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Hillfield Swifts Under 16's

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Hillfield Swifts: Fuck knows-2009

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  • The Hilfield Family

    Type In Who You Think Is The Part Of The Hilfield Family

    The Insparational Player _
    Father Figure -
    Cocky Hotshot -
    Veteran Player -
    Brother Figure -
    Calm And Laid Back Player -
    The Team Bad Boy -
    The Rich Kid -
    The Boot Fanatic -
    The Geek -
    The Fashion Player -
    The Star -
    The Loved Player -
    The Banter Player -
    The Hero -
    The Quiet Player -
    The Silky Trickster -
    The Comedy Player -
    The Speed Freak -
    The Tough Guy -

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  • Do this !

    Best Dress Sense:
    Worst Dress Sense:
    Best Taste In Music:
    Worst Taste In Music:
    Fastest Player:
    Laziezt Player:
    Biggest Moaner:
    Most Devoted:
    Best Shot:
    Most Skillfull:
    Funniest Player:
    Sexiest Hair:
    Ugliest Hair:
    Smartest Boots:
    Player of the year:

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  • The team !

    1.- lazyest player?

    2. free kick perfectionist?

    3. penalty spot perfectionist?

    4. corner perfectionist?

    5. team leader?

    6. team alcoholic?

    7. the stupid one ?

    8. crazyest player?

    9. the team wido?

    10. gaffer with most talent at footy?

    11. gaylord of the team?

    12. hero of the team?

    13. the "animal" defender?

    14. the"head for it" midfielder?

    15. the" bang it in" striker?

    16. best sub?

    17. fattest player?

    18. most goals predicted ti score this season?

    19. outstanding performing all time?

    20. personnally most loved player?

    7 Comments 289 weeks

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  • Best Player 08/09

    1. Gibby
    2. Scotty
    3. Stevie Hamson
    4. Broonie
    5. Corie

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  • Best Goal ?

    1. Kev Vs Edinburgh City (Volley From Bout 30Yrds)
    2. Keith (Leftie) Vs Edinburgh City (Chipped The Keeper From 20Yrds)
    3. Jazz Vs Cavalry Park (Beat 3 Players And Placed It In The Bottom Corner)
    4. Corrie Vs Calvary Park (Shot From Nearly The SideLine Into The Top Corner)
    5. Scotty Vs Calvary Park (Volley From Edge Of The Area)


  • Whos The Best Player On The Team ?

    1. Gibby
    2. Jazz
    3. Broonie
    4. Samrties
    5. Lefty ( I Had To Put Me In It)


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  • Jason

    whose playing on sunday lads?just kidding RIP

  • DylanNobile

    R.I.P the good old hillfield days

  • Scott-Daniel Gilruth
    Scott-Daniel Gilruth

    There wont b another team quite like Hillfield. it was gd while it lasted though. Is most of use playn fotbaw nxt season??

  • The Pars
    luv The Pars


  • The Pars
    The Pars

    canni be arsed

  • Cori

    get updatin am on 7 now!:L

  • The Pars
    The Pars

    mabi :P

  • Scott-Daniel Gilruth
    Scott-Daniel Gilruth

    Easy win tomoro lads everyone goin to b there?

  • The Pars
    luv The Pars


  • Crossford Sports Club 93's
    Crossford Sports Club 93's

    wheeeeeyyyyy yous are shite :L bring on the friendly!! (if its on)

  • Owen

    Cock muncher? thats a shit

  • Scott-Daniel Gilruth
    Scott-Daniel Gilruth

    aye he wil prob make us day alot o runin the nyt

  • .William Gibb .
    .William Gibb .

    that team was pish wot was with craig though go and look at yourself in the window for five seconds then come down he is total weird :L im just simply the best :P well we have to win the next wan or we are shit Lol :L aye just cozscotty scored a beast :L

  • Meghan Salley

    whats good hit me up if you wanna get freaky with this gal on cam, my msn is prestoyyesl@hotmail.com Peace

    10/15/08 via Mobile
  • Scott-Daniel Gilruth
    Scott-Daniel Gilruth

    cannae believe we drew against the worst team in the league but wel win next week defo. a hink there was only a few gid players on the park on sunday and as usual one o them wiz Gibby. New Goal o the Season Poll? lol

  • Owen

    Oh that was a gid game on Sunday. Does anyone know what happens next? do we win, rematch??? And my position, is...??? Well i haven't had a mutha fuckin game in about a month. :L

  • Scott-Daniel Gilruth
    Scott-Daniel Gilruth

    unlucky the day laads wel win next week

  • Owen

    "Influences,Owen cause hes the best and the jake of the team" Hahahahahhaaa, yeah thats fucking halarious.

  • Nick

    a hink so