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Today...Is a milestone in my life. I am going to change, and im going to set rules for my life. And I will not break those rules. =]

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  • BYOB Camp-Out Update 2/July/2009

    Im back with more news.
    Some of the people that were asked to come cant make it on the 15th or the 16th, so the boffins have decided to go with the 29th.
    So thats Wednesday 29th July.

    Weve had a few more people who have acepted invitations, and we are very excited to see them there.
    That bumps the total amount of people coming up to 5, and 6 people are making time to come.
    I, personaly, cant wait to go camping. I just hope it doesnt rain.
    If it does rain, we do have an abandoned house to go to.
    But you know...

    Lets just touch wood and hope.

    More updates later.

    0 Comments 212 weeks

  • BYOB Camp-Out Update 28/June/2009

    Ive got news.
    The boffins have told me to start inviting the people on the Invite List.
    They have made their decision, so I ant stress enough, If you dont get invited then dont try to kiss my ass trying to get an invite.

    The people who are invited will get an email in the next few days.
    The people who are coming will be the ones who get the updates from now on.

    When were done, Ill post the pictures up on here and I'll write a blog from there If I can get on wireless.

    LoveYouGuys x x x x x

    0 Comments 212 weeks

  • BYOB Camp-Out

    The boffins at the secret headqurters have sat down and discussed the pro's and con's and have decided to have a BYOB Secret Camp-Out soon.

    It will take place in the middle of july, in a secret location which is perfect for camping.
    We will stay in an open feild, with flat, hard ground, and next to us will be an abandoned house. I have been asked if the house is haunted but I dont know. Dont think so.

    12 people will be asked to attend (more if you bring your own cars and tents), and becuase its in a secret location there will be no gatecrashers! Whoo!

    For those of you who dont know, BYOB means Bring Your Own Booze.
    It saves us buying all of the drinks. And you can bring the drink you like.
    And you dont have to share.
    Happy days.

    Ill keep you posted, but the boffins want to plan everything before telling.
    When they tell me something, Ill tell you.

    I appolagise but the boffins have told me that not all of you will be invited. They did throw together a few names, and why they should and shouldnt invite them, and were people who they knew couldnt come.
    So please dont ask me "Danny, can I come? Were best freinds and I'd love to go." because I cant do anything about it. Its up to the legends at head office.

    Thanks guys.
    Keep checking this space for dates and other plans and shizz.

    Nigguh please.
    Ill tell the Po-lice.


    0 Comments 213 weeks

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  • Aynsley
    luv Aynsley

    ahah! bebos back

  • Laurenn

    Nawhh though i shoulld Comment youu... Last on was 5Weeks :P Nawhh. you oK??

  • Summar

    hey :) gay :P

  • Scratch Out Your Eyes
    Scratch Out Your Eyes

    hey =] you ok? x

  • Steph Jones
    luv Steph Jones

    I'm sorry! :( I can't come home for another 9 days!! I really miss you to Cant wait for a cuggle! I'm going to phone your mums house monday night at 11.30 your time so be there!! I love you so much poppet Can't wait to see you xxxxxxxxx

  • Kim Jade Davies
    Kim Jade Davies

    Daniel Beii :P Nah Soo Fi'n Dod Babes :( xxx

  • Alicee

    it was just a random add, i was being nosy on peoples bebos and their friends and i thought i add you for the sake of it (:

  • Katie
    luv Katie

    Well I Dont Think I Reconize You From Anywhere .. Love Returned x x x x

  • Steph Jones
    luv Steph Jones

    Hiiya babe :D I told you i'd come on Its so hot here in mexico! I miss you so much Can't wait to come home for a cuggle :( Will probably come back on here again so leave me a comment yeah? I love so much poppet *mwah* Lots of kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sazzy
    luv Sazzy

    heyyya.. love returned hun :D i been well ill :( had sickness bug. it sucks danny. i need cwtceees :D Love Youu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Zayy

    zara xx

  • Zayy

    heyyyy .... yooou ok ..... xx

  • Katie
    luv Katie

    You Can Me If You Like Hunn I Dont Mind At All ... XxxxxxX

  • Sazzy
    luv Sazzy

    the love i owed :D love ya xxx

  • Sazzy

    eeek i have no love babes. i.o.u loveage okay :D so no stress :D i will give it back :D bebo is shocking! but i honestly can say i prefer it to f.a.c.e.b.o.o.k :D i love you i do :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rachel'Bowen
    luv Rachel'Bowen

    Gay Danny :) theres nothing wrong with my head your the one having sex with your secritary :O i sooo just got home from work and got you booked in 12 hours ;) love you bumface :) x x x x x x