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CSI: New York

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
CSI:NY is the latest spin-off series of the orginal series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Gary Sinse- Mac Taylor

Melina Kanakaredes- Stella Bonesara

Carmine Giovinazzo- Danny Messer

Anna Belknap- Lindsay Monroe

Hill Harper- Sheldon Hawkes

Eddie Cahill- Don Flack

Vanessa Ferlito - Aiden Burn (2004-2006)

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  • CSI:NY

    ★ Mac plays bass guitar at jazz clubs during his off time.

    ★ Did his Marine cold-weather training in Scandinavia.

    ★ His badge number is 8433, though in Cross Jurisdictions he states it as 2433.

    ★ Likes oatmeal.

    ★ Likes cheeseburgers.

    ★ Takes his coffee black with two sugars.

    ★ Has read "The Da Vinci Code."

    ★ Carries a Sig Sauer p229 40SW

    Danny Messer

    ★ Danny refers to his parents as "Mommy" and "Daddy." (episode 220, "Run Silent, Run Deep)

    ★ When excited, he will often mutter "boom" under his breath.

    ★ At one time, Danny was scared of falling in love to the point of telling Mac to not even make jokes about it (episode 215, "Til Death Do We Part"). In a later episode (episode 219, "Super Men"), however, he remarks to Lindsay that her knowledge of football is dangerous because "I might ask you to marry me."

    ★ Danny is claustrophobic, though he refuses to admit it. (episode 105, "A Man a Mile"), (episode 211, "Trapped")

    ★ Danny hates the smell of fish (episode 205, "Dancing with the Fishes").

    ★ Danny is a dog lover (episode 302, "Not What it Looks Like," Season 3 Episode 13, "Obsession"), and apparently has a dog of his own ("Not What It Looks Like").

    ★ Danny is apparently in his early 30's; Lindsay makes a remark referencing his 30th birthday (episode 208, "Bad Beat").

    ★ Danny frequently makes film references, which suggests he is a movie buff.

    ★ According to Danny, "[his] favorite wine is beer" (episode 319, "A Daze of Wine and Roaches").

    ★ He hates extravagance of all kinds.

    ★ The actor that plays Danny, Giovinazzo, is the first actor to appear in all three CSI series. He appeared in the third season of the Las Vegas based CSI as a character named Thumpy G in the episode "Revenge is best served cold", is series regular Danny Messer on CSI: NY, and his NY character was introduced on a CSI: Miami cross-over episode.

    Stella Bonasera

    ★ Her name was derived from Stella Kowalski in 'A Streetcar Named Desire' and Amerigo Bonasera in 'The Godfather.'

    Lindsay Monroe

    ★ Lindsay is from the same hometown as Catherine Willows of the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

    ★ Lindsay was bitten by a cobra that escaped from a victim's car at a crime scene (3.10, "Sweet 16"). This was another device used to cut back on Anna Belknap's screentime during her pregnancy.

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  • CSI:NY Quotes

    Sheldon Hawkes

    Sheldon Hawkes:Apart from the fact of it not being attached to a person, there's nothing wrong with this finger.

    Hawkes explains something about brains out of the head being fried.]
    Stella: Guess this'll be a no-brainer for you.
    Sheldon Hawkes: She did not just say that.
    Don Flack and Mac: She did.

    Don Flack

    Jason (second vic's boyfriend): I never saw that house. I swear on my grandmother.
    Don Flack: Let me arrest him for swearing on his grandmother

    Don Flack: So let me get this straight. A crapsicle killed this guy?

    [Flack is holding up the cake topper bride's head in a evidence bag]
    Don Flack: Do you, Stella, take Veronica as a crazy with a motive?
    Stella Bonasera: I do.

    Stella Bonasera

    Stella: Tiffany's..now you're talking my language.
    Mac: You can tell from a map?
    Stella: Are you kidding? I can tell from the moon. Love those little blue boxes.

    [Stella has just won a bet that she and Mac made on the outcome of the dog show]
    Mac Taylor: You're going to make me pay?
    Stella: Yeah, I'm going to make you pay.
    Mac: I thought you were kidding.
    Stella: Some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant.

    Stella Bonasera: What do you do when you can't sleep?
    Mac Taylor: Work.
    Stella: What do normal people do when they can't sleep?

    Stella Bonasera: Let's pimp this ride.

    Horatio: That is a stria match.
    Stella: The bullets are lining up like the Rockettes at Christmas.

    Stella Bonasera: There's something gooey here.
    Mac Taylor: Gooey? There's a good forensic word. Gooey. I'll have to use that more

    Mac Taylor

    Mac Taylor: We've got the best forensics tool money can't buy. Snow.

    Mac: You're not a doctor, you're a murderer with a medical degree.

    Mac: It never ceases to amaze me how men of higher education can commit such stupid crimes

    Mac Taylor: (to Stella) Use your head, not your heart.

    Mac: Reality rarely lives up to expectation. Especially if you're a teenager

    [to Darius in holding cell]
    Mac: Me, I don't pity you Darius. There's a lot of people with worse stories than yours. They never hurt anyone. You killed twelve people in two states over the last seventy-two hours and you want me to feel sorry for you because your daddy didn't kiss you when you were a baby? You asked for my help. I did help you. You're where you belong. You rot in hell, you son of a bitch.

    Mac Taylor: Don't quote me on this, Lindsay, but sometimes not everything's connected. (Lifts the head of the vic off the body)

    Lindsay Monroe

    Lindsay Monroe:[To Danny] I like you...A lot

    [Lindsay is digging through a dumpster looking for evidence]
    Lindsay: This new girl stuff has really got to stop.
    Mac: It's better than digging through tiger dung.
    Lindsay: Funny

    [Watching Mac reading to a little kid in his office]
    Lindsay: Under the heading, "Things I Never Thought I'd See."

    Mac Taylor: (looking at Lindsay) Put your affinity for bugs to work
    Lindsay: (sheepishly) I don't actually have an affinity for bugs.
    Mac: The beetles were the first on the scene, we need to know what they know. (points at Lindsay) And, no eating

    Danny Messer and Lindsay Monroe

    Lindsay Monroe: As soon as Hammerback's finished with you, I get to take the beetles back to the lab with me.
    Danny Messer: Don't eat 'em. (walks away)
    Lindsay: You're a little late on that one.
    Danny: (turns to look at her) Doesn't mean it's not funny

    Danny Messer: Look you promised me drinks for this, but I think I'm going to need some dinner too.
    Lindsay Monroe: I'm not going to give you anything if you don't get going. Make tracks, cowboy.

    Lindsay Monroe: You bet Mac I wouldn't do it?
    Danny Messer: Yeah. What was I thinkin'? Shouldn't bet against a country girl.

    [Lindsay walks into the crime scene dressed in formal wear. Mac is already there in formal wear, having been to the mayor's party]
    Danny Messer: Well, hello, Miss Monroe. You clean up

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