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Scotty Mason

deleting some of my friend's list it's long :L

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Dark Angel NonCanon

>Designation Code: None.
>Name: Scotty Logan Max Mason
> Parents: Sam and Steve Mason.
> Siblings: Johnny and Liam
> Accelerated motor control, heightened spatial recognition, and advanced logical thinking
/Roleplay Notice/This is a roleplay account I am not Callum Blue. I am not Scotty Mason. I am a girl. If you have a problem with that, then delete me.

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  • Scotty's Abilities

    ■Enhanced strength: An X5's muscular structure is exceptionally dense and powerful. They are capable of easily lifting at least three times their body weight, jumping incredible distances and heights and overpowering virtually any non-transgenic individual they engage in combat. This improved strength not only makes a X5 extremely formidable in hand-to-hand combat, but also allows them to punch and kick through doors, walls, plywood and thin metal, snap a human's spinal column with merely thumb and forefinger, knock an ordinary person unconscious with one solid blow to the head and lift and carry large and heavy objects, weapons, and combat gear with relative ease.
    ■Enhanced speed: X5s can run and move at speeds that are far beyond the physical limits of even the finest human athlete. They can maneuver at speeds of at least 60kph, allowing them to easily outrun any human, and are capable of moving so fast that they blur, which makes it nearly impossible for a non-transgenic to perceive their movements when they are sprinting or moving at full speed.
    ■Enhanced reflexes: The reflexes of a X5 are similarly enhanced and are far greater than normal. In combination with their speed, their reflexes allow them to dodge almost any attack. However they have only been shown to be capable of dodging semi-automatic fire and quick bursts and when surrounded by multiple assailants armed with assault rifles or machine guns they most often are forced to either take cover or take out their attackers as quickly as possible.
    ■Enhanced stamina: An X5's advanced musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than an ordinary human. This allows them to exert themselves for much longer periods of time before fatigue begins to impair them. At their peak, a healthy, uninjured X5 can exert themselves for several hours before the build-up of fatigue toxins in their blood begins to weaken their muscles.
    ■Enhanced agility: An X5's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are equal to, or in most cases beyond, the natural physical limits of even a Olympic athlete. X5s are extremely limber and their tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's. They can perform difficult acrobatics such as fliping forward hand-over-hand for ten feet between a floor and shoulder-height laser grid with ease. They can also easily perform any complicated sequence of gymnastics stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs at speeds and angles that would be highly difficult or impossible for a ordinary human.
    ■Enhanced durability: An X5's body is physically tougher and more resistant to injury than the body of a normal human. Although they can still be damaged and killed by knives, stabbing weapons, bullets, shrapnel, and kinetic impact, their bodies hold together much better than normal. They can withstand great impacts, such as falling from a height of several stories or being struck by a opponent of similar or greater physical strength, that would severely injure or kill a normal human with little to no discomfort.
    ■Enhanced immune system and metabolism: The metabolism and immune system of the X5s is greatly enhanced. They are virtually immune to most poisons and drugs, except in very large doses, and their accelerated metabolism allows them to stay in near perfect shape with only light exercise. This also makes it extremely difficult for them to become intoxicated from alcohol. X5s are also immune to most standard bio-warfare agents and diseases and it is nearly impossible for them to catch a cold or common flu.
    ■Enhanced regenerative capabilities: The X5s were engineered with a massive amount of raw stem cells in their blood, giving them and their blood accelerated healing abilities. They have been able to heal and fully recover from injuries such as gunshot wounds, broken bones, damaged organs, and pulled and/or torn muscles at incredible rates.

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  • Starters


    Connor shut the door to his office and made his way out the building out on to the street before turning to set the alarm and lock the door behind him. You couldn't too careful even in a small town, he thought to himself. A flash of blue light appeared on his fingertips and Connor shook out his hand, looking around to see if anyone had noticed instead he saw mostly an empty street.


    Connor sat nursing a Jack Daniels, his first drink in a few years but it had been one of the hardest days in his firm, when he had had to fire over 30 people. Rubbing the back of his neck, he twisted the glass with the other as he watched the other members in the hotel bar

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  • About Connor's Life

    Full Name: Connor James Davies Bond

    Connor is the younger twin to Cooper John Davies Bond, older brother to Melissa, Taylor-Anne and Charlie.
    When Connor was 18, he thought he had found the love of his life in Kylie Summers, they became engaged but one drunken night with their best friend, that Connor wouldn't change for the world as it resulted in the birth of his beautiful daughter Suri Kylie
    Connor and Kylie broke up, and soon after he found out Kylie was dying and when she did die, he felt so lost and alone. One night, he got so drunk then decided to go for a spin in his car, almost killing his friend Naomi and himself.
    While Connor was in hospital, Cooper helped get him back to the person he once was for his daughter's sake, now however Connor doesn't drink.
    For a while, Connor dated his friend Maddi, and his daughter went missing, due to his focusing on finding Suri, he and Maddi broke up and a month later, Suri was found safe and sound. Connor is big on family, thinking he'd never find love again, he adopted two sisters Paige Daniella and Taylor Jessica; as sisters for his daughter. Now they all live with their pup a seven month old chocolate lab called Tobie

    Parents: Hanna Madison Juliet Bond Davies and Daniel James (deceased)
    Step-dad: Peter Davies (Melissa's dad)
    Siblings: twin: Cooper John Bond Davies Exeter (he changed it ),
    little sisters: Melissa Grace Bond Tyler and Taylor Anne Bond Davies
    little brother: Charlie Jack Bond Davies
    Best friends with: Lesley Jones, Charlie Davies, Adam Harper, Bella Bellmore and Kylie Summers
    Uncle of: Finnely James, Riley Imogen and Melana Leila Tyler, Arin Jane and Alvey Jack Marks
    Father to: Suri Kylie Noelle Bellmore Bond
    Brother In Law of: James Tyler and Maya Banks Bond
    My Daughters
    -Suri Noelle Kylie Bellmore Bond- Suri is my daughter with Bella Bellmore, I love Suri so much i would do anything to protect her from anyone who tries to hurt her. So guys beware hurt my daughter I won't be the nice Connor you all know.
    -Paige Daniella Davies Bond&Taylor Jessica Davies Bond- My adopted daughters, they're actual sisters . Paige and Jess
    -Hanna&Peter- My mom and (Step)Dad, they are great together, I glad my mom chose Pete (Melissa's dad) instead of Adam (Tay's and Charlie's dad). -Coop- My twin brother Cooper John Bond Exeter Davies =P We're identical -Maggie (Melissa)- My little Sister Maggie (Melissa Grace), I love her=]. -James- Maggie's Hubby he's her first and only love =D -Tay and Charlie- My little brother (Charlie) and sister (Taylor-Anne). They are great =] -Finn, Ril, Lanie, Al, Arinny&Stratchen- Maggie's children. Out of all Maggie's and Coop's kids, I'm closest to Arin and Riley. Mostly Riley cause like me, she is the second born and level headed .
    Scared Of
    anyone hurting Suri. my mom, my lil sisters, my brothers basically any family member and my friends
    The People of my life
    -Kylie Summers- Kylie Summers was the sweetest person, I miss Kylie so much so does Bella....
    -Bella Bellmore- Bella Bellmore is one of my oldest friends i love her in ways words can't describe, she is one of the greatest nicest people i have ever known. She used to be married to my ex-best mate Jeremy even after his stunt with my cousin Ashley.
    -Naomi- What can i say about Naomi she's great despite what i did accidently did and i'm still really sorry about that Nem I love Nem she's wonderful very special
    -Maddison- Maddi is well no words can describe her she's just that special to me =D Love you too Maddi
    -Summer- Summer i not long ago met Summer but she's nice and great

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  • 'вrιdɢeт

    i say we roleplay. :3

    Mar 25
  • - BridgetWood -
    - BridgetWood -

    How are you?

    Mar 24
  • 'BoomBoomPow

    Yeah thats the show about the french.

    I have two characters on this account but i mainly use one. I got Dean Winchester and Arthur Pendragon but i assume Dean is the best for the both of us.

    Mar 22
  • 'BoomBoomPow

    Ive been relaxing at home watching tv and chilling out. Now im lying in bed watching Allo Allo.

    Whats your character about so we can roleplay soon :)

    Mar 22
  • 'BoomBoomPow

    Im fantastic, you been up to much? you hadnt been online for ages!

    Mar 22
  • 'BoomBoomPow

    how are you?

    Mar 22
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  • - BridgetWood - Mar 10
  • 'вrιdɢeт

    storyline, tell me about scotty. :o

    Mar 10
  • 'вrιdɢeт

    would you like to roleplay? :o

    Mar 10
  • 'вrιdɢeт

    I had a Max, she was my aunty :3 and Alec, and Ben :L

    Mar 10
  • 'вrιdɢeт

    Ive been around since 2006, wish we could of met sooner damnit. :( :L

    Mar 10
  • 'вrιdɢeт

    Really? ive been here for ages and the only Dark Angel accounts ive seen were Alec's :L though my Alec left bebo a year ago, so ive been pretty much alone in that category for awhile.

    Mar 10
  • 'вrιdɢeт

    Finally, six years of roleplaying a Dark Angel non cannon and another appears. :L

    Mar 10
  • Scotty Mason 1/2/13
  • Scotty Mason 1/2/13
  • luv Katherine.

    I have an Autumn account if you want a love interest. :) http://www.bebo.com/HeavilyBroken_x

  • Little April Showers
    Little April Showers

    Thanks for accepting

    10/31/10 via Mobile
  • Scotty Mason
    Scotty Mason

    No more arguements Promise. Or at least mail it to me.

  • Maddi.

    Okay then well bye then and welcome back.