    luv CAm.E

    dats da rich area aye flashy haha ahhh weaz ponsonby??lol um its gud harty hours tho but im full tym now yin cash mony lol lol well less if u lve in dat ponsonsby place it wnt b lugage itll b hand bag haha

  • Cherish.
    luv Cherish.

    .x i havnt been on this in yonks lol :L


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  • Fire & Ice

    Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice
    From what ive tasted of desire
    I hold with those who favor fire
    But if it had to perish twice,
    I think I know enough of hate
    To say that for distruction ice
    Is also great
    And would suffice.

    0 Comments 159 weeks

  • just a few words to yu..

    :( fuckin hell....i like actually dont even know what to say ey..i just read the newspaper article about it..handy old fuckin dad saved it for me lol...it made me wna fuckin throw up.
    ...its been a lonnngggg time..& im sorry about that ,but yu know me ,dont speak unless im spoken to ,as yu put it lol...but the memories i have are good..to say the least:P lol
    yr a fucking top bloke oy ,nothing was fake with yu &yu were always straight up with me..sorry i was a bitch..seems stupid saying that now tho.......but i am.
    that with yu song has always reminded me of yu..i mean every time yu came ovr yu put the dam thing on repeat lol ,but now i dont feel the same when i hear it..it duznt piss me off or even remind me of that day like it used too..it makes me feel sick and sad...but hey ,theres plenty of other better things too remember ;) ..like yr cheesey smile and crack up jokes..and that laugh! lol fucken egg..
    i miss yu ...just wish id said it sooner 
    r.i.p ey Dusheey xxxxxx 

    0 Comments 159 weeks

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