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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
۞..´*• (*•.¸--¸.•*´)•*´.. ۞
۞. Assalamulaikum . ۞
۞.•..*(¸.•*´-`*•.¸)`*..•. ۞

dis band is onli 4 muslims so all the othas splurt
muslim pride is on my mind

muslim blood is my kind,

So step aside and let me thru,

Cuz its all about the muslim crew,

United we stand,devided we fall,

You can shoot one muslim

But you can't shoot us all,

muslims Dnt DiE CuZ DeY MuLtIpLy

__, ,
....../ `---___________----_____|] = = = = = = D
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"

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  • 101 ways to tell ure asian

    You go to drop off one person to the airport, but you take 50 extra people with you

    Your entire family runs the marathon when they see a dog (calmly walking on the other side of the road)

    Your cousin is said to have "gone abroad to get married", but you know heýs doing time in prison

    You were taught never to talk to strangers at primary school, yet your parents force you to call a complete stranger "Auntie"

    Your uncles crack jokes that arenýt even funny

    "Paracetamol" is your cure to every illness

    You somehow think youýre related to Prince Naseem Hammed

    You seem to think that an ordinary car is a racing car and ordinary roads are racing tracks, thus explaining why you speed around thinking youýre Michael Schumacher

    You use your religion to get yourself out of almost anything e.g. P.E, class discussions, debates, etc.

    You secretly meet your boyfriend/girlfriend in the most obvious places (e.g. your front garden) and expect NOT to get caught by your parents

    "GET YOUR BACK-UP DOWN" and "KICK OFF!" is your solution to every problem

    You studied Aý Level Maths but still think itýs possible to fit 100 people into 1 car

    You wear sunglasses in hail, sleet and snow
    You accuse the shopkeeper of being racist when he kindly asks you to pay for your packet of crisps

    Your mobile phone "just happens to ring" when you see a member of the opposite sex

    You go to a wedding with an empty car, but on the way back you end up giving the entire population of the wedding a lift home (and you havenýt seen half of these people in your life)

    Your car is better than your house

    You think youýre part of the MAFIA, yet you study Law

    You seem to think that this list DOES NOT apply to you

    You become obsessed with a member of the opposite sex, ring their house everyday, follow them homeýand get rejected (you then ask out their best mate)

    You hardly ever take prescribed medicines because your parents have their own herbal cures at home

    You wonder why the person you fancy doesnýt come over when you and your mates scream, "Yo! Come over ýere!"

    At the age of 30, you still think you can get away with paying child fare on the bus

    You have a telephone at home but nobody is (ever) allowed to use it

    You find a photo of a man with bushy hair, white shoes and sunglassesýyou ask who he is and find out itýs your uncle

    Your wear DKNY yet your mum buys material from Longsight Market

    Youýve failed your driving test 6 times, but youýve been driving for the past 3 years

    In the primary school nativity plays you were always the donkey in the background (and if you were extra lucky, you were given the part of the villager)

    Youýre related to your husband/wife even before youýve married them

    The bus never stops for you

    Youýre the last person to see your wedding card ý and the person youýre getting married to

    Even your underwear is designer

    You dance at a complete strangerýs wedding (and claim you are a distant relative)

    You somehow think you were involved in Tu Pacýs death

    You drive your car around the same spot for 10 years playing music that was out in ý95

    You achieve A*ýs in every subject and your parents tell you to STUDY HARDER

    Your car is better than your house

    Universities let you in for Medicine just by looking at you

    You are offended by this list and youýre going to make a complaint about it

    At home you have a butcherýs knife which is bigger than your head

    Bury park is like a second home to you
    There is a tub of "PRIDE GHEE" and a sack of "TILDA BASTMATI" in your hallway

    Your mum asks you what you want to be when youýre 6 six years old and you say, "a Bollywood Superstar"ýten years later youýre still saying the same thing

    You canýt go to certain places because your Uncle works there

    You think youýre life is just ONE BIG INDIAN FILM

    You somehow think you are a member of the F.B

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  • Crazy Asif

    paki power all the fukin away braaaaaaaaaa fuck all the h8erz go suck your mum KR4ZY 451F

  • Bigk
    luv Bigk

    luv for the muslims

  • luv Ousman

    spredin muslim luv

  • luv Ousman

    put the native deen subhanallah video on it will be g8t 4 diss group/band dunno 4gt lol

  • Ousman

    shut da fuk up u dum mofuka gonna burn ur mum wid bacon on her lol dum fuk go fuk ur self i would ave said da racist black word but im not dhat ov a lowlyf dhat makez fun ov a personz colour so fuk u dum fuk

  • LulalovesDiversity.


  • luv Bee Mynn X

    Looveee ------>

  • Modfather

    FUK U !!

  • Haroonay


  • Aminah

    cant none of you just leave beef just for 1nce >:( fucking hate people who give beef >:( >:(

  • Haroonay

    SHut the fuk up u diked dnt act all ard ova the net cum say it to our face u fukin son of a bitch go rot in hell u mother fukin pussy pakis rule!

  • Mr Sutton
    Mr Sutton


  • X D-O-L-LX
    X D-O-L-LX

    wwooooh i dont get y uz made tis paki group if uz are gonna slag other peeps????? fuck sake dont say shit bout whites!!! sum of my friends are white n i love em!!!>:( they dont treat me any diffrnt then any other person!!!!! n i dont treat them any diffrnt!!! yah great example uz are setting by saying shit bout other peeps ya????? we get mad when ne one say shit bout us yah.. well the same way if we say oh them stupid whites obviously they will get mad!!! HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE ARE RACIST!!! im a paki myself but i dont go around saying shit bout any other color!!!! how gay>:( >:( GET A LIFE!!!!!!! we are proud but like jus becuse were proud doesnt mean go slag other peeps!!!??????? set a good example will uz!!!!>:( were not any diffrnt if we say shit bout other peeps!!!!! :D