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About Me

The UK's leading learning disability charity
Me, Myself, and I
Mencap is the UK's leading learning disability charity.

Mencap is the voice of learning disability. Everything we do is about valuing and supporting people with a learning disability, and their families and carers.

We work with people with a learning disability to change laws and services, challenge prejudice and directly support thousands of people to live their lives as they choose.

Sign up for our monthly enewsletter at http://www.mencap.org.uk/be

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  • Emma Thomson
    Emma Thomson

    Hiya I'm relaunching the AS Support Group Online website to raise awareness for Aspergers Syndrome. It's a form of Autism. I'm hoping that we can get as many people to visit the site as possible. If you would like to learn about this disorder click on http://www.assupportgrouponline.org It's totally free and we don't require any money from you. Just that you take the time to read and try to understand this disorder. Em Site Manager

  • b-box
    luv b-box

    Hello all! b-box is raising money for Mencap through their sponsored skydive scheme on Thursday at The Headcorn Aerodrome in Maidstone, Kent! We wondered if anyone else has managed to raise the £400 and would fancy coming along to jump with us on the day??? You'll feature in our show next Thursday! Get in touch at www.bebo.com/b-box!

  • Niall Cochrane
    luv Niall Cochrane

    I am running the london marathon for mencap in april so anyone that would like to donate can do so at www.justgiving.com/niallcochrane Thanks

  • Clic Online
    luv Clic Online

    Hi, I work for a Welsh youth website currently in development, aimed at 11 - 25 year olds and organisations which work with them. We are the national information channel for young people, providing news, events, information and organisations that can help. The main site will be launching in June 2009, in the meantime our development blog can be found here www.cliconline.co.uk

  • Aliceinwonderland

    Hey hey hey.... Ur not the onli 1 who's dun loads of work with Mencap! I bin in newspapers for ma anti-bullying work. Me and some friends went to london to get a diana award! Well done to anyone whos done something like this! Woooo,, Mencap rules! Alicee lyl

  • Chris C.C. Carson
    Chris C.C. Carson

    Mencap is one and the best in the world I so happy to be in mencap and I happy to show the world that we are all the same

  • Maureen P
    Maureen P

    Heavy Load is in Belfast at QFT, Queen's Film Theatre this week. I am looking forward to it.

  • Paul Richards
    Paul Richards

    Hey guys, Heavy Load The Movie is really starting to kick off! Here are some links to online reviews. Rotten Tomatoes rated the film an amazing 100%! We also rated highly on the Don’t Panic Online mag! Read the reviews and if you’ve had a chance to see the film, let us know what you think! If you haven’t, check out the Heavy Load website for upcoming screenings in your area! http://uk.rottentomatoes.com/m/10010... http://www.dontpaniconline.com/magaz... Thank you for all the support! Paul

  • Paul Richards
    Paul Richards

    Hi Everyone, Tickets for our film premiere of 'Heavy Load', have completely sold out but for Five lucky people they can win tickets just by signing up to our website (http://heavyloadthemovie.com/) Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Also, Coming soon is the chance to download one of Heavy Loads songs for FREE for all members. SIGN UP NOW!!!

  • Maureen P
    Maureen P

    Congratulations to Caroline and the Mencap web team. Mencap's site won The Charity Times award for 'Best Use of the Web'. The judges said Mencap's site was 'head and shoulders above the rest.' The effective use of video was one of the features they liked best. Well done all!

  • Paul Richards
    Paul Richards

    Hi everyone, come check out my band ‘Heavy Load’. We are just about to release a film about us and our campaign ‘Stay Up Late’ and we need your support. http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?Memb... Rock & Roll!!!!!!!

  • British Red Cross

    Hi there, Did you know that Saturday 13 September is World First Aid Day? Everyone can be a life-saver. Everyone can learn first aid. The Red Cross delivers first aid training to disabled people on its inclusive first aid programme. Find out how you could take a course or become a trainer at http://www.redcross.org.uk/inclusive...

  • Trevor Lemon
    luv Trevor Lemon

    hi guys i do alot of work for mencap my self

  • Michele

    thankyou for writing back to me the only thing is that i never did this on my own couse my mom always did stuff like this for me. so i wouldnt know how or what to say on the phone if i called up. so what should i do please help im so enbarresed thankyou michele

  • Mencap

    Dear Michele Thank you so much for writing on our Mencap Bebo page. This is a very good question and the answer may be of interest to others as well. That's why I'm posting an additional reply here. Basically, there are two things you could do (or both if you wish). 1) To get more information, have a look on the Employment Section of our website! Simply click this link: http://www.mencap.org.uk/landing.asp... or 2) Feel free to call our Helpline to get advice and information about the help Mencap offers. Simply call this number: 0808 808 1111 The opening times of the helpine are as follows: 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm on weekends and bank holidays.

  • Michele

    hi my name is michele and im 23 years old i have learning dissibilitys and i was wondering how to get help from mencap again. tell help me get a job and other things. please help me thankyou

  • Brydon Naismith
    Brydon Naismith

    Great Page,really is xxx


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  • 'The Black Dog..'

    Sullivan The Poet by Sullivan The Poet
    To depressives everywhere...

    Oh faithless cur! Black curse’d hound,
    that soundless in my shadow walks;
    Who dogs my heel by but a bound,
    and in each footfall cunning stalks;
    Then dare I lay to beg my rest,
    pants dark and brooding ‘pon my chest.

    And there in siege each wakeful hour,
    assails my wits this mongrel spawn;
    About my mind’s ill fortressed tower,
    until the limp, exhausted dawn;
    Yet still the beast no sojourn takes,
    and with my faintest stir – Awakes.

    While still its foetid breath pervades,
    the farthest of my spirit’s deeps;
    To spread again its visc’ral shade,
    all sly from ‘top my chest it creeps;
    To crouch upon my chamber’s floor,
    twixt me and madness’ open door.

    To seek the air in anxious flight,
    I wrench my windows open wide;
    But yet the dawning’s purging light,
    braves not upon the fiend inside;
    And tighter still my chest constrains,
    to gulp what taintless air remains.

    ‘Til stifled thus I flee my room,
    to soothe my throbbing heart a while;
    And freed I of that morbid womb,
    hap purge my breast its vapours vile;
    But bright the sun and sharp the air,
    serves nought to lighten my despair.

    How bright the rays that blessed star,
    serve but to black my shadow more;
    All better questing eyes to bar,
    the loathsome creature at its core;
    Which sensing reason strain and crack,
    climbs foul and heavy ‘pon my back.

    ‘Til bold it dares my shoulders rise,
    where all on razor claws it hangs;
    To snuff and huff and hid my eyes,
    unsheathe its’ wetly glist’ning fangs;
    In savour of the feast to come,
    when reason must, o’erwhelmed, succumb.

    And burdened thus about my days,
    one foot within dementia’s hall;
    My morbid melancholy plays,
    the hell hound’s loyal, crushing thrall;
    Until fresh tortures it devise,
    and dreadful, frightless, panics rise.

    Its breath all sulph’rous on my neck,
    like fire begins my skin to burn;
    All sense no longer at my beck,
    as wretched knees to jelly turn;
    While fearful lungs denied their fill,
    ask thund’ring heart pound harder still.

    Oh! would that heart seek leave to burst,
    in those black moments if it plead;
    To bear not one more hour thus cursed,
    to cheat the beast I’d gladly cede;
    But fierce as in my chest it leaps,
    It labours on and silent keeps.

    Until the dawn that gentle steals,
    upon the day in tender lights;
    That brave my chamber floor reveals,
    to sweep away the terrored nights;
    No curse’d hound acrouch the floor,
    and there, shut tight, stands madness’ door.

    My heart, once more, its frenzy stilled,
    thuds softly in my grateful chest;
    And greedy lungs once more swell filled,
    while tortured nerves seek to their rest;
    ‘Til humour, freed, untethered lifts,
    to look anew on being’s gifts.

    To feel each blade ‘gainst naked feet,
    I brave the nettles’ acid stings;
    So clear the air, its perfume sweet,
    conveys each note the skylark sings;
    Cry Carpe Diem! – “Seize the day!”
    While hell’s dark hound seeks other prey!

    Then do I praise my stoic heart,
    which gravely tried no mercy asked;
    My will, all twist and tore apart,
    that stood its ground though sorely tasked;
    Their gift to me another dawn,
    another breath so grateful drawn.

    Though still a cautious shadow lurks,
    the brightest day can not dispel;
    For in my psyche’s darkest murks,
    stands stiff ajar the road to hell;
    Where in the pit its hunger burns,
    until the beast, to feed, returns!

    © Sullivan the Poet 2008

    0 Replies 257 weeks
  • I have Autistic Spectrum Disorder

    Anne K by Anne K
    Hi everyone my name is kirsty and i have a learning disability and i made a video to raise awareness of autism it is on my www.youtube.com/flippwinch account and soon it will be on the NAS website and there is lack of support in adults which im one of them. the person who is an adult with autism is forgotten about that is why the i exist think differently about autism campaign came out.

    0 Replies 274 weeks
  • For all the guys in wheelchairs I have known over the years....

    Sullivan The Poet by Sullivan The Poet
    'In A Mirror Darkly'

    I see my presence bothers you!
    Your pious words sculpt no disguise,
    is it because my twisted limbs offend your precious eyes?
    I heed the whispers in your lies,
    they clamour what your tongue denies,
    or is it yet your prejudice you secretly despise?

    I see my presence bothers you!
    Your face too quickly turned aside,
    is it because my clockwork gait too loudly ‘cripple’ cried?
    One act, revulsion, chanced confide,
    is my humanity denied,
    or coy your obscene ignorance you shameful seek to hide?

    I see my presence bothers you!
    Your back, too casual, turns my way,
    is it because my drooling maw makes sick what I convey?
    Afraid my slack jawed words will say,
    aloud what vulgar minds portray,
    or barely chained repugnance which you fear will open lay?

    I see my presence bothers you!
    Your smile too warm, your touch too firm,
    is it because my wilful hands, quick, mindless, make you squirm?
    Pale lucent claws that spastic worm,
    in fleshless laps like dying sperm,
    or that you dread their moist’ning touch you fear your eyes confirm?

    I see my presence bothers you!
    You studiously elude my gaze,
    is it that you’re afraid therein a human spirit lays?
    A fellow life your heart betrays,
    who ‘lone within their husk decays,
    or do you fear to see reflect what censure therein preys?

    I see my presence bothers you!
    Too well you chrome clad limbs ignore,
    is it because my cyborg world you furtively deplore?
    Do my steel spinning legs abhor,
    grey tubeless feet that kiss the floor,
    or merely your indifference you mechanic’lly encore?

    I see my presence bothers you!
    Your fear laid nude for all to see,
    is it because your callous core cares naught for such as me?
    Or torments you that ugly we,
    flaunt our afflictions blatantly,
    or steeped within your perfect world your turpitude shames thee?

    I see my presence bothers you!
    Your sham ‘correctness’ counts for nought,
    is it because in your world absolution can be bought?
    What phrase can cleanse each putrid thought,
    pale synonyms for suff’ring sought,
    or think you that with guileful words we’d be so simply caught?

    I see my presence bothers you!
    Within this broken glass proclaimed,
    is it because you spy reflect your sanctimony named?
    Do you see your complacence blamed,
    your lost humanity defamed,
    or just quicksilver echoes… In a mirror darkly framed?


    0 Replies 283 weeks