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Kirk Holder

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  • Male, 25, Luv 135
  • from bedford
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  • Last active: 1/17/10
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
love rugby and looooooooooooooooove uni its awesome i ent gna lie to ya its the dogs!!!!!!!hows ya student loan lmfao oooooooo rahhhhhhh am slightly mad aswell lol alcohol has that effect 6'' 3 and built like a fuckin brick shit ouse lol sports science best degree ever xxxxxxxxxx
indie rock dance absolute fave is elecktro house n hard house
braveheart or gladiator
rugby bedford uni first team baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scared Of
frogs lol
Happiest When
havin sex or drinkin wid da lads or jus drinkin or killin sum1 on the rugby pitch

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  • old times

    shit time is our worst enemy wot time gets u cant get back!!!! i wish i could be 13 agen wid ma mates chris (stinny) and sheep legs ian c those were the care free days i live for i reli do wish cud jus cum bk to tammwufff get a job an say fuck it to life an uni bt hey hav started nw no stoppin me lol x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

    0 Comments 336 weeks

  • ma boys at uni

    the main men lee jack moguly(nick)ben clifton and how can i forgett ryan have bonded wid this kid so well wat a top guy pleasure to be an assoiciate mate hows the gay chattin lmfao lets rip it up next timme we go out funnels all the way lol

    1 Comment 336 weeks

  • rugby

    pain doesnt hurt it just irritates played sum awesome rugby this year lots of injury an i reli feel back on track workin hard to be the best i can be this game sorts the men from the boys not for the faint hearted !!!!!!!!!

    0 Comments 336 weeks

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  • Life:(

    Miss you soo much mate :( soon be ur 22nd birthday, in the last year me and dad finally got married, sian has her own home and you have become an Uncle to Archie James Kirk, we also braved our first christmas at home with the family since you left us :) miss you babe :( xx

    Joanne H 0 Replies
  • baby boy
    baby boy

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    im counting the days
    till i get to see you ..... again

    Lesa Wly 0 Replies
  • TO KI

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  • Amy Quibell
    Amy Quibell

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  • Han
    luv Han

    omg its been 2 years i am missin u like mad loads has been happenin i want u bac my big uncle kirky u will bring back ours happines i miss u lots uncle i will never eva forget u luv ya lots and lots kk bye hann xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rob Da Nob
    luv Rob Da Nob

    aup big bro ows things up there, im sure its better than dwn here, happy birthday bro i bet ur getting trollied like always lol. im in love with this mazing girl paige, ud love her mate i wish u was here to meet her, i cnt wait for the day i c u agen bro i cnt believe its bin bout 2 years since u left us, i still think bout u everyday. well ill speak tya soon bro i love u always n forever ya lil bro rob xxxx

  • Joanne H
    luv Joanne H

    Happy 21st Birthday sweatheart, miss you soo much. Hope your grandad is looking after you, although we suspect you are still taking care of everyone else as usual. All our love always Mom & Dad :)

  • Zoe-Ann.X
    luv Zoe-Ann.X

    elo kirky x happy birthday babe hope you have a good bday up there x i miss you lots like mad i still waiting for you to appear somewhere its mad i keep seeing people an thinkin its you and havin to look twice anyway babe hope you have a really good birthday missing you loads loads of love always xx xx xx

  • Luke Rainsford
    Luke Rainsford

    how do mate hapy new year to you buddy missing u so much in jan nw would u bel time goes fast ! soz i ent wrote on here for a while ! i jst wana say that crimbo was ok n new year was ok to would of bein better if we cud of gone on da pisser bt i bet u did that anyway i dnt blame ya lol! i rele miss you tho mate theres not 1 day that goees by when i dnt think of you cuz i allways do mate i lov ya matey take care yeah n i spk 2 u soon rainy x

  • Vicki Hatton
    luv Vicki Hatton

    Merry christmas kirky and a happy new year!! New year new start ay? aload of new year resolutions not to stick too, I only ever cum on bebo now, to write on your page, it kinda makes me feel a lil close to u still. only a quick hello just to remind you im thinking of you!! and i love ya to bits, always have always will... xxx 2009 soon xxx wish u was here baba!!

  • Chantelle C
    Chantelle C

    heyaa kirk,, missin my bigg cuzon loads!!!, carnt believe its bin ovah a year!! LoveYuhh Chantelle xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lesa Wly
    Lesa Wly

    p.s merry christmas. if i ad 1 xmas wish all id want 4 xmas is u. x x

    12/22/08 via Mobile
  • Lesa Wly
    Lesa Wly

    Hey kirky! i had my 19th a few days ago god i missed u i caried a foto in my bag so i knew u were there i stil rememba d day i turnd 16 n i woz lukin 4ward 2 becumin 18 u told me u wudnt miss my 18 4 d world so u cud b d 1st 2 take me ou bt u did i gues in spirit u were. cnt belive ur gne n o how ur sis has grown she prob dnt memba me bt u wud b so proud ov her. love u bab love ur butterfly xxx

    12/22/08 via Mobile
  • Rob Da Nob
    luv Rob Da Nob

    Aup big bro ows fings up there. I still think about you everyday bud I cnt wait to cya again. I'm in love mate with a girl called Paige hu lives in hull she's amazing n I love u so much I jst wish u was here to meet her ud love her. I keep thinkin bout wen we used to go to da gym everyday cuz we wanted to look beastie lol n u were da 1 hu got me in2 boxing n went trainin wid me for da first time lol we shat a selvs lol. I still cry bout loads I still ent got ova da fact ur gone I miss u so much bro I want tings to b different. I hope ur doin well bro n I'll speak tya soon. I love u with all my heart bro n I always will. Ya lil bro rob xxxxxxxxxxxx

    12/17/08 via Mobile
  • Lesa Wly
    Lesa Wly

    love u baby.

    12/10/08 via Mobile
  • Vicki Hatton
    luv Vicki Hatton

    Hi Kirky Feel really lost lately!! cant explain y! wish u were here to make me laf! sin ya sister alot more lately!! shes growing into a stunner, ud b even mur protective over her now... i remember our talks and youd say to me, she to fukin young lol or ill kill him... I remember the time we went out with josh and everyone into town n we had a lil bottle of vodka between us. and you taught me aw to rugby tackle I miss you so much just a lil note to show i still care x

  • Kaza

    yes brother missin u like mad kid propa js wanted to pop bye and say hey to ya kidda love you man

  • SianLauren

    god i miss u soooo much! so much stuff i wanna tell u but i dont no wether u will hear it or not u were so good @ that kinda big brother stuff....i miss it. i feel so lost atm its really hard im okay most the time but times like this make it hard to see how to get threw it all i heard a song today & it really made me think of u! i miss all the stuff we used to do together & im gonna miss all the stuff we were suposed to do together! its so hard without you i jus want a big kirky cuddle! nothink like it no matter how may hugs ive had its jus not the same! i think about you every second of every day. i cant even explain how much i love & miss you. my 18th in 5weeks another birthday ill have to spend without my big brother, christmas too. never throught id have to ever live without you! still hasnt kicked in properly really & as each day passes it breaks my heart jus that little bit more Xx

  • Lesa Wly
    Lesa Wly

    im missing u 1 hell ov a lot nufin wil b d same witout you! love u millions x x (ur butterfly) x x

    11/14/08 via Mobile
  • Ashleigh
    luv Ashleigh

    Omg How long Now ... Miss you loadz ya dont understand N pricks writin on ya bebo You wudda had them if you were here :( :O Bros A Dad Ahhhh can ya believe it aha RIP Love ya Ashleigh ox

  • Shep
    luv Shep

    oh kirk..i dont even need to say how i felt about you... u tought me everything i need to know geeza..ive been through some bad tyms over the last few months and everyday i think of you mate and it puts things into prospective u are in my life everyday..i cant even come to terms with the tragidy but what i can do is remember every great day we spent together ill meeet u 1 day buddy,and i know ur lookin over me every day...thank you...shep 3rd