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Congrats! Kamra she is beautiful!

2/19/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Be Everything, Be All
Me, Myself, and I
age: 18
b-day: dec. 13
hair and eye color: Brown
loves candy!!!

Some things she likes:

God! its hard to live without him. RODEO! being with friends. MY MUSIC food!!! her cell her ipod her life cheering running track Barrel racing haveing fun All the foxes! The VELMERS! RED DIAMOND TEA converse! My pick-up

doing crazy and unheard of stuff with my friends! ( yea im pretty sure we are better than you and your friends)


stupid stuff that makes no sense. Too much drama. pepsi

Be everything, be all you can be!


Whoo.... there are many!!!
ROCK! mhm any kind...and some country.
I watch mostly anything but if it starts out boring then thats the end of it most of the time. But my favs are 10 Things I Hate About You, Varsity Blues, Ever After and Stick it.
RODEO is the best but I also cheer, i used to run track.... and i love watching football (most boys look good in football suits) and basketball is super fun to watch especailly our fox boys! its awesome!
Scared Of
The dark sumtimes but i just pray and then I"m just fine!
Happiest When
With my friends, family, eating candy or just food in general, talking to my buds, and just doing stupid crap. and riding horses or being outside.

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  • its a SURVEY!!!! (im bored)

    1. Where is your cell phone?
    it is at the place that it gets fixed

    2. Boyfriend/girlfriend?
    Yep! Travis O

    3. Your hair?
    is Up

    4. Your mother?
    She is AWESOME!!!! Jennifer Ruth!

    5. Your father?
    He is the BEST Dad ever!

    6. Your favorite thing?
    It would be GOD and my life

    7. Your dream last night?
    It was very Strange....

    8. Your favourite drink?
    Oh Water or RED DIAMOND TEA

    9.Your dream house?
    A nice Ranch House

    10. The room you're in?
    My Room

    11. Your ex?
    HA! he isnt my ex now...(but thats a good thing he's not)

    12. Your fear?
    Hm im not sure

    13.Dream Career?

    14. Where were you last night?
    Babysitting at my house

    15. What you're not right now?
    Im not sleeping

    16. Muffins?
    oh i like muffins

    17. One of your wish list items?
    Live Life to the Fullest

    18. Where you grew up?
    Pennsylvaina and here

    19. The last thing you did?
    said goodnight to my dad

    20. What are you wearing?

    21. Your TV?
    its off

    22.Your pet or pets?
    Oh there are many

    23. Your computer?
    is messing up

    24.Your Life?
    Is Wonderful

    25. Your Mood?
    OH id say im in a good mood...but a little bored

    26. Missing someone?

    29. Your work?
    I do stuff around the ranch, Babysit and clean a house

    31. Like someone?

    32. Your favorite color?

    33. When is the last time you laughed?
    just about 30 minutes ago

    0 Comments 233 weeks

  • HOLY CRAP!!!!

    Here lately i have been wondering where the time has gone. i cant beleive that this school year is almost over! its crazy....i wanna go back to the first of this year and relive it...well maybe not it went pretty good. i guess i dont want to be a senior bc im afraid after we graduate we wont all be together all the time (the junior class) like we always are well at least half of us.....(i consider us pretty close) I dont want to graduate and then us all go our separate ways and hardly ever hang out, i want us to stay together until we die..... i know that sounds crazy but idk what id do without all these crazy people! We are so very entertaining.....there is never a dull moment. i want to see us in our motor scooters, walkers, and healthy old us chasing our grandkids at the velma picnic or whatever get together we are at. Idk we prolly will stay close but I still say that the years have flown by.

    idk if any of this made sence to whoever you are reading this but hey maybe it wasnt suppost to...... but it does to me. (feel free to leave a comment)

    :) ♥♥♥

    0 Comments 233 weeks

  • a lil something i just thought about.............u should take some time to read and think about.


    well i do say i do have a bunch of friends...... some that are there all the time and some that come and go some that prolly just use me to get a goal in life. either way i guess its all good i am who i am thats just all your gonna get out of me. i have been thru a whole lot since jr high to my hs years and i have had and still do have great ppl that helped me thru it all.... its always good to kno you have someone to talk to and just let it all out BUT there are some ppl that you shouldnt even say anything you dont want out in the open 2. and then there are ppl like me that have come to realize that just keep it all to yourself if ppl wanted others to kno then they would of got on a stage and grabbed a microphone. and plus what your hear isnt always correct u kno how many mouths its rolled out of and how many times it has been twisted up and became something else. its happened many times and ppl have beleived it all. ( i have believe and repeated) its called gossip....and i have come to hate it. and believe me i have made mistakes of sayin the wrong things ( or mistakes in general) and ive prolly hurt some ppl and im sorry for that ( wow! look see what talkin bout friends came to). welp just to say it THANK YOU!!! friends you kno who you are and im so glad you are in my life to make it what it is today!

    and please comment this..... well you dont have 2.

    2 Comments 261 weeks

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  • Ciaraa
    luv Ciaraa

    Helo JilLian!!! Thanx 4 being 1 of my friends!!! I Love You!!! Look At My Rocker Dude!!! > \m/(-_-)\m/

  • T.Holder

    Hows it goin!!!!!

  • T.Holder

    Hey Hey Hey

  • Rachal Leigh Rowe
    Rachal Leigh Rowe

    Pretty good! Thankx for asking ^_^

  • luv Nikki Warren

    i think i shuld get moved up on that top ppl :D can't wait til the ringling velma game.. gunna be the SHiT! love you!

  • Kamra Nix
    luv Kamra Nix

    hey hunni, what have you been up to? i havent talked to you in awhile thought id check in on ya lol, we miss you so much, we might be comin down in a couple weeks im not sure but when we do you best be ready lol cuz im definitely guna see you this time i promise, i think we might try to catch a game if we can to watch you guys, but ttyl love yous tons

  • Kalob King
    Kalob King

    O ya I'm so excited about the game tom it will be good to have a win on our record.

  • Kalob King
    Kalob King

    Why won't you be at the game.

  • Kalob King
    Kalob King

    Thinking about fridays game i can't wait I'm loving school getting to spend time with my friends I'm not ready to grad.

  • Kalob King
    Kalob King

    Hows it going.

  • Jeremiah Rowe
    Jeremiah Rowe

    hey still in to paramore they have an brand new album coming out called brand new eyes the first single is called ingnorance but i havent herd it yet.

  • Miss Bonnie Ann

    Seth told me the red and white scrimmage is the first day of school and the football boys can't go with us or they can't play!

  • Miss Bonnie Ann

    Yea, but if its any constellation i wrote it to you first. lol And we may have a slight problem with our plans! :(

    8/6/09 via Mobile
  • Miss Bonnie Ann

    Hello Friend! (yea i watch little bill wayy too much) I was just sitting here and I was like it has been a super duper long time since I talked to you (okay okay yesterday isnt that long but still). How are you enjoying the last few weeks of summer? 17 days left! I thank with that being said that you, Jordan, and I need to discuss a few things. About a certain first day of school. lol Have a super duper day! (even though its like 10:30 in the night time) -ME ☮☮☮♥ ♥ ♥ :) :) :) -Peace, Love, and Happiness-