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Silvy Deuchar

I am so in love with our gorgeous wee boy Dax!! he is sooo gorgeous!! mummy-hood is the best!!!! xxxx

10/22/09 | me too! | Reply

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Always make time to laugh...it is the music of the soul xxx
Me, Myself, and I
IM MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Thats me finally Mrs Deuchar and i have to say it is everything i ever wished for and more... it was the best day of my life xxxx Thank you to everyone for making it so special for us.
Kenny...you are the love of my life and the best husband anyone could ask for xxx I love you so much xx We have just had our gorgeous wee boy Dax, he is the most precious wee soul i could ever imagine... we love you so much xxxx

Pink, Madonna, Snowpatrol, Stereophonics, jack johnston, James Blount....and how could i forget...Savage Garden :) xx
Our son Dax, he is the love of our lives xxx My husband Kenny...your my world xxx my amazing family who have encouraged me and loved me so much xxxx lying in bed cuddled up, laughing, kennys sense of humour, soft pillows, animals, porridge, pink, music, my engagement ring!, my work, driving, meeting new people, watching kenny scoring goals, babies, sleeping, nearly sleeping, anything that involves being cosy in bed really!!! :-) xxxxx
I Achieved...
Getting to the final of Miss Scotland ... The swimsuit photo in the Sun newspaper may haunt me forever but it was all fun! xx
Scared Of...
All insects with shells!! Aaagghh! Pigeons...what are they all about?? They never seem to know where theyre going??
Happiest When...
In bed cuddled up!! Spending time with the people i love - My gorgeous husband and son :-) and great friends and family xxx On a girly night out... ;-) xx
Fave quote...
"Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it!"

"How simple it is to see that all the worry in the world cannot control the future. How simple it is to see that we can only be happy now, and that there will never be a time when it is not now."
Asked on what occasions she drank champagne....
Lily Bollinger replied...I drink it when i am happy, also i drink it when i am sad. Sometimes i drink it when i am alone. In company i drink it for sure. Even when i have no appetite, i like to take a glass of it, and when i do have an appetite of course i reach for it. But otherwise i do not touch it... unless i am thirsty!
The Other Half Of Me
Kenny Deuchar

Kenny Deuchar

My gorgeous Husband!! ;-) xxx

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  • Girls

    When a GIRL is quiet ... millions of things are running in her mind. When a GIRL is not arguing ... she is thinking deeply. When a GIRL looks at u with eyes full of questions ... she is wondering how long you will be around. When a GIRL answers " I'm fine " after a few seconds ... she is not at all fine.

    When a GIRL stares at you ... she is wondering why you are lying. When a GIRL lays on your chest ... she is wishing for you to be hers forever. When a GIRL wants to see you everyday... she wants to be pampered. When a GIRL says " I love you " ... she means it. When a GIRL says " I miss you " ... no one in this world can miss you more than that.

    Life only comes around once make sure u spend it with the right person .... Find a guy ... who calls you beautiful instead of hot. who calls you back when you hang up on him. who will stay awake just to watch you sleep. Wait for the guy who ... kisses your forehead. Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your jammies. Who holds your hand in front of his friends. Who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you. Who turns to his friends and says, " That's her!! "

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  • Life

    Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
    Life is beauty, admire it.
    Life is bliss, taste it.
    Life is a dream, realize it.
    Life is a challenge, meet it.
    Life is a duty, complete it.
    Life is a game, play it.
    Life is a promise, fulfill it.
    Life is sorrow, overcome it.
    Life is a song, sing it.
    Life is a struggle, accept it.
    Life is a tragedy,confront it.
    Life is an adventure, dare it.
    Life is luck, make it.
    Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
    Life is life....fight for it xxxx

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  • nurse


    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    Did you hear about the nurse who died and went straight to hell??
    It took her two weeks to realize she wasnt at work!

    You may be a nurse if..... You believe that every patient needs TLC...
    Temazepam, Lorazepam and Chlorpromazine.

    You would like to meet the inventor of the nurse buzzer system some night in a dark alley.

    You believe not all patients are annoying, some are unconscious.

    Your sense of humour gets more warped each year.

    Your kids get their presents in TED stockings and hospital pillowcases and their presents are wrapped with Micropore tape.

    You know the phone number of every late night food delivery place by heart.

    Almost everything can seem funny ... eventually.

    When asked by the doctor what colour that patients diarrhoea was, you show them your shoes. If they missed your shoes, you use the well-known "poo curry colour scale" ranging from chicken korma to spinach vindaloo.

    You can identify different causes of diarrhoea by the smell of it.

    Every time you walk you make a jingling noise because of all the keys, scissors and clamps in your pocket.

    You can tell the pharmacist more about the medication they are dispensing than they know.

    You use bladder lavage bags to drip water onto your plants when youre on holiday.

    You refuse to watch Casualty because its too much like the real thing and it triggers flashbacks or.... Your family refuse to let you watch Casualty because you spend the whole time correcting everyone and pointing out upside down X-rays.

    You avoid answering the phone on your day off in case anyone from the hospital is trying to call and beg you to work.

    Youve been telling stories in a restaurant and made someone at another table throws up.

    You notice that you are using even more 4 letter words than you did before you started nursing.

    Youve seriously considered catheterising your children before a long car journey.

    Every time someone asks you for a pen you can find at least 4 of them on you. Most of them have the names of laxatives on them.

    You dont get excited about blood; unless its your own.

    You live by the motto "to be right is only half the battle, to convince the doctor is more difficult"

    Youve basted your Christmas turkey with a 50ml syringe.

    Youve told a confused patient that your name was that of your co-worker and to shout if they need help.

    Eating crisps out of a clean sick-bowl is perfectly normal.

    Your bladder can expand to the size of a Winnebagos water tank.

    When checking the level of a patients orientation you arent sure of the day yourself. Or if nightshift, the month. (oh how very true!)

    You find yourself checking out other customers veins in supermarket queues.

    You can sleep soundly at the hospital cafeteria table on your dinner break and are not embarrassed when you wake up.

    You avoid unhealthy looking people in the shopping centre for fear that they will drop dead near you and youll have to do CPR on your day off.

    You throw a farewell buffet for a co-worker and use a bed sheet for a tablecloth and bedpans to hold the nachos.

    You often stay awake for 24+ hrs at a time when you work nights and realise you dont need alcohol or drugs to hallucinate just lack of sleep...

    You pull over in a layby after working nights because you are too tired to drive home and wake up to someone knocking on your window thinking you&ve had a stroke because youre passed out in your car drooling.

    Your finger has gone into places you never thought possible.

    Youve seen more penises than any prostitute.

    Youve sworn to have "Do Not Resuscitate" tattooed on your chest. Soon.

    If you are not a nurse and have been read this by a friend who is, its just to help you understand our mindset and questionable mental state!

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"Before you get up in arms over a debate escalating among your friends about who you should and shouldn't date, take all comments with a grain of salt. They could be overreacting about your idea of perfection."

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  • Congratulations

    love from kimberley and david xxxxxxxxxxx

    Kimberley B 0 Replies
  • just 4u hunni!

    just sprinkiling you page with love
    * + * * . + * .*.
    . * + * JUST * + .
    + . . * + . + * . * +
    * . + *SPRINKLING.* + .
    + . . * + . + * . * + .
    + , *YOUR. + * PAGE+ *
    + . . * + . + * . * + .*
    . * * + . * WITH.* .
    + . SOME. * + * * . + * .
    . * + * * + . *+ *
    + ..LOVE.. * + . +
    + . . *...

    Gina Trotter 0 Replies

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  • Irish And UK Bebo Hotties

    hey there can i put a pic of u up honey

  • Hannah Sneddon
    luv Hannah Sneddon

    yey ! congratulations on little dax, & take care :DD x

  • Ashley W
    luv Ashley W

    congratulations 2 u all bet he,s georgeous take care n enjoy him x x

    10/23/09 via Mobile
  • Kylie Morrison
    luv Kylie Morrison

    congratulations doll! hope uz all doin gd xxxx

    10/17/09 via Mobile
  • Gina Trotter
    luv Gina Trotter

    sum special love for u and dax xxxx well done babe xx

  • Jill Templeton
    luv Jill Templeton

    Congratulations to u both! Hope u and bambino doin ok! :D :D X x

    10/15/09 via Mobile
  • Gemma
    luv Gemma

    congrats hun cant wait to meet him...catch up when ur ready xxxxx

  • Gemma
    luv Gemma

    hey hun, how are you? bet your totally fed up. any day now i suppose. xxx

  • Donna Allison
    luv Donna Allison

    hi silvy how r u only a wk 2 u due date eh take care luv donna x xx

  • Gina Trotter
    luv Gina Trotter

    sum luv for baby 4baby deuchar :D xxx

    10/1/09 via Mobile
  • Michelle Hodgson
    luv Michelle Hodgson

    hi silvy, hope ur well babe? yeah my wee yin arrived 6 weeks early. had a horrendous time in labour but he was worth it. he was only 4lb 1oz so we had to stay in neo natal for a fortnight. he's doing great. not long to ur wee one arrives? i bet ur getting fed up now. i'm so glad it's all over now. take care babe. xx

  • Ashley W
    Ashley W

    We r absolutly fine darlin oli 4 in 2wks its crazy went so fast keep in touch let me no how things go and when baby d arrives so xcitin x x

    9/21/09 via Mobile
  • Ashley W
    luv Ashley W

    Hey silv hows u darlin was jst thinkin bout u thot drop u wee msg take care sweetheart x x

    9/21/09 via Mobile
  • Jumpin Jaks - Dumfries
    Jumpin Jaks - Dumfries

    Hi Silvy Deuchar, Just a reminder to keep voting on our poll,yes or no for Danny Dyer in jaks?Vote now!!! We hope you all enjoyed the foam party on Friday night?All the pics are now up for you to look at and steal ENJOY!! Friday4th September we have Christmas Revisited SNOW PARTY,with for the first time ever a SNOW CANNON.Anyone in christmas gear will get in 4 free!! Bank Holiday Sunday,PYJAMA PARTY THIS SUNDAY ALL DRINKS £1!!! FREE ENTRY IN PYJAMAS!!! Dont forget to book ur party for free entry free bubbly party area and party bag,just call 01387261440 and book for free!! Password of the week is "eh aw like a donkey"for free entry all nights b4r 12 See you at the weekend James Prior Darren Gray General Manager Entertainment Manager

  • Mr Cairney
    Mr Cairney

    happin wee yin hows u when u working next x

  • Donna Allison
    luv Donna Allison

    hi silvy hope u putting u feet up not b long ! take care did u get card x x

  • Jodie Crosbie
    luv Jodie Crosbie

    Im ok thanks jst workin as a home cared the now, u jk stayin in dumfries? Get some pics up ur bump! Cant believe it's only 8 weeks times flew by xx

    8/10/09 via Mobile
  • Nicola Bradley.Keenan

    Did you get my email? x x