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X Shannan X

:( never knw how much u miss somethink untill its finally gone :(

1/10/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
ღ♥ღ*gσєs.вy*:shannan cartwright
ღ♥ღ*вℓσωη.συt*: 16 candles
ღ♥ღ*вσяη.ιn*: church village hospital
ღ♥ღ*ρяσρєяту.σƒ*: no1
ღ♥ღ*є∂υ¢αтє∂*: porth comp
ღ♥ღ*ℓινєs.Iη*: rhondda
ღ♥ღ*ℓσσкs.тняυ*: blue eyes
ღ♥ღ*вяυsнєs*: ginger/blond hightlights
ღ♥ღ*ωαℓкs.ση*: size 8
ღ♥ღ*ℓινes.Fσя*: my family n friends
ღ♥ღ*נσв*: student
ღ♥ღ*ℓσνє**: ??????
ღ♥ღ*ριєя¢ιηgs*: ears


..:* Hάтεяѕ
*Giяlѕ Bεεи Sρяεadiи Rυмσυяs Toякiη Bεнiиd Mч Bacк..=[ * shan Did Tнiѕ.... * shan Did Tнaт.... Wεll *shan* Doи""т Giνε A *.Fυck.* Nσш Gσ Sρяεad Tнaт!

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We All DoO And Say Things That We Regret In The Morning...
But Remember,,#
Drunken Minds Speak For Sober Hearts
anythin tidy lyk :L
:D twilight is amazin i luv it :D
horse riding
Scared Of
Happiest When
horse riding and with my mates
msn addy
The dirty looks, The jealous stares, The funny thing is u think i care, id rather b a Bitch than a hoe... Im known for wat i do, nt hu i screw, some say im a BITCH... Yeah i mite be, bt i dnt remember askin ne of u to lyk me? Im just me thats all, I can be no mre, you may nt lyk me and thats ok, im just me and this is hw ill stay........

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  • ElliseBabess.
    luv ElliseBabess.

    Hellooo :) Yeaa im brill thanx youu? Singin (: Freeze the moment, its never been better(8) Hehee ;D Yes i went school 2day :) Bur not yesterday as u knw :P :L Aw heres it bak (:

  • ElliseBabess.

    i woke up in a hospital bed Because I Couldnt Move, I Asked The Doctor Whats Going On? He Said You Dont Remember? It All Happened At School. He Told Me 'Your Friend Had A Problem With Some People At School And Was Almost Shot - You Jumped In Front Of Them And Took The Bullet Yourself. Lucky You Didnt Die. Youre Going To Be Ok Though, So Dont Worry. Now I Think To Myself Im Happy I Took That Bullet For You Because It Wouldve Hurt Even More To See You Lying In This Hospital Bed. I Want You To No That Id Never Let You Get Hurt Before Me love you 4eva xxxxxxxx Send This To 3 Guys And 5 Girls You know For Sure Youd Be Willing To Die For ilyShan♥:D

  • ElliseBabess.
    luv ElliseBabess.

    ♫♪ JustDance (: Heheee thought id leavee you a random comment like, coz yu know, i am kind of random hehee :P HOw youu doin en? :D Ly xx

  • Mushh

    Hiiii Im fine thanks Nahhh not really :D wb xxxx

  • Mushh
    luv Mushh

    Helooo Babyy :D You ok ? Been up to much ? xxx

  • Joseph Richards
    luv Joseph Richards

    Heyy :) Yeh how about you? i know, like i havent been anywhere reeallly :) Cool, thanks and here it is back :) ooohhh i am too nice ;) joe :)

  • luv Keiron

    well ok like yhoo nm yhoo aww thankoo babe <3

  • Sharon

    Hiya Shan, Pony Club Christmas Party is on the 18th as you probably know. Remember its open to non members as well - Ive got tickets £2.50 that includes disco and buffet, I'll bring tickets with me to Pony Club on Sunday. Let everyone know ok. XXXXXX

  • Kayley-Jayne

    heya shan aint sn u in ages (well lyk 2 days ago lol) we'll av 2 go ridin sumtime kk luv yew <3 {write-bak} x kayley x xxx

  • luv Dan Thomas

    ye u better ha n make sure they start textin me bk they did other day but hardly ever do i felt so bad for them wednsday like i was fine till i saw jen n jade break down i was like o fukin ell ill be honest like i did cry (only real men cry) lovage agen xx

  • luv Dan Thomas

    hey smell what film you goin to watch n? dont forget some one ring me if you need a lift ok lovage xxx look after them twins shan

  • Naii

    Pmslll inoo i love them aye :L Ahhh The crowd Pmslll Tonsil tennis i wuld never :L :L ;) Ahhh Yeaa C u Tmoro Bye Shannn Love You xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Naii

    Shannon :D Ahh nor bad babe Yourselff ? Yepp ir awsurm pmslll :L nuffin jus gorr in give lv bkk tmoro k Rbkkk Love You Shannn :D xxx

  • Tiffany L
    Tiffany L

    [12:34:10] Bebo Mobile Timestamp Hello! I saw on your profile that you've used the 'What Make up style are you?' application? Well i thought that if you like make up, you'll probably like fashion as well and that you might be like this fashion website my friend set up. It's called avenue7.com and it's new so do drop by if you have time and check it out! I hope you don't mind this mini advertisement, I promise it's a one time thing (not like all those stupid webcam sluts!:P ) Thanks a lot~ x

    10/17/08 via Mobile