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Sammie Ruth


9/15/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 80
  • from Warwick
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 2,735
  • Last active: 10/16/09
  • www.bebo.com/samhalliwell07
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About Me

--->> Samantha Ruth Halliwell Loves Her Gary Murphy 4evaa 5-12-06 <<---
Me, Myself, and I
R.I.P Carl Geaney Forever In Our Hearts

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[ Miss Samantha Halliwell]
[ Lives In Leamington Spa]
[Loves All Of Her Ladees N Lads]
[Madly In Love Wid Mr Gary Murphy]
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♥ ¢нαяℓσттє αѕнтση ♥
♥ ¢нαяℓσттє єναηѕ ♥
♥ ѕσƒι gαяℓαη∂ ♥
♥ zσє ωσσ∂нσυѕє ♥
♥ αηηαвєℓ вαηуαя∂ ♥
♥Holly Geaney♥
♥ ѕтєνєη ∂υвяανα ♥
♥ ∂єνση ѕυℓℓιναη ♥
♥ ѕтєνєη ραякѕ ♥

Once Upon A Time .....
They Bummed The Trees Very Very Violently! "Wow", Said Mr Birch, "You Were Fantastic!", Replied Miss Knobcheese And Two Squirrels Licked Each Others Eyebrows In The Padding Pool. Mr
The Other Half Of Me
Sophie Williams

Sophie Williams

---&gt;&gt;Her Other Half Is Fitter&lt;&lt;--- Yes Mateeee

21st October 1990
Mates Call Her
Sam, Sammy, Sammy Poo Or Ruthy Babes
I Love Gary Murphy
Her Family And Her Gaz
Happiest When
Wid My Gaz Poo
Hardcore, Drum N Base, Bassline N Garage
HTID Babeeee
Star Sign
LIBRA - The Lame One

Nice to everyone they meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, fun and sweet. Have own unique appeal. Most caring person you will ever meet! However, not the kind of person you want to mess with... you might end up crying... Libras can cause as much havoc as they can prevent. faithful friends to the end. Can hold a grudge for years. Libras are someone you want on your side. Usually great at sports and are extreme sports fanatics. Kinda dumb at times!

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  • Meh

    Single or Taken: Taken
    Happy about that: Extremely Happy :D
    Siblings: 2 Sistas N 1 Bruva
    Eye color: Green
    Shoe size: 6
    Height: 5ft 6
    What are you wearing right now? My PJs Haha
    Best place to go for a date: In The Bedroom Lmao :P


    Kind of trousers: Jeans
    Number: 7
    Animal: A Doggy
    Drink: Sambuca,Carling Or Southern Comfort N Lemon YUM YUM :D
    Sport:Sex Haha
    Months: October
    Juice: Apple
    Favorite cartoon character: Tweety Pie


    Given anyone a bath: No...But Bin In A Bath Wid Sum1 If That Counts Lmao
    Bungee Jumped?: Nahh
    Made yourself throw-up? Yup Wasnt Nyc Tho :(
    Gone skinny dipping?Haha Ummm Wud Lyk 2 LMAO
    Eaten a dog? Ewwwwww Noo
    Loved someone so much it made you cry? Yep :)
    Broken a bone? Yess It Fukin Hurt :(
    Played truth or dare? Of Course ent Evy1
    Been on a plane? Yup
    Been in a sauna? No
    Been in a hotub? No
    Swam in the ocean? Ummm I Duno lol
    Fallen asleep in school? Yer Lmao In English YAWN
    Ran away?Nopee
    Broken someone's heart? No Nt That I No Of
    Cried when someone died? Yes :(
    Cried in school? Yeh Wen I Left Sado
    Fell off your chair? Hahahhahaa YES
    sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call? No I Ent That Sad Lol
    Saved AIM conversations? Wats AIM..?!?
    Saved e-mails?Nopee
    Made out with JUST a friend? Noo
    Used someone? 4 Wat Sex....Noo


    Your good luck charm? Myslf Lol OJOJ
    New fav. song?I Dnt Have One ATM Lol
    Last thing you ate? Rhubarb Crumble N Cream Lol
    What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use?Depends


    Chicken pox: Yess :(
    Sore Throat: Ent Evy1
    Broken nose: No N I Dnt Either
    Glandular Fever: Wats That LMAO

    DO YOU

    Believe in love at first sight? Ye N No
    Do Long distant relationships? Noo Way
    Who was the last person that called you? My Father
    Who was the last person you slow danced with? My Mum Yday Lol
    Who makes you smile the most? Gaz N Vanessa
    Who knows you the best? Gaz Defo...
    Like filling these out: YES I FUKIN LOVE IT LMAO
    Like yourself: Not Reli
    Get along with your family? Half Ov Em Lmao


    Obsessed with anything: Gaz,Clean Hair And Sex Lol


    What did you do yesterday:I Went Out For A Mothers Day Meal Wid My Sisters N Mother Goose
    Hated someone in your family: YESSSSSS >:(
    Gotten any awards? Yessss The Best Person In The World Award Haha
    What car/truck do you wish to have? Fiesta ST,Or Golf GTI
    Where do you want to get married? Wherever Its Nyc :D
    Good driver? Duno Lol
    Good Singer? Freakin Fantastic Next Mariah Carey Me Haha
    Have a lava lamp? Yeppp
    How many remote controls are in your house? Wat a Question ...... Fuk Nos
    What was your last dream about: I Cant Memba
    When you last showered: Not Long Ago A Few Hours
    Scary or Funny Movies?: Both
    Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate Defintely
    Is there someone you want but cant have: No, Ive Got Everythng I Want

    0 Comments 281 weeks

  • Mine And Anni's Story HaHa

    They Bummed The Trees Very Very Violently! "Wow", Said Mr Birch, "You Were Fantastic!", Replied Miss Knobcheese And Two Squirrels Licked Each Others Eyebrows In The Padding Pool. Mr Birch Joined The Party!

    HaHa Me And Anni R such Losers !!!!!!

    0 Comments 289 weeks

  • Me Miss Sammy Halliwell-Murphy

    abit about me x
    1. Name:Sam
    2. Nicknames:sammy,ruthy babes
    3. Birthday:21st october
    4. Place of Birth:L eamington
    5. Zodiac Sign:L ibra
    6. Gender: Female
    7. Grade: ?
    8. Schools you went to: Myton
    9. Occupation:ummmm college
    10. Residence:???
    11. Screen Name: Changes all the time

    ___"MY APPEARANCE"___

    12. Hair Color: Blonde
    13. Hair Length: Shoulder length
    14. Eye color:green
    15. Best Feature: ent gt one
    16. Height: 5'6
    17. Braces?: no
    18. Glasses?: no
    19. Piercing: ears twice
    20. Tattoos:No bt wnt 1
    21. Righty or Lefty: Righty

    ___"MY FIRST"___

    22. First best friend:Amy
    23. First Award:duno lol
    24. First Sport You Joined:footy haha wt a bloke
    25. First Pet:Cat
    26. First Real Vacation:Austria
    27. First Concert:neva bin 2 1
    28. First Love:Yes Mr Gary.Murphy

    ___" MY FAVOURITE"___

    29. Movie:Romeo and Juliet
    30. TV Show:Eastenders
    31. Color:P ink n blue
    32. Rapper: nah nt my srt ov music
    33. Band:Noooo
    34. Song Right Now:Freemasons uninvited
    35. Friend:sophie willy
    36. Candy:double decker or maltesers YUMMY
    38. Restaurant:dnt bother me
    39. Brand to wear:henleys or anythng that luks gd on
    40. Store: river island,jane norman,republic,bank lots n lots
    41. School Subject:Maths haha geek or wat
    42. Animal: dog
    43. Book:dnt read
    44. Magazine: Heat
    45. Shoes:trainers,boots,shoes

    ___"ME CURRENTLY"___

    46. Feeling: Lonely :(
    48. Have a crush:No
    49. Eating:packet of crisps
    50. Drinking:lemonade
    51. Typing:Wat?!! thats ent ryt
    52. Online?: Wot u think..
    53. Listening To:hardcore heaven
    54. Thinking About:My Boyf Gaz
    55. Wanting To:smoke a cigerette
    56. Watching:Fuk all
    57. Wearing: My pyjamias

    __________"ME FUTURE"__________

    58. Want Kids?: 2 boys
    59. Want to be Married: Yes at 21
    60. Careers in Mind:public services or child care
    61. Where do you want to live?: in a nice sized appartment
    62. Car: fiesta ST or a golf GTI

    ___"HAVE YOU EVER"______

    78. Kissed a Stranger: no
    79. Had Alcohol: wen im in the mood
    80. Smoked:ye too mch
    81. Ran Away From Home: Nope
    82. Broken a bone: yes
    83. Got an X-ray: Yes
    84. Got arrested: yup
    85. Broken Someones Heart: No n i dnt intent 2
    86. Broke Up With Someone: Yes
    87. Cried When Someone Died: Of course
    88. Cried At School: Yeh wen i left fukin loser haha

    ___"DO YOU BELIEVE IN"___

    89. God:ye he must exist at sum tym lol
    90. Miracles:yes
    91. Love At First sight:yes i do
    92. Ghosts:yes
    93. Aliens:no
    94. Soul Mates:yes
    95. Heaven: srt of
    96. Hell: no
    98. Kissing on The First Date: yeh mst definitely ya av 2
    99. Horoscopes:ye cuz they are always true n its scary

    0 Comments 289 weeks

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    i no i never rly cum on here either facebook has soo took over haha i love you x

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    £10 just remember that lol oj well i ent jokin im skint but u know love you p.s i ent cumnn out 2nite byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    alright how you doin ryt bk xxx

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    Ye Corse :) U Goin In2 Leam? X

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    Sam U On It 4 Mii 18th?.. Mii Bdaii On Dah 11th Buh Goiin Out In Leam On Dah 12th.. I Wud Say Kum Out In Biirmz On Dah 20th Azwell Buh True Seh I Dnt No If ALot Of Ppl Wiill Get In.. Sooo Wah Im Doiin Is 4 All Dem Unda-Age Kum Out In Leam... If U Get Lol.. Let Mii No Yeh.. Ox..

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    hiya chick! i havent left u a comment in ages so.... i will see u tonight anyway, i wont get in a state this time tho hahaha ewwwwwwww love you xxxx

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    :L thanks 4 my wonderful comments samantha how are you anyway? love you x

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    :O :O I Have Love To Give You :L Oki Next Weekend It Is :D :D Woop Woop Lols My Boyfriend Most Certainly Is Not Gay Lmaoo I Knooooo :( Miss Him Too Much!! Love Youuuuuuu xxxx

  • Sweetpea

    Omg First Of All...Yuuu Bitch!! Lmao Ohh Well Ur Gay..Well Hes Cumin Bk At 8 N Stayin At Mine Sooo I Cnt Go Outt Wt Bout Next Weekend?? Omg Was Sortin Me Room Out Tonite And Got Together All Mi Letters Frm Dadd..N Read Thru Um All.. N In Ldsa Um Its Like How Sam..Miss Her Rarara N All Dis... Den In One It Sed Im Reli Sorry To Hear You And Sam Hav Fell Out Plz Try Sorrt Fings Out Rarara ( Duno Wot We Fell Out Over Lols) Den In One It Sed I Cnt Believe Sams Mum Had Grounded Her For A Whole Month..Dats Bit Steep..I Wouldnt Ground Her For Tht Long..Den Agen Im A Big Softy.. I Had A Lil Cry :( Lols Well A Big One Bt Shh Lols I Wud Return The Love But As Usual I Dunt Av Any Lols Love You && Miss You Moree xOxOx