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Keiran Todman

need to do ma top friends just cba the now :)

1/19/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 590
  • from Irvine
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 15,469
  • Member since: February 2007
  • Last active: Mar 16
  • www.bebo.com/KeiranT33
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CFC & ITBC (so)(L)
Me, Myself, and I

 hiyɑɑɑ guys :)) . ɑmy mcgɑrrigle here doing this boy's bebo since it needed ɑn updɑte :). his nɑmes keirɑn todmɑn :DD . whɑt you cɑll him is up too you though (ɑ). nothing bɑd though i hope :o. he's underɑge but so :D & stɑy's in irvine, broomlɑnds too be exɑct (h). he goes to st. mɑtthews the sɑme ɑs me 8-|. how fun ? cleɑrly not hɑɑ. he's single ! why :o? he's ɑ wee cutie girls :). offers in (ɑ).
 well thɑt's ɑll :) .
    x x x x x x.

ɑmy on keirɑn.
well tbh he's just ɑmɑzing ♥. ever since we stɑrted tɑlking we've been so close (yn). yeɑh we've hɑd ups and downs but who doesnt in life ?. cɑn trust him with ɑnything tbh ɑnd be sure thɑt he won't tell ɑ soul :) . hope he could do the same :o ?. he's just the best & ɑ love him for who he is :$ ɑnd no one will every come between us, ever ;) :D . love you ♥ x x x.
Caitlinn Oan Keirann :-)
well *-) . noww :L . were do i start with this yinn :-O . love him to pieces . hes ah wee legendd :D . wood do anything for himm (yn) . no kent uhm tht lnongg (I)(N) .
met uhm in englishh :-O reading sherlock or sumhinn (I) & he was lookin at cara's arsee & ah kept slaggin him for itt :L he has the hotss for hur but doesnt realise it yett .
any way ahs a said ahd do anything for him sah dont anoi him or yiev got me to answer to cod talk to him about anything & hed keeep it hushh aw well love you bestoo
Best Bois
Jonesy Figo Robiee C, Duffy CeeBee Darryl Cambo, Michael, Mark M, Jake Andy G, Spooner, Ronan, Robbie M, , Niki C, Adam, Lee S, Grant F , Gary, Taylor, Conor H, Kieran H, Jak M, Jordan O, Andy B , Jack M, Ryan G, tew me if a huved missed emby
Best Lassies ..
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well this piece if obviously from lauren, well keiran is just one of the sweetest boys ive ever met. weve never met in person before but we are going to soon. he makes me laugh so much infact. i could trust kerian with anything, i tell him everything and i know he wouldnt breath a word to anyone ily babe.♥

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  • stole off of connor hunterr :O :L

    I _______ keiran...

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    SUMFING I'V ALWAYS WANTED TO TELL keiran IS_________ ...

    EVERYTYM A SEE keiran I _________ ...

    I KNOW keiran_________ ...

    THE BEST THING keiran HAS DUNE__________ ...

    My NAME IS____________ ...

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  • Aimee

    hey- stranger <3 howve you been ? what you been up to (:? wyou still at school then (-: xxx

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L

    ben todman say hi happnin

  • Bethx

    yeaapappp:DD ! bestwayy ,itss acc like an addiction lmao:( ! , awk member i said i will get you lol:o , well that was a while ago;/ , leastt your a good wee boy xxxxxxxx

  • Bethx

    just out when i wass drunk lol:o! , okdoke:O xxxxxxxx

  • Bethx

    nope lost my phone:( lol , what is it:oxxxxxx

  • Bethx

    welll hello:* ! awk thanks il retturn it tomzzz bbz:) xxxx

  • Bethx

    im not8-) just liked to drink alot ! bet ye have:/ (u)! misssed you tooo xxxxxxxxxx

  • Bethx

    same just the usual:D (b)! no spoke ti yie in ages tbh:( ! xxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Bethx

    yeap:) ! , i was lit awk therrre keiran poor jumping about shoutin your name lol:$ , yeap im great thanks:* , you been doing with yourself:D ? xxxxxxxx

  • Zed

    zoewright_@hotmail.co.uk, add pleese:D xx

    9/28/10 via Mobile
  • Bethx

    keiran:D ! i shouted you the other day therr not sure if you knew it was me thougg lmao:o! hows yous anyway:)) ? xxxxxxx

  • AinssLidington.

    awkt how'd you manage that:o?xxxxxxxxx

    9/14/10 via Mobile
  • AinssLidington.
    luv AinssLidington.

    that was harsh todman, you left school:o? xxxxxx

  • AinssLidington.
    luv AinssLidington.

    luvvvv:D xxxxxxxxxx

    9/9/10 via Mobile
  • Ryan L
    Ryan L

    aw right wee yin no haerd fae u in ages tell aunt jane i said hi catch

  • KaleighMurdoch.

    heyaaa, just thought that i'd leave you a comment:) see how you were:D ?xx

  • Xjodie. 7/27/10
  • Bethx

    yeah am good thanks:) , same:Z ! , hows your summer been:DD xxxxxx

  • Nadine Todd.Ox
    Nadine Todd.Ox

    wers dat :L xxx

  • AinssLidington. 7/27/10