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Marshalls uploaded, give it a listen

3/27/08 | me too! | Reply

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The Lads Productions Self Published
Cork Ireland
Metallica (Biggest), Corrosion of Conformity, bit of down and a hell of alot more, be all day typing em out!!!!
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About Me

Originally Vas Deferens and soon to be somthing else...probably
Me, Myself, and I
Kris- Bass Guitar
Gearoid - Lead Guitar
Connor - Drums
Will - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Any suggestions for another band name, we're stumped!

Let us know wht ya think, all critism is welcome just as long as its constructive!?! Otherwise keep it to urself asshole, i kid... but serious i will hurt you!!!

The caged life and wasted ambitions will prob never be played live by us, not enough happenin on them really, but hey its a small sample of wht were like!!

Uploaded 3 new ones, No where to go, take your fear and back home hope ya enjoy.

2 more in the bag, Marshall and Grant Me Peace, debuted at the UCC botb's if u were lucky enough to hear em!!!

Just uploaded Marshall, mixed it at quite a high volume(im no techy) so if it sounds a little distorted just turn the volume down a little!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

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End Of Enter Sandman by Us

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  • Thankyou Guys!

    Seriously,last night (June 4th) rocked!!We were all pleasently suprised with the turnout and the intensity of the gig!!Unfortunately its the last you'll be hearing of us till the new college year...stooopid lead singer and basis going to America.....but in the mean time be sure to keep listening to our songs here on bebo and what not...andkeep an eye out for maybe one or two sideprojects coming yer way!


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  • Take Your Fear (lyrics)

    Verse 1:
    Stain on the wall, crack in the seems,
    Innocence of childhood is no longer seen.
    How can one care for a life so obsolete,
    Its hard to believe the world was at your feet.

    Now go!
    Take your fear!

    Your dying, so slowly, this disease has taken over you.
    We're crying, so lonely, for the life you threw away

    Verse 2:
    Stare at the day from behind your glass,
    A place where you watched them go by so fast.
    Night after night, nothing ever changed.
    Fear kept you down, so to this life remain chained.



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  • No Where To Go (lyrics)

    Verse 1:
    Hand on my face,
    Walking to light,
    That seems to burn,
    The back of my eyes.
    I breath this world,
    In once more,
    My throat tears slowly as i get off the floor.
    Running no where cause life chases me, places theres no need to go.
    I trip im falling it hurts cant you see, our time will never pass slow.

    Oh as we run to nowhere, pushed my life.
    No its not fair, how were forced and thrown into fight.

    Verse 2:
    The night before,
    Creeps upon me,
    Tearing me down,
    Head in a hole,
    Wishing for end,
    Hits tenfold more, yet id do it again.
    Shadows surround yet theres nothing achevied, comfort begins to take hold.
    Footsteps i walk are found in my lifes weave, this age is just one more fold.


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  • Grainne Ruane

    Ur hot....;) xxxx

  • luv William Landry

    Hey fuckers, hope your havin a good summer, i sure am!!!! Itching to play my guitar!!! See ye in Sept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luv Michelle

    hey class page, i saw d comment on d metallica page, so jus said id check ye out, ye sound savage by d way.

  • Blackmoth

    Blackmoth likes what it sees, looks like an awesome band! have a look at us too XD

  • Colin Murray
    luv Colin Murray

    Some gig last night lads!!! Ye kicked ass!!! Well done and i look forward to gettin somethin goin for the summer!

  • Claudia Lee
    Claudia Lee

    Hey lads would i be able to get an email address for the band/one of you? Cheers Claudia

  • Claudia Lee
    Claudia Lee

    sorry now lads time has changed to half 8 cheers!! :D

  • Kieran Nilles

    Fuck you bastards wait till i come back to kick your ass! I guees you still remenber me

  • luv Rory Vaughan

    I love you! And I took that picture!!

  • Premium Costello
    Premium Costello

    ye up for playing a gig with us on the 19th in cruisccin . get on to me soon ye legends , cheers

  • Colin Murray
    luv Colin Murray

    Unreal stuff altogether!!!! Really enjoyed the other night!!!

  • Daragh Mansfield
    Daragh Mansfield

    Hey lads great gig last night, ye really got the crowd going!

  • Premium Costello
    Premium Costello

    good luck tonight i will be there throwing shit down for yee

  • Chris

    Good luck tonight lads. Play really badly, the judges seem to like bands that have no mucical talent!!! Il be in statoil thinkin of ye!!

  • Connor Griffin

    Oh nice!the band picture does not have me in it....well we'll just see about that!

  • Claudia Lee
    Claudia Lee

    v good impressed!!! lads ye did great job at suas!!!! jus thankin ye again!!!! wz wonderin aswel if yer up for comin to savoy friday 22nd to suppport the lads avalanche effect burn us both and.... high water!!!! it would be great!!! this might be a once off thing but it might not... also wonderin if ye hav any demos??? oh n bring as many ppl as ye can to savoy!!! onlt e4 per head!!!!