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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
*(`'·.¸(`'·. ¸*¤*¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*
*(¸.·'´(¸.·' ´*¤*`'·.¸)`'·.¸)*

*SeXi - SlaMMin' - StoMpin
- 'N'At EvEry SingLe Rave!*

We R Da RaveR GaLs Of SalisBuRy!!!

..If Your a RaveR... BecOmE a GroUpiE!!...

.*:•.[..WeLcOmE..].• :* .
• .*:•.[ T o ].•:* .•:* .
*:•....[..The..].•:* .•:
*:•.*:.[ World Of ].•:* :*
:•.[..1o0% pUrE..].•*
:•.[ H A R D C O R E!!]:*

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  • Lyrics


    I'm A futuristic entertainer
    On the stage is my arena
    The mic in my hand is my light saber
    I'm good like Luke but Dark like Vader
    Kickin' light speed for the wicked ravers
    24-7 I'm the games true player
    A realist with a view to the future
    With a fly ryhme with the bassline through the speaker.

    when I lock and load I roll like a tremor
    Kickin one zero on the richter
    Put S on my chest I'm feelin Super
    I can see right through ya
    If you feel it to you gotta let me know
    yeah you know how it goes
    we say oh no here we here we go o o o.

    We've got morales for your mind
    We've got this point to be made
    im talkin bout the racist attitude in life today
    we can work it out so lets get together
    black white yellow brown it dont matter
    colours only skin deep whats it all about
    i cant understand the attitude that people are giving out
    to hate race for how they dress or what they eat for food
    its bang out of order its dam right rude.

    Why oh why cant you just accept it ??
    Im a raver not fucking Drug addict
    Yeah thats right i go to raves coz i really like it.
    Leave me alone its my life i think its sorted.
    I'm just a bassline line addict.
    I'm a hardcore manic.

    This is going out to the true hardcore ravers out there
    The ones with yellow jackets, glowsticks in the air.
    So if you got a whiste round your neck or a horn in your hand
    put it to your mouth come with it my man.
    Idont care where you come from if your rich or your poor
    You leave that shit behind you when you walk through the door
    We've got to rave together thats a wicked attitiude
    Were dedicated ravers rockin' under the same roof

    In this big bad world you dont get something for nothing
    in this world of paranoia people always back stabbin'
    think your one step ahead, uh huh your two steps behind
    livin' in a rat race nearly going out ur mind.

    why do you find it in your heart
    to allways tear me apart
    startin all these posts about me
    talkin about me like you really know me
    who do you really think you are
    and why do you hate so much
    you know i just cant understand what ya problem is
    apart from the fact your just a prick
    so fuck you i dont really care
    ive gone past lookin at your words
    your just a geek an internet freak
    behind your screen in cyber city
    so keep typin out your posts
    im used to it now whatever comes
    ya see ravers will always talk about me
    storms ledgendary your not even a memory


    I feel so alive as the lights and lazers rise,
    Its like im frozen in time, close my eyes and touch the sky,
    And for that moment im as free as the air,
    screaming out i dont care, as the drums start to blare!
    Real Hardcore, kicking raw on the floor,
    Outsiders tried to stop us, now they're begging for more,
    The beat is so addictive, that it takes over your mind,
    For now and forever until the end of time!

    Nightmares come in the dead of the night,
    While you're sleeping, they'll be creeping through any disguise,
    And when a, nightmare, wakes you up in a sweat,
    Heartbeats speeding, rapid breathing, no time for regrets.
    Its just a, nightmare, that surrounds you with fear,
    As a tear hits the pillow when things dont seem clear,
    Cant stop the, nightmares, they dont care who you are,
    Because the terror of your conscience waits for you in the dark!

    I remember as a young kid growing up,
    You were my friend when things were getting tough.
    Why did the lord take you away?
    I ask that question each and every single time I pray.
    So I, close my eyes, and picture you near,
    Reminissing on times when skies were clear,
    And in my memory I can hear you laugh,
    And in my dreams I relive the past,
    I feel free at last!

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Darren Styles B2B Hixxy & Storm @ BIC

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    Ross G

    hahahaha funny as fuk making fan clubs for raves :L :L :L 21st century wot av we got ourselfs.... BIG UP TO ALL THE SALISBURY MASSIVE!!!! WHO LOVE GOING TO ALL THE RAVES AND STOMPIN DANCEING WOTEVER AS LONG AS YOUR A RAVER!!! AND YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET! :O

  • Michaela Mitchell 4/16/07
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    Jack Kempson

    First band ive ever liked... haha x

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    this is what i like 2 c haha lads got there be 4 ya weres ur boy raver page a u ant got one u ant hardcour anuth haha :) love it have u cn the pics of me at fusion haha

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    hi can i get some sex pla

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    David Phillips

    ur well fit gals.... and ur music good as well:D wb xxxxxxxx

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    woooow man this is so amazin this is the best band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!