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Sarah Baiibee

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  • Female, 21, Luv 19
  • from katoomba
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 767
  • Last active: 10/31/10
  • www.bebo.com/beautiful1992
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
*x*MY LIFE*x*
I went fr0m nappiiez t0 th0ngz ;; fr0m abc''z t0 dirty s0ngz... i went fr0m puppy l0ve t0 the real thing ;; fr0m fake lil girl''s jewellery t0 the bling bling... i went fr0m daddy''s little princess t0 his queen ;; fr0m a cute little girl t0 the finest thing y0u''ve ever seen......<3 i wont depend on anyone for anything i wont trust no hoe or fear no bitch i dont trust any body with my life because even the cloest person to u will fuck u over......<3 Nothing last foreva,, so live it up,, drink it down,, laugh it off,, avoid bullshit,, take chances,, &never have regrets,, because at one point everything u did was exacally what u wanted!!!!

x0x**CAN U HANDLE THIS??**x0x

x0x BoOtY sHaKiN hEaRt BrEaKiN mAd HoT nEvEr StOp ShOrT sKiRtS lOvE tO fLiRt ShInY lIpS cUrVy HiPs BaNgIn StYlE sExY sMiLe HiGh ClAsS gHeTtO aSs LuCiOuS tHiGhS cAnDy EyEs TeMpTiN lIpZ kIlLeR kIsS..... nOw TeLl Me BoY cAn YoU hAnDlE tHiS!?♥
The Other Half Of Me
Katie-Lou Sims

Katie-Lou Sims

my bestie isnt she gorgeous i love her =) &lt;3

x0x Realtionships x0x
x0x** DaTe LiKe A mAn.... So YoU dOnT gEt PlAyEd LiKe A bItCh **x0x
x0x** 98% Of TeEnAgErS sAy "I lOvE yOu" AnD dOnT mEaN iT, iF yOu ArE oNe Of ThE 2% tHaT mEaN wHaT yOu SaY tHeN sHoW iT bY pUtTn ThIs On YoUr BeBo **x0x
x0x Beauty x0x
x0x** BeAuTy Is FoUnD iN tHe HeArT;; nOt In ThE eYeS oF sUm JeLiOuS bItCh **x0x
x0x** So WeN yOu SaY iM uGlY i'Ll LaUgH mY cUtE lAuGh SmIlE aNd SaY tHeSe WoRdS **x0x
x0x** DONT HATE ME COZ U AINT ME **x0x =P <3
x0x life x0x
x0x** A rEcEnT sTuDy ShOwS tHaT 92% oF yOuNg AdUlTs HaVe TuRnEd EmO;; iF yOu ArE oNe Of ThE 8% wHo HaVe ReMaInEd GaNgStA aS hElL!! pUt ThIs On YoUr BeBo **x0x
x0x Me n my girls x0x
x0x** We RoCk RiPpEd JeAnS & hUgE sUnGlAsSeS;; tHaT gO wItH oUr "ScReW yOu" AtTuIdEs & "PaRtY hArD" pErSoNaLiTy & We DoNt CaRe If We MeAn A gOd DaMn ThInG tO yOu =) CoZ wErE eVeRyThInG wE nEeD <3 **x0x
x0x Im the girl x0x
x0x** Im NoT jUsT tHe GiRl YoUr MoThEr WaRnEd YoU aBoUt;; Im AlSo A hElL oF aLoT mOrE **x0x Im ThE tYpE oF gIrL tHaT wIlL bUrSt OuT lAuGhInG aT SoMetHiNg ThAt HaPpEnD yEsTeRdAy **x0x
x0x The girls x0x
x0x** KaTiE;;lIzZy;;SaLlY;;tArLiE;;
 ;kRyStAL **x0x
x0x The boys x0x
x0x** MaYhEw;;KeGs;;JaMiL;;fRaNkI;;
 ;kAnE;;mAsKeY;;jAkEy;;CaYlEb **x0x

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  • x0x0x0*BoYs*0x0x0x

    x0x*If YoU dReSs SeXy;; He CaLlS yOu A sLuT*x0x
    x0x*If YoU dOnT dReSs NiCe;; He SaYs YoUr UgLy*x0x0
    x0x*If YoU aRgUe WiTh HiM;; hE sAyS yOuR sTuBbOn*x0x
    x0x*If YoUr QuIeT;; hE sAyS yOuR bOrInG*x0x
    x0x*If YoU cAlL hIm;; He SaYs YoUr NeEdY oR cLiNgY*x0x
    x0x*If He CaLlS yOu;; He SaYs YoU sHoUlD bE gReAtFuL*x0x
    x0x*If YoU dOnT lOvE hIm;; He'Ll TrY tO wIn YoU*x0x
    x0x*If YoU lOvE hIm;; He'Ll LeAvE yOu*x0x
    x0x*If YoU dOnT fUcK hIm;; He'Ll SaY yOu DoNt LoVe HiM*x0x
    x0x*If YoU dO;; hE'lL sAy YoUr EaSy*x0x
    x0x*If YoU tElL hIM yOuR pRoBlEmS;; yOuR iRrItAtInG*x0x
    x0x*If YoU dOnT;; hE'lL sAy YoU dOnT tRuSt HiM*x0x
    x0x*If YoU lEcTuRe HiM;; hE'lL sAy YoUr BiTcHy*x0x
    x0x*If He LeCtUrEs YoU;; hE'lL jUsT bItCh At YoU*x0x
    x0x*If YoU bReAk A pRoMiSe;; YoU cAnT bE tRuStEd*x0x
    x0x*IF He BrEaKs It;; He hAD tO!*x0x
    x0x*If YoU cHeAt;; He ExPeCtS iT tO bE oVeR*x0x
    x0x*If He ChEaTs;; He ExPeCtS AnOtHa ChAnCe*x0x

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  • Todd Maskey


    6/27/09 via Mobile
  • Kay

    hey hey cuzzie what ya been up to???? wel u should reply cos im comin down on the second n i wanna come n see u :)

  • Liz Page
    Liz Page

    hey bitch sdoin?? man i am soo bored .. u gotta stop workin lol jkz jkz well il c ya in lyk 20 minz x liz x lush ya lil sis

  • Kyle
    luv Kyle

    hey sexy what u doin i talkedd to u on the fone ile cum meat u sumtime

  • -A-N-N-Y
    luv -A-N-N-Y

    hello mi smexy girl how are you darling im good i miss u sorri i didnt come out last night i was heaps tired but im up for tonight ill give u a call soon kk xxoo luv u Anny xxoo

  • -Sneps-Tep-
    luv -Sneps-Tep-

    hey hun how are you god i miss you and katie how have you been whats been going on well we all have to hang out soon like the old day well hun im off love you heaps wb darl xoxoxo steph

  • Jadee

    hey gurl.. sori it took so lng 2 get bk 2 u... ive bin gud.. yeah bk in blackheath.. been a lng tym cumin ay.... oh thts great.. havent seen you around.. we should catch up sumtym.. my numba is 0408101592 XxoxX

  • RHino Balboa
    RHino Balboa

    sdoin sxc how u been me all goodskeeeeeeeee................... so wen u cuminn down mounty wayz holla bak tc

  • kegssey
    luv kegssey

    hey gorjus girl im bored so i thought id leave u a comment just to let u know i love u and u r getting ur chrissie present on wednesday

  • RHino Balboa
    RHino Balboa

    hahah wats doin long time no c ay how u been up dder wats been goin on anywayz clap bak peace Dr RINOonerSKE

  • kegssey
    luv kegssey

    i already have spoken to my cousin about it ahahahahahaha & ur not getting it ahahahahahaha but yer i might come so yer im not to excited lol ohhwell love u stax sweets