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NaruSasu Yaoi Band

Dammit how do we make THIS official????? :L

5/29/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
This is my Naruto/Yaoi Band. I Hope You Like It! This Was Officially Created By <tberryiscool>. For All The NaruSasu Fans Out There! Here's Where To Go... THE NARUTO YAOI BAND! *^^* Yup...The Good Stuff! Join If You Like Yaoi!

Naruto is Sasuke's Sweet Temptation~ <3
&& Sasuke is Naruto's Poison.xxx3


╚══╩╩╩═╩╝ (やおい <--- YAOI!)

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  • DiedaraxSasori

    "Haha, yeah!" Deidara excitedly hopped over the couch back, emphasizing his fall by throwing his arms in the air. He brought one down around Sasori's shoulders. "So Sasori, I was thinking we could-""Un, Sasori-chan..." Deidara moaned, placing his hands on top of Sasori's. Tongues slid out of his palms, lapping there way over Sasori's fingers. "Pleeease, un!!"
    no" sasori growled "B-but, Sasori-chan..." Deidara persistently crawled atop of Sasori as best as he could, Sasori pushing him away. "I want to do this with you, yeah" Deidara intertwined his hands together, still sitting on Sasori's legs, one tongue slipped out, and into his other palm mouth.
    damn i know this ant sasori but i wanna do this bad i think this would be the koolest thing to see ever)sasori signed "fine!" he said looking down "but i get top " he said tackling deidara "NO!" sasori growled "get off of me" he added looking away from sasori and pushing him off of him
    "But-" Deidara suddenly threw himself on top of Sasori, ignoring the fact he just kneed himself in the stomach-with Sasori's knee. "I want you, un" Deidara held Sasori's face in his hands. Quickly, he pressed his warm lips against Sasori's freezing cold ones, then withdrew just as quickly, afraid of being hit <CyberCatTB>"What, un? You thought all this time I was kidding?" Taking advantage of Sasori's frozen panic, Deidara crawled back on top of hin, more comfortably this time. He trailed his hands along Sasori's sides. "Let me? Please, un? Yeah, you don't have to tell...I won't..." Deidara brought his face close to Sasori's, giving his a quick lick on the cheek and a longing look. <kimmyco>sasori staired at him still in shock then his eyes calmed down and he slambed deidara onto his back "no let me" he growled roughly kissing him,his started to pull off deidara's clothing if he pulled any harder i woulded be suprised if it riped.Deidara laughed gleefully. "I knew it! I knew you wanted me!" He cheered, before continuing the kiss again. He shifted so the clothes came off easier for Sasori, then made a quick reach for the zipper of Sasori's cloak, pulling it down quickly.sasori just smerked then broke the kiss and kissing his neck biting it then sliding his lips down his chest and kissing where his paints would end then he licked around deidara's dick he spred his thys onto deidara's and started to take his clothing off. <kimmyco>sasori just smerked then broke the kiss and kissing his neck biting letting his tounge slide around the new wound then sliding his lips down his chest letting his tounge slide down leaving a wet trail,he licked around deidara's dick then spread deidara's legs making it easy for him to get in then he roughly shoved his fingure into deidara's ass at the same time taking his cock into his mouth his tounge playing around making sure no spot was unsatisfied.Deidara couldn't help but giggle as all this happened. After all this time, all he had to do was plop down on top of Sasori and stay more persistent than ever? He ruffled Sasori's hair, leaving his hands on top of Sasori's head, pushing him down farther. He wondered what Sasori really looked like, but for the moment, didn't care. This was his favorite form.sasori smiled still deep throughting deidara's cock then he shoved another fingure up deidara's ass thrusting it in harder and farther getting it ready for the real thing.Deidara let out short gasps, pleased, and at the same time trying to motivate Sasori to do more. He arched his back higher to allow Sasori's hands to move more freely behind him, then slid one of his own hands down to Sasori's face. He gave him a quick palm-lick on the cheek. sasori slide his free hand up to diedara's mouth and put his index and pointer on his lips asking for entance,he slid another fingure into deidara's ass thrusting it in even more he deeped throught his cock his thounge sliding around it .Deidara took Sasori's hand in his, placing his two fingers in his mouth. He sucked on the tips of

    8 Comments 333 weeks

  • NarutoxSasuke(yaoi story)

    I got this from a person,she did it herself,so dont comment on me,coment on her.

    Once upon a time there was a boy... He was blonde with electric blue eyes. He cross dresses... No one likes this kid because he is different. This kid is supposed to have a demon in him, but he never acts mean. There was a boy he despised... No one knows why he hates him. This other boy has black hair and dark eyes. He has gelled up hair and wears a blue shirt with his clan symbol on the back with white shorts. He has fan girls, and is the "number one rookie" in the academy. Ever since the incident he has never felt he needed the blonde as much as now. Naruto, the blonde boy, hates Sasuke, the black haired boy, more than anything. Sasuke planned a way to tell Naruto he loved him. His plan is to bring Naruto to the forest as if they would be training. (Me: omg...T_T I have to write more down (I wrote this down on sticky notes) that was only 2 sticky notes...and I have 12 more to go T_T)

    There was one problem... A girl that follows Sasuke everywhere. Her name is Sakura, pink hair with a wide forehead and green eyes. The only thing to get Sakura away from Sasuke is to tell her he is gay... but he won't he knows that she will go and tell everyone. But Sasuke wants to get to Naruto as soon as possible so one day sasuke was walking home. He stops and said “stop hiding and come out, Sakura." "Oh hello, Sasuke*smiles*." Sasuke then says “Sakura..." "Huh?" “I need to tell you a secret...but you must not tell anyone got that?" "Sasuke....I promise not to tell!" Sasuke leans in and whispers "I am gay..."

    Sasuke can't tell if she is crying, but she runs home with her hands over her eyes. Sasuke could feel his accomplishment. The next day Sasuke knocks on Naruto's door. As soon as the boy opened the door Sasuke seen Naruto's eye filled with sadness and anger. Naruto was wearing a skirt with tights, ripped jeans, and a tight red shirt (me: sorry naruto-kun). Sasuke almost gags, but he somehow attends to stop himself. Sasuke lets himself in as Naruto just stared.Sasuke sits on a couch it was fluffy like brand new fluffy. Naruto shuts the door and walks over to Sasuke sniffling for some reason like he was crying. Sasuke thought to himself 'he must have been crying... he did take long enough to answer the door... I want to hug him comfort him...hold him until the end of time....' Naruto breaks down... he cries falling to the ground crying. Sasuke gets up and walks toward Naruto holding back tears. Sasuke doesn't know why Naruto is crying, but it broke Sasuke's heart (me: sorry sasuke for making you do this heh -.-'). Sasuke hugged Naruto, Naruto was shocked.

    Sasuke then says, " Naruto... please don't cry...idiot...don't cry you will make... me cry." "S-sasuke..." Sasuke whispers "I-I love.....you" Naruto closes his eyes and holds Sasuke tight "Sasuke I always...wanted someone to love me.... I always thought you hated me... I-" "heh...*smile*." Sasuke slowly pulls away. Suddenly Kakashi enters though the open window. Sasuke looks over in surprise... Kakashi smiles (with his eyes lol!) and then says, "Good morning you two," he stops then says "Naruto are you okay?" Naruto answers with a nod motioning "yes". Sasuke slowly pushes Naruto closer to him.

    Kakashi then says, "Sasuke, you come with me..." Sasuke says, “I don't want to go anywhere." Stubborn as usual. Tightening his grip around Naruto's waist. Kakashi shakes his head, "Do you know why Sakura is acting the way shi is?" Sasuke was kind of surprised “what way is she acting now...?" "Well first off she won't dare step out of her house...and she doesn't want to speak. Do you know what is wrong?" "I might have told her something *shrugs*." Naruto laid his head on Sasuke's chest closing his eyes. Sasuke held his head upon his chest with his arm and another arm around his waist. Sasuke froze for a few seconds. Then Kakashi spoke, "Well I will go find out, bye-." Poof he was gone.

    After a

    5 Comments 334 weeks

  • Yaoi(plz answer)

    (paste and then answer,and comment)
    do u like yaoi?
    are u a huge fan?
    who's the best naruto yaoi couple?
    who should not be a c should not be a yaoi couple?
    which type of yaoi do u prefer?low or hardcore?(just wanna no)
    how long have u been a fan-girl?
    anything u want to comment on my band b4 u leave?

    23 Comments 335 weeks

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    hello! Im new!

  • Vampireblood

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    DONT READ THIS ! In 1997 a girl called lauren was walking in a forest and then a she just dissapeared no one ever found her untill 2000 when a yoing girl called Mary found her body and markings on her chest saying: I wasnt pretty enough" and now you have read this she will appear in your mirror saying your not pretty enough and kill you. by the way the girl called mary

  • Trying Too Hard
    Trying Too Hard

    I'm a dude and still think this is awesome :D

  • Yukíí- Cháñ
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  • Bilvy.

    Waiii! Kawaii! Oh Yezzzz Yaoi Is The best! X3 *fingirl* Sasuke = Seme XD xXx

  • Bekka'S Bitch
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    hello i made i cool sasunaru vid. if u want you can add it to your video box => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibJ1n... :3 hope u like it !

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