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Bullet For My Valentine

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The Poison Major Label
Bridgend, South Wales, UK United States
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

Vocals – Matthew 'Matt' Tuck
Guitar – Michael 'Padge' Paget
Drums - Michael 'Moose' Thomas
Bass – Jason 'Jay' James

Bullet for My Valentine sometimes known as "Bullet" or "BFMV" is a metalcore band from Bridgend (South Wales.) Formed in 1998 they originally played Metallica, Limp Bizkit and Nirvana covers. They play a unique kind of metal, inspired by heavy metal and thrash, resulting in diverse songs, some more melodic, but especially in the older ones — much screaming can be heard, causing them to have a sound that is categorized into metalcore.

Thisband is now becoming a very well known band with many people listning to there music and supporting them. with all our heart we thank this band for doing what they have done and we hpe that there are more albums to come cause use guys rock !!!!

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Bullet For My Valentine - Hand Of Blood

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  • Sat 17 Feb - Day 30 of the making of cd No. 2

    Sat 17 Feb - Day 30

    Ok, so, we had to go away from the studio for a few days doodz.

    We flew into L.A. on Wednesday, and we had to do a KROQ radio show. The best part tho, was that it was a skiing resort 8000 feet up some mountain in California!!!! SNOW everywhere, log cabins, huge lakes, great beer and good friends. But damn it was cold!!! like, -15!!

    so we played the show, which was outside in the 'patio' area of the bar, on the bottom of the slopes. Had a weird one but I think we all enjoyed it. Because we were so high up it was difficult to breathe!!! So, we signed some things and headed back down the mountain. 2 hours later we get to the bottom!

    We check into a hotel on sunset blvd, proper posh like!! Wash up and head out for drinks at THE RAINBOW.

    We get there and the ales and shots, start flowing thick and fast!!!
    RON JEREMY is present, tidy!!!
    One of the MURDERDOLLS is too!!
    We all get smashed, have a great nite and fly back to El Paso to resume recording.

    So, it was kind of a wild trip but an experience nonetheless.

    Back at the ranch, Matt is really diggin' into his guitar parts, Moose has gone home because he's finished tracking. Me and Jay are just jamming out and rehearsing our parts and, oh, MACHINE HEAD are gonna pop into the studio on monday to record a b side for their new album, how fuckin' awesome is that!?!?!?

    Update by - Padge

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  • The Making Of Bullet For My Valentines New CD

    Fri 09 Feb - Day 22

    So, the drums are now FINISHED and sounding amazing!

    Padge is currently in the studio getting guitar tones for the album with Colin

    Matt is away in LA in meetings for a couple days, when he gets back he will be recording all his rhythm guitar tracks

    We've been writing new songs in between tracking, we've also found a couple other ways of passing the time when we're not recording :> see the pictures!

    So it's onto guitars now for a few days, then out to LA for our show on the 15th Feb, we'll see some of you there!

    Update by - Jay

    Wed 07 Feb - Day 20

    Yo I'm almost done on my parts mofo's, sounds HUGE!!

    Update by - Moose

    Sun 04 Feb - Day 17

    Moose has finished 'The Album' doodz, he just has 2 possible tracks to do, but they are not yet finished!!! Metal as fuk!!!

    Today, we are gonna jam out some ideas and arrangements for the new tracks so it should be a fun day.

    The guys went shopping yesterday and came back with todays lunch... ...FISHFINGERS, CHIPS AND BEANS!!! We can't wait. Tidy!!

    We had some more good wines last nite, red of course. Now Moose and I are gonna chip-in for a case of the good stuff. "I'm gettin' into my wine" ha ha.

    Guitars will be starting early next week. Bring on the metal!!!

    We are flying to L.A. for a show on the 15th, which could be fun...............

    Take care doodz!!!

    Update by - Padge

    Fri 02 Feb - Day 15

    MOOSE has now finished 8 tracks off the new record. man its sounding heavy!!

    Colin reckons he has beat 'The Poison' drum sound already so that's wicked!

    He only has 4 (including 2 brand new tracks) to go, so big up for Moosey!!!

    Guitars should be getting under way the beginning of next week, cant wait!!!

    This new album is gonna be heavy as shit, better, stronger drum parts, metal riffery, badass solo's (lots of 'em!), and killer basslines!!!

    I'm excited as hell!

    We all went out for dinner last nite, it was a real posh restaurant, we had great food, some quality red wines and we tried a bottle of 'LOUIS 13th'.
    It's a 75 year old bottle of Congac and costs $2000 a bottle, tidy!!!
    We should ask for some on our rider ha ha!!!

    So, thats about it dudes.

    Update by - Padge

    Sat 27th Jan - Day 9

    Moose has now got 3 tracks completed, Matt just did 3 new guide tracks so we will have 6 finished soon!

    Update by - Padge

    Fri 26th Jan - Day 8

    Moose is now onto his 3rd drum track. The sound is great!

    Matt today decided he had to go one better than Padge and bought himself a 150 quad bike.

    Update by - Jay

    Wed 24th Jan - Day 6

    Moose and Colin got the drum sound they were after, Moose began the first drum track today!

    Padge has had enough waiting around and has bought himself a 125 motorbike.

    Update by - Jay

    Sun 21st Jan - Day 3

    This again was spent on 'pre-drum-production' if you like, this day was just finding the right sound for each drum, this is a long boring process for Moose just hitting each drum untill Colin was happy.

    Each day since then has been the same more or less, they still aint happy wid the drum sound, but they are gettin' very close now! Meanwhile me and the boys have just been jammin' the new stuff and shootin' pool.

    It was Matt's birthday on Sat' so we had a few drinks in the game room, he had a cake too!

    It's the 5th day now and it is snowin!!!

    Sat 20th Jan - Day 2

    Today Moose's kit was set up ready to record, all the skins had to be changed and tuned. The rest of us were in the living quarters just jammin and chillin' really.

    They set up the drums with the appropriate mic's and stuff, this took all day including tuning etc.

    Fri 19th Jan - Day 1

    So after about 24 hours of travelling we we woke up on the first day jetlagged to f**k, this day was just gettin used to the time change and setting up for a jam through the stuff so Colin (Richardson - our producer) could listen to it and tell us

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