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  • Male, Luv 257
  • from Sligo boiiii :D
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 9,067
  • Last active: 1/16/13
  • www.bebo.com/sXc_leydon
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About Me

i love DAVID...:D ;)
Me, Myself, and I
ryt lawwds :DD mark leydonn in daa crib :L :L drop us a line or two ;)
roisin was ere 21.2.10 :DD :P

Becka Mc Donagh was here on the 19th-6th-2009 babey ;) :D And The 3RdOf April 2010 :D


Lauren was here on 28th of febuary 2010..:DD
i loveeeee mark..:D

mark love lauren forever...
she is my life..:DD

The Other Half Of Me
Shane Boyle

Shane Boyle

Biggest Ledgend ive met or ever will meet!:D

Hardstyle, Hardcore, Dance, Hip Hop, Rap, Gangsta, DJ Tiesto, T-Pain, Showtek, Eminem, DJ Iphinity, 2pac, Akon, Kanye West, DJ SiDz, Headhunterz, Dr DRE Snoop Dogg, Biggie, Dj Sammy, T.I, Lil Wayne lol nd netin HARDSTYLE Dj Isaac, Blademasterz , Qlimax, Chris Brown, G-Unit, Showtek, Brennan Heart, Blutonium Boy ok boiiis ive moved onto progreesive house :P lol fukin luv a bita Deadmau5 likes he is god! mellefresh, gui baorrato and loads more
Halloween, Scary Movie, Rockey, 007 Casino Royal, All da Saws, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, anything really as long as its not the Hamiltons!trust me its da biggest load of shite ul ever see!!!!emmm cant 4gte a bita forrest gump nd da green mile, da shawshank redemption...porn can be pretty gud:) ehh nefin really...:P


Soccer, Gailic, Swimin, RUGBY!, R
 unnin, Manchester United, Zidane, C.Ronaldo ... Becaaa ;)
Roisin Mc Goldrick :)
roisin is de most amazin girl i have ever met :)) i dnt no wat i would do with ou her :)) i love her to bits :P she is sucha a sexy bitch ;) :P i love talkin to her she makes me happy :)) i tink i would die if summuh happened to her :( i dnt tink i would b able to cope :( i love her so much :* :*

Happiest When
Laurens around..:DD ..i love her soo much..:)
My MSN is leydonlawds@Hotmail.com [&] LAurens: XoXLAUREN95XoX@hotmail.com :DD

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What Makes You HOT?

Sexy Ass

You know what you want and you're gonna get it! You love to flirt and you often get called a slut....really you just love the fun + thrills!

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Chips: $3,425
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Rank: 414722

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Which sea roads/kevinsfort/rathcormac mess are you?

'Wee' Wesley Wilders

You're rarely seen by anyone but the lads but youre always handy fr a spot fr a few joints, you scratch our backs n we'll scratch youre sorta thing!love the joints and the odd drink on occasion!

close What Character Are You? The Ringer.

What Character Are You? The Ringer.


Stavi is someone who loves his family to bits, When he finds out he lost his job he started to worry for his family. Then when he lost his fingers the family stayed strong and pulled through. If you were picked to be stavi well done, your a honest and a nice person. Also you look out for others not just yourself.

close what dj are you?

What dj are you?

My result is: marco v

you are marco v, your main genre is trance! your more concentrated on the tracks then the show! you dont mind if the crowds not all watching you the whole time, once the choons are pumpin and everyones ravin! your also known for your progressive mixxes!
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wat will ur next boyfriends nmae start with
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What Action Hero Are You?

My result is: Arnold Schwarenegger

You are one of the most well known action stars! you enjoy your witty one-liners and have more muscles than brains, however you have starred in some of the greatest ever movies!

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Are You a Retard?


You are AWESOME dude! You're hilarious and often people look at you like o.O but you don't care. You say absolutely random things at inappropriate times. Now go and save the world from invading toastie machines!

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Which Grand Theft Auto Character Are You

Tommy Vercetti

Your one tough cookie.you dont take no for a answer and get any money you want.remember you got some friends in liberty who want money back

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Which Psycho Footballer are you?

Stuart Pearce

You're nicknamed psycho for all the obvious reasons, you're just plain psycho

close Which fictional serial killer are you?

Which fictional serial killer are you?

Michael Myers

An old villain that was a killer ever since you came from your mothers womb! You give no mercy on your victims and take your time to spook them before you murder them, you are also a mute. If you are Michael Myers, then you are someone to be terrified of. Michael Myers is from the film Halloween.

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  • Sam

    I netted in $580 in three days being on the web! It came from - http://goo.gl/5iZIB You will love me for this!

  • Caoiliann'
    luv Caoiliann'

    Catch :)) Is Aoibheann Liom Thu :))

  • Megan ReeGan Ox 7/3/10
  • Daniel McGlynn
    luv Daniel McGlynn

    leeeeeeeydon boooh storry man

  • Caoiliann'
    luv Caoiliann'

    Cause Am Juss Generous :)) :L xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Vag

    Ryt leydon:P how are yah?:DD :

    5/2/10 via Mobile
  • luv Dylan Corcoran

    shiitt ladsss:L leyyddonn mann howw is it?:P lyy boiiiiii:F:L bittaaa loooove

  • Eavan McDonagh
    Eavan McDonagh

    mark babe :D ] goood you ? xxxxxxx returned :DD

  • Rebecka
    luv Rebecka


  • Roisin M 4/5/10
  • Quest Warehouse
    Quest Warehouse

    EASTER MON 5TH APRIL :) OLD SKOOL XTRAVAGANZA - BAR 7:) QUEST PRESENTS GLEAVE GLEN MOLLOY XRAY BIGK If you went to Circus Circus , Hegarties , Kellys , Kilwaughter House then this is for you Tickets available £10 (limited space pay at door) 07564112460 ,mail me or Bass Division , 31 Queen st ,Belfast Where ? - Bar 7 - Odyssey, Belfast , When ? - Easter Mon 5th April, 8.30 til 1 am Next,on Sat 17th April we can proudly announce very special guest LANGE back in the Art College , york st , Belfast There is big interest in these nights already , so get them tickets early See you there Leydon

  • Daniel Flannery
    Daniel Flannery

    man no need for d abuse i was simply qouetin weezy lyrics....!

    3/24/10 via Mobile
  • Daniel Flannery
    Daniel Flannery

    i sent some niggers 2 ur house only 2 find out ya live in a doll house.....DAMN

    3/24/10 via Mobile
  • luv Vag

    Bitta penis:L

    3/23/10 via Mobile
  • luv Killian Kelly

    leydon u fierce animal :L workin on the pecks isit ?:L i love ya man :L

  • 3/15/10 via Mobile
  • Shannon Devins X
    luv Shannon Devins X

    Loveeeeeeeeee Pet :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Megan Walsh
    luv Megan Walsh

    Dropping by sum love 4 dee Patient :D Get Ur ass back to sligoo sooon dudeee :D

  • -Rory-

    leydo get well soon oh im dien 4 a fag :L ano