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1/31/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • genius!!!!

    omg katie!!!!
    thanks for my brick on my wall!!!!
    xx vicki xx

    Vicki - Big Cook 1 Reply
  • mrs pearson
    mrs pearson

    i fort i would draw u a picture to remind u of r favourte subject maths OMG NOT!!!! lol :D

    Megan 0 Replies
  • dont worry
    dont worry

    dont worry , i no jontyds bein loned but he is still thr u cn still c his sweet lil face and still ride him, and if he dus leave in the spring at least he will live his full potential and do u proud, you willl be the oone he remembers forever. hes still young and full of energy, we all no he w...

    Chlo.X 0 Replies

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  • hannah horse edits
    hannah horse edits

    hey wud you like to join and get a free edit?

  • Georgina'Jade

    hi do you know me?? because i dont know you?? xx

  • Emma
    luv Emma

    Hehe well im gona hold that 2 u! X x

    3/26/09 via Mobile
  • 'Chessiee'

    heey hahaha:L Oh cool. Who you been riding? i'll try not too! pahaha :L xxxxxx

  • 'Chessiee'

    heey yeah yoou? I know :( :L ooh hahahah :L i dont know havent been in ages.. :/ but hey, i have been so busy. :L i had a drama exam last friday, a compertition today. im in le mis, which was on thursday, friday and will be on saturday. and im in hairspray on saturday and sunday next week :/ :L :L wubu2? xxxxxxxx

  • Megan
    luv Megan

    katieeeee im fine thanks :D you? x

  • Moo

    wow! its the one, the only... the JUMPING CHICKEN!!!!

  • Vicki - Big Cook
    luv Vicki - Big Cook

    hahahaha yeah man i agree COMPLETELY you must already know how much i hate school i.... went shopping yesterday and errr today i didnt go out cause of the snow lol you? thanks for the luv, have some back :D xxx

  • Vicki - Big Cook
    luv Vicki - Big Cook

    Katieeeee The girl that i am very proud of :D How was your time in town? Hope it was truely spiffing - what did you get up to? X x x

    1/30/09 via Mobile
  • Megan
    luv Megan

    haha cor matee yuur well rude not my fault yuu have grey hairs on yuur head ;) yeah i had lots of fun actually but it couldnt fit in my mouth coz it was rather a large freezer so i had to cut it in half :P haha xxx

  • Megan
    luv Megan

    heyy kathRINE ;) i love yuur TRUE name its so sensational :D wow thankies dude! yeah sorry i had to go, mum arrived so i had too, looked everywhr 4 lin 2 say thanx 4 ride but i culdnt find her, then i looked 4 yuu to tell her that if yuu saw her but culdnt find anyone :( so i had to go omg wow :O lin is a rather marvellous person :D y the two pounds tho? coz if the tabs equalled to two pounds that mean we owed her two pounds, and had food, and now we still got food and the two pounds given back which we didnt pay anyway coz it was a tab lol so we got food and paid to eat the food ;) haha :L cor fatty how dare yuu!!! :P im off too eat the whole feezer now :D coz im at home and making my dinner, mum brought loads of chicken dippers, chips and onion rings yum, and stuff vegetables they are for geeks mann like yuurself :D isant that rather tremendous! cya at skwl, if yuu dnt die of eaten too many maryland cookies bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Megan
    luv Megan

    heyy Happy new year!!! :D wot did yuu do? go to a party? hows yuu? wubu2? im sitting here like a larry :( its rather sad, and rather boring :L haha im listening to now 71 i really want an ipoddddd anyways cya 2moz xxx

  • Megan
    luv Megan

    heyyy ooooh gdgd :D haha kwl beans mann, got highskwl musical on it ;) yeah mann :( but wasnt teds fault was mee, im just a spaz attack that cannot ride :L haha i might lear eventually :P yeahh mann :D i havent even asked if i can go yet =S but its a sat so im sure i will be allowed :D hows joe? has he eaten the bobbles off yuur shoes :P yuul have to come round mine soon :D so see ya 2mozzles hopefully! xxx

  • Megan
    luv Megan

    heyy MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :D have a good day? wot yuu get? sorry i culdnt reply to yuur text i have no credit :( yuu sorted out yuur ipod yet? hope yuur having a great time :D o yeah i rode ted in sj clinic and fell off :L was rather funny :P (replying to yuur text :P ) have a great rest of 2day! have some christmas love :D ly xxx

  • Jennie

    Katrinaa dearest :) im alrighty thanks haha you always do spend so much funny about lanky paul though lol :P you shall have to come round after christmas, yes yes lovsies xxx