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Andrew Amey

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  • Male, 19, Luv 49
  • from castle vale
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 860
  • Last active: Jul 18
  • www.bebo.com/greenFISHface
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greenfishface here say hi
Me, Myself, and I
hey hey people
im [=andy=]
live in bham
and i duno wat else so yeah
[= louise is my loving girlfriend lol wooop wooop =]
i like slipknot, deicide, bullet, param
 ore, fob, linkin park, dragonforce, papa, ym@6, boylike
 girls, goodcharlotte, go audio, trivium, bowling, sum 41, blink, +44, nickleback, green day, acdc, andrew wk, avenged sevenfold, BLACK STONE CHERRY , msi mcr, bon jovi , system of the down, cavalera conspiracy, thorey of a deadman, elliot minor, kiilll Hannah, madinal lake, tenacious d, offspring, GUNS'N'ROSES, simp
 le plan, kingblues, KID ROCK, ALL AMERICAN REJECTS, lostprophets, evenessa
 nce, PLAIN WHITE T'S, serj tankian, SHINEDOWN, john petrucci, galneryus, steel panther's, benediction, divine heresy, robert marcello , syu IRON MADIEN, metalica , kiss
i like most films
swimming water polo football
hi shout out to ppplz from holiday thins year
hiya to carl , karl , k , sam, amanda , shan, pagie, leah , aston , aston lil sis , amy, ellie, and all the pplz we played footi with we beat the turk's lol
The Other Half Of Me
Louise O

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What Classic Rock Band are you?

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Led by the late Joe Strummer, a Rock Star with political ambitions, the Clash produced fantastic Punk Rock in the decade they were around. Their songs covered major political and social topics in Britain at that time, some of which were taboo subjects. Their most memorable riff is London Calling.
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how random are you?
What is your usual mood????
Who is your Disney Prince? (girlz only)
Which Avril Lavigne song is you?
What Type Of Guy Are You
are you pretty or darn right ugly?
Try On the Hogwarts Sorting Hat.
wat will ur next boyfriends nmae start with
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  • Holly H
    Holly H

    OMG... this girl is wearing nothing but her panties on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on RenaeTabackzkixa@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Holly H
    Holly H

    I racked in $630 in 3 days doing stuff on the computer! It's all because of - http://bit.ly/cOj418 friends help friends!

  • Ladybug ' Ox
    luv Ladybug ' Ox

    Hmm ii Expect ToO Bee Back iin YOurr TOp Friiends When YOuu Return FrOm That (?) WOnderfull (?) HOlidayy YOurr Currentlyy On :L Cusz YOurr AwesOmee YOuu Can Have SOme LOvee =D Buht ii Want it Back SoOn Ass :P Lufflesz x

  • Iona Arthur
    Iona Arthur

    hello im your brothers friend and the best friend of his wife :) nice to meet you !! :) how are you ? x

  • Dj Niggy B
    Dj Niggy B

    Hey , I know this is kinda random but can you help me with a name for my self lik a Dj name ? LOL .... and can you become a fan because I will be uploading a few mixes when I've decided on a name . PLEASE and THANK YOU.... infact I thank you this many times:, 22:30:56

  • Dani M
    luv Dani M

    HI how ya doin? well hope u great and btw wat u doin? XD cya o and heres sum luv XD luv ya :)

  • Ashleigh Coogan

    phoebie sed ur fit in that photo no lie

  • Ladybug ' Ox
    Ladybug ' Ox

    It Ent Deliverin My messages On MSN.. So im Sayin It On Ere... Youu Either Need 2 Change Ur Othewr Half (If U Do Let Me Know Cuz This Time Im Dumpin U) Or Please CHange The Message On It.. Doubt Louise Wants 2 See Tht Tbh... Cya... :/ :(

  • CloRawr
    luv CloRawr

    Ahoy Thur Maytee Juss Popped By Tooh Saii Hii CHEEZ BUCKET!!!!! Byiiies oxoxox Btw Has A Lub =D... Look Thur It Is In Teh Corner XD

  • Ladybug ' Ox
    luv Ladybug ' Ox

    Hey babe... i love you... i dunno wahh i wid do withowt youu.. wishh i couldd see youu;; be wid youu;; kiss youu &+ hug youu.. [*.06/06/08.*] till [*.forever.*] Love You Babe x Btw;; Hav Sum Free Luv.. Jowkess.. nufins free in this worldd.. i expect it backk. lovess

  • Ladybug ' Ox
    luv Ladybug ' Ox

    Heyya;; Youu Ok?? Fxckiin Hope Yew Get Yourr Internet Bck Sewn... I miss You.. :( How Did It Go Last Night??? Let Me Knoww Plzzz. Love You Forever &+ Foralways. Tap Bckk. X *I Want The Luv Bckk :L *

  • Ladybug ' Ox
    luv Ladybug ' Ox

    H℮yya Bab℮s.. Just Thought I'd L℮av℮ Youu A Comm℮nt Too Sayy... I LOVE YOU Can't Wait Till Sunday. ×

  • Ladybug ' Ox
    luv Ladybug ' Ox

    Me 2..... I Cnt Wait,.,..,. Haha..2Weekends In A Row UGna Hav 2 work :L Fxxk The Repo Men :L &+ Same...... Love You Loads X

  • Ladybug ' Ox
    luv Ladybug ' Ox

    I Have Started Pakiin........ Just Not Clothes, shoes, books, skwl stuff.. bed.. all that crap :L They Gone 2 Look @ the House Now (yn) I ENT PAYIN ANY BILLS!!!! Love You Too... &+ I Know You love Me.. The Happyness wears off afta a while :L i Love You More Andy

  • Ladybug ' Ox
    luv Ladybug ' Ox

    I Havent Packed Anythink Yet... but Shusshhh You Can move My Boxes :) & Ok.. If U say I Love U.. I Must Love U :L & maybeIt Was ;) & My Loves Free.. I Ent PayinMy Debt :L Love You Babes X

  • Ladybug ' Ox
    luv Ladybug ' Ox

    Gooddd =D & i know It Did.. Thats Why I Said It :L & Hahaha.. Not Funny :( My N℮w Room Will B℮ Cl℮an.. Pwomiis℮.. You'll Hav℮ Too Cum S℮℮ Som℮ Tiim℮ ;) :L & You Can Lift My Box℮s.. YOU BR℮AK ANYTHIN YOUR D℮AD!! :L &+ ii Know Y℮ah.. long℮st Comm℮nt You ℮va L℮ft M℮ =D ii Lov℮ Youu Bab℮ <3

  • Ladybug ' Ox
    luv Ladybug ' Ox

    Y℮ah youu Ar℮...NOT!! :L Aww.. I Lov℮ You Bab℮ <3 Today Was Amazin.. Hop℮ Youu F℮℮l B℮tta Tho <3 Call M℮ Wh℮n You Com℮ On MSN Cuz I Gotta Go Sort My Room Out R℮ady 4 Movin =D Carn't Waiit :L Lov℮ You Baby XX

  • Ladybug ' Ox
    luv Ladybug ' Ox

    It Was The Best :) Haha.. I Know :L Love You Baby.. Forever & Always (8) XX